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Hey everyone I just got my subdomain and uploaded the first step of my website. The Index! My page is very blank and I'm looking for some suggestions and maybe some people to link to me and me to link to them. I also would apreciate suggestions, questions, comments, criticism. I can take it.
Check it out thanks! Razz
Its a bit of a simple site, the firework is very cheap, if i were you i would remove them.
the left frame has a scrollbar, try to avoid that because you don't have so may subjects, it's allways better when you can avoid scrolling.
I have the idea that its gonna be a javascript site? because of the javascript firework and the clock, the clock is much to big and its a bit crap, srry for this comment but i dont like your site.
Yeah I didn't take it personal so don't worry about it, I'm just playing with it for now and getting suggestions. I thought it was kinda cool at the time just to show idiots at school and they were like ooooooooo but yeah it's going to have a little javascript to spice it up a little bit ya know? I'm actually about to get rid of the clock right now but I'm going to think about the fireworks I think they're cool Smile I'll just make the height smaller so it doesn't take up as much space and doesn't get in the way of the cursor so much.
Noticed my post was near the bottom so I had to get it back up there. I've been playing with my site a little more now seeing how I got a little more free time so if you want to check it out and give me some feed back. I'm going to add a link to me section and a way for me to link to you. I'd appreciate it if you had some kind of icon. If not I can make a section for those who don't have buttons.
Rev. Jack
I must agree with Hunter about scroll bars, plus the handles must be clearly visible.
Where is the Ocolot theme? Trademark recognition is so important!
Don't beat your self up about coding it will get easier Very Happy
ya skip the scroll bar maybe just have one for the center content if your using them because you dont know how else to play the content where you want it i suggest you learn more about tables. frames=bad for search engines and look bad
I thought the side navigation deal was kinda cool at the time, but yeah, I am learning CSS the best that I can. When I can figure out how to implicate all that I have learned then I will get rid of the frames, until then I'm just gonna have to do with what I got. The feedback is good though. Maybe when I get all this shit in order people will be complimenting instead of constructive criticism. Very Happy . I'm going to do something a little like I'm thinking the content in the middle, navigation on the left and maybe Affiliates and Links on the right. I've also made like 9 gradients so far which are kinda cool. They are not hard at all to make hahaha it's some noobie stuff I'm sure and to incorporate the theme "OcelotWeb", I am going to make like a shadow of an ocelot in mid-stride for a banner. But yeah once I get it all figured out, It will look superb I believe also whenever I figure out what I want to do with it and get some affiliates and people to link to.
Thanks again for the feedback. Keep it coming.
needs more creativity
Well, the main page very funny.
Well, have a good time.
Isn't your site on another post in this forum?

I've seen it before.
paul_indo wrote:
Isn't your site on another post in this forum?

Yes it is under "Advertise your website", "Design Tips" and "Introductions". But yeah I'm working on it slowly but surely.
Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming.
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