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Rap Music And Violence?

Does anyone think there is a connection between rap music and violence amongst youths?
Like everything else that's a questionable issue, you can't really say if it's one way or the other. Is the violence that shaped the rap music genre or is the rap music the one influencing the violence that's occuring. It's like a chicken and egg situation. And like every other debatable subject, there's political motivation on some parts for people to say "yes it's bad, our society is going downhill not because of bad management, oh no, it's because of the music millions listen to that cause those 2 or 3 kids to go out and kill people" I'm not saying there is absolutely no effect, but I just don't think it should shoulder the sole blame. It's like people saying games incurr violence, and music cause suicides. Right, like the parents and school teachers and their lack of attention with the problematic kids were not part of the equation.
I dont believe there is a connection between them it depends on what kind of rap you are talking about but with violence there is a connection with all different types of music and violence.
I dont believe there is a connection between them too
i believe that the problem is the lack of good role models....

with out having good role models (like parents, teachers etc) teens turn to TV, music, movies, video games and so on, that do not have very role models in them....

for example they look up to the bad mouthed rappers who have a lot of violence in there music clips....

eventually they start to act like them ie. potty mouthed and violent

HOWEVER this does not happen to everyone who is role modeless or parentless only to some

but yes I do think there is a link BUT it is not the rappers fault nor necessarily the parents - teens, kids, everyone needs support and if the cant and dont get it, or enough of it things go wrong... Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation
One of the things that I look at is how advertiseing is used to infuence our spending. So I think the music does advertise negative things.
I'm not really into Rap and really not a fan. But if there is a direct connection between violence and rap, that's a hard question and one has to be careful when speaking about such things. It's normal that rap is the type of music that drives energies most of which are . Youth need something that calls their energy up and I really think some types of metal are far more dangerous because they affect people that are not instable, although I'm a huge fan.
Well, if you heard Black Eyed Peas raps. I think it will explain and answer your question. Wink
I agree Metal and other forms of music have negative influences on us. Music drives our culture. It's not the only negative infuence but it does have a profound effect.
There is a connection, in a way that most of these kids listen to rap.
And that some rap is about being brought up in a violent environment and so on.

But I don't think that you can say that rap causes violence.
The people who commit violent crimes and stuff would probably have done it anyway.
Just because Public Enemy shouted "****** The Police" didn't make everybody go and ****** cops.......unless it was a hot female cop ;p
Again, I think cause might not be the right word. Influence is a better choice. Just as Pepsi infuences us to purchase their soft drinks and Levis influences us to purchase jeans that they have created, even Nike makes an attempt to convince us to make puchases based on commercials and so on. Music has always been a major influence in our lives. So much so that it imprints upon the way we dress, our vocabulary, and even our behavior. This, I believe, does not always have a negative effect but it can. It may not make you got out and "**** the Police", but it most likely can change your attitude toward the police.
I don't really like rap much. It's not my style. Also, I don't think there's any kind of connection between rap and violence, one way or another. About music and videogames influencing the youth, that's also questionable. It's the dumb debate on GTA all over again...

Seriously, if a person is influenced or not depends on the person himself/herself. Only a stupid kid would go out stealing and killing because he could do the same in a videogame and get away with it. The same applies to music. If you believe and take for granted everything you hear your favorite singer saying, then something must be screwed up in your head.

I am a peaceful person by nature. You couldn't tell by looking at me that my favorite kind of games are first-person shooters or other action-packed games, my favorite kind of movies are horror movies and my favorite bands are KoRn and Linkin Park. Guess what? I'm not emo, I don't dress in all black or wear leather props and I'm definitely not going around slaughtering kittens.
Youth use it as and excuse, and most 'thug' and 'gangster' rappers are very intelligent and they would scream like a woman if you shake your stick at them. I'm generally like RAP type of music, but most of that "i'll kill, i'm bad ass, i have tons of guns" stuff I just can't take...ever since I watched Jay Z and R Kelly fight....with pepper sprays and bihiatch slaps...even girls fight better.
anyboby who would honestly thinka that the more rap music you listen to the more violent you are bound to be is out of their minds. Also, you have to be a knucklehead if listening to Biggie's Ready to Die makes you go outside and hijack a bunch of teenagers.

violence towards others is mostly a product of your environment and your situation. If you are poor and have no good family support structures, etc, of course you are more likely to go off rob people, unlike a suburban kid with two good parents.

Rap is just a type of music you listen to. If you are seriously planning on sticking up a store, you are going to do it no matter what. But you probably won't drive over there listening to Celine Dion because you don't like that type of music. Attributing rap to violent acts is simply missing the true pitcure, and/or looking for a simple answer.
I completely agree that your enviroment dictates a lot of what you are. I have a question though. Is the music you listen to a major part of your environment? Did the Beatles influence our culture?
What about the clothes we wear? Are they not influenced by the artists that we listen to. INFLUENCE! is a huge word. ENVIRONMENT is also enormous. The music we listen to becomes a part of our environment. For a teenager, music makes up a big part of the environment. That's why I believe that we should pay close attention to what our Kids are consuming.
Well, if you heard Black Eyed Peas raps
no, i don't think, that there is a connection between rap music and violence!
who think like that is dumb!
i listen very much to rap music and i can't say that i am more violent now!
and there are not much rap songs, which are about violence!
but i see more connection between punk music and violence!
because i have two classmates, who are listening very much to punk music!
and they an affray each break in school!
Twisted Evil Exclamation Twisted Evil Exclamation Twisted Evil Exclamation Twisted Evil Exclamation Twisted Evil Exclamation
fredsanford wrote:
Does anyone think there is a connection between rap music and violence amongst youths?

Absolutley not, ther has been violence since before music was created so I do't believe there is a link. People have been making excuses about links between this and that for a very long time, and I think that we should just recognize that humans are very flawed.
I truly believe there is a connection. Its not just about the music the entire culture engenders the actions. Even if violence is glorified by the rap scene, the response to it is subjective and therefore the responsibility lies with the indivual. But, I do worry about how violence is readily taken on even when there is no need for it. Its a evolutionary knee-jerk reaction, that is amplified by the "role-models" of young people.
I think rap definately influences our culture, in the same way other music or media does. Sure, there is some negative influences in rap songs, but there is good influences as well. As some other people stated, the people in the industry serve as role models in our culture, and there are definately some rap icons that I would not want to be a role model for anyone I know. Although I am not a fan of most rap, I do not think there is anything wrong with rap music in general. There is just problems some of the ideas in the popular rap songs and the portrayal of life as a rap icon is often misleading.
My absolute favourite rap-artist is Eminem, and I've propably heard every song. I still wouldn't attack a person in the streets. I think violence is not connected so much for the music you listen. You have to be a little insane even before you hear rap and go beat up someone.

It's not because I couldn't win a fight, I won a wrestling competition in our military police-team in army couple a days ago, and one of my hobbies is Taekwondo. I've listened rap for many years now, and I still have never punched anyone. One of my friends is into metal-music, and he has punched people quite many times in his life. I don't think that he runs into fights because he listens metal. He runs into fights because he likes to prove himself that he's a badass.

Just for the record: He doesn't fight only against rappers.
I just did something very interesting. In an attempt to find an article about the recent shooting of the rapper "Camron" who was shot in an botched carjacking. I typed "rapper shot" in the google search box. i found the article I was looking for and many others that did not want to find.

In one of the the articles concerning Camron I found that he did not indentify the assailant because he thought it would harm his "STREET CRED", also some even speculate that he staged the shooting to gain "STREET CRED".

Try a google search with something like "Youth Violence". You'll notice that the types of crimes committed have an uncanny resemblence to the Vibe or Poeticly villianous perspective thats manifested in the lyrics of many Rappers.
Please do not get offened by anything i say, it's just my opinion.

But Violence is balmed on the american culture period. Beucase it's custom to have both parents wroking and not paying attention to their children. That is the main problem. Period. I've seen kids that smoke weed and have straight 'A's' in school and their parents let them smoke at home, that way they can supervise them. That is very smart becuase kids will do it anyways. These kids were all hip-op or rap whatever you want to call it. Baggy pants and do-rags and everything...And these kids never got into fight or problems at all. So it ain't rap or drugs it's the american culture.
todabeat wrote:
Please do not get offened by anything i say, it's just my opinion.

But Violence is balmed on the american culture period. Beucase it's custom to have both parents wroking and not paying attention to their children. That is the main problem. Period. I've seen kids that smoke weed and have straight 'A's' in school and their parents let them smoke at home, that way they can supervise them. That is very smart becuase kids will do it anyways. These kids were all hip-op or rap whatever you want to call it. Baggy pants and do-rags and everything...And these kids never got into fight or problems at all. So it ain't rap or drugs it's the american culture.

I agree with you 100%.
Rap music can make u feel like u are something but it depends on you. If u act stupid and do something wrong...this is not the fault of rap music.
^^^ that sounded almost poetic.. hehe.

But truth is truth. I know i will instruct my children just right man.
I can say that I also agree with most of the statements above but my point is to show that the music we listen to which becomes a major part of our culture has a direct effect on our behavoir.

One example that I remember very clearly was a situation with small children watching the Power Rangers. The kids were quiet when the movie started but by time it was over the teacher had a very difficult time with her class because most were up emulating what they previously watched on the television.

Again my point is that only of INFLUENCE. Their are children who have never been exposed to rap music at all who do violent things. This is understood but my questions concern probabilities. what is the likelyhood that someone will do the things suggested in violent music if they don't listen at all. What is the likelyhood of a child who grows up in a convent will commit these same crimes.

Environment becomes a major concern. Is not the music we listen to a part of our environment? What about the television we watch. Are crimes not committed based upon things we've seen on TV? Does Listening or watching something negative make it more probable that we will emulate the things set before us.

This is very interesting to me. I believe that there is no right or wrong answer so I would like thank everyone for their comments.

I don't think so.. my dear friend... Its not caused by Rap. Let me tell you what its really caused by ! Rap has no connection to Violence... Its usually the people who promote violence .. Mostly Its caused by Hip Hop culture ! Yes indeed ! Well everyone know how Hip Hop clothes are cool.. and then you know.. You get Influenced by Artists or Gang Members, So Thats how Violence Starts... Thats all I would like to say. Wink
I think that there are connections in some cases. I used to work at a fast food place with a lot of blacks. I heard rap all night long (unfortunatly). I don't care for that music but I had to listen to it everynight. The majority of the lyrics were either about being badded than the next guy, killing people, or f*cking "hos".

It would take a weak-minded individual to let one's music influence major decisions, but keep in mind there are a lot of weak minds out there. A good potion of new rap glamourizes a violent cultrue, even being violent while "f*cking hos". Young kids who grow up listening to this think that the lifestyle they're hearing about is the way to go.

Keep in mind, I'm not saying listening to rap will make you cap a b*tch or bang some broad. It has been a proven fact that most b*tches that got capped were capped by someone who listens to rap.

Strip clubs are readily available places for degredation of women. Don't get me wrong I've been to a strib club and I'm a chauvanist, but these women are being degraded. My point is, most of the music played in these places is rap.

There is a lot of violence committed by those who cannot stand rap music. Some people who listen to metal (my preffered genre) committ heinous acts of vilence as well. Oh, and trust me, us metalheads still bang broads. The difference is though, most metal does not glorify violence. Some bands do sing about violence, I'll admit, but usually either supporting troops or portraying the mind of a violent person. The vast majority of metal does not in any way glorify it though.

My point is there will be violence with or without any kind of music. Some people who are influenced by music may become violent, but not without something seriously wrong in the head. If you think my post was mainly bashing rap, then good, most of the lyrics are deplorable, most, not all, so stfu.
Personally I like the rap style of music but I don't let my kids listen to most of it. I prefer to screen what they listen to to curb some amount of influence from their environment. That doesn't say that it will stop them from doing wrong. What it will do is take a negative element away. I try as much as possible to decrease influences that will, what I think will, hamper positive progress. As an AA I've seen my share of violence. WAAAY!!! too much and what I've seen is an increase in nagative behavior following the inception of what we call "Gangsta Rap". The city where I used to live has been devoured by of violence which became more prevelent once it was advertised by violent music.

A complete culture change occurred when this form of music came about. I remember "fighting the power" with P.E. one summer then "@#!*ing the police the next summer so to speak. I believe the advertisment of west coast gang violence that was not highly recognized throughout the rest of the country infiltrated the entire culture of rap music which subsequently became a part of Black culture and now it is creeping it's way into surburban life.

It's similar too (no offense) "The Gay Revolution". There are many more gay folks today because of the wide spread acknowledgement that "It's O.K. to be gay. The mere promotion of gays and lesbians has created more gays and lesbians.

Promotion of something creates more of that something.
Rap music shaping violence? Violence shaping rap music? In my opinion all rap is, is a celebration of black people's new found wealth and rights. For hundreds of years they couldn't experience wealth and fortune and now they can. Rap was made by black people and I don't think we have the right to criticize it in any way or blame it. Not all rap promotes violence, and I don't think people can say rap is the only type of music that promotes violence. I listened to heavy metal for a couple of years, and a lot of that promotes hate, hate to one's self- even to the point of suicide. It also promotes unhappiness. Rock promotes rebellion, that is the entire symbol of rock- rebels. Rebellion leads to violence. Yet I am not blaming anything on rock. If a person is that easily influenced by a type of music and looks at the words rather than their meaning then they are pretty messed up, or just plain stupid to begin with. All kinds of music contain their bad apples. Yes, a lot of rap is bad. But we cannot blame violence on what people say. Some rappers rhyme about shooting people, yet the president of the united states gives orders to bomb a foreign country. Violence is all around us. Trying to pin violence on a type of music is insane. The day you can't buy guns or bullets at a Walmart and rap is the only source that talks about violence, then yes, you can blame rap. Blaming a genre of music for violence is ridiculous. If you like rap, have listened to many rap songs, can distinguish many rap songs in all honesty you won't blame rap. If you blame rap when you don't like it your opinion is biased and therefor is invalid. So no, I don't think rap is responsible. I think many things contribute to violence, yes some rap being a small part. Yet through it all, the only thing that makes a person violent is themselves.
Welll Noo I Think That It All Depends On Everybodies Opinion Andd Howw Theeyy Thiink About MUsic Very Happy Speak to the hand Silenced Rolling Eyes
I listen rap and I'm not that much agresive Smile
Wow, this is an old thread, but the topic still very valid. I like rap music. I can't see that it does have anything to do with violence in youth, could be an expression of youth that happen to be violent. The other way round. I don't like all of the rap music as some of it can be quite destructive, but I like the story telling, and getting all of it to rhyme with some fabulous beat. Lots of energy and expression in it. There is a real art to it for me.
I also listen to rap, and I'm not aggressive or anything. I think it depends on the way people are brought up etc. Than maybe rap music will help to develop those "skills".
Rap music, like all art forms, is often a reflection of the artist's environment. At least I believe that's the case w/ the old skool rhymes. Some of the newer material is thrown together by the record companies to fit a certain style and appeal to a targeted demographic.
There used to be an actual connection because the people who made that genre what it was in the first place all came from violent, impoverished and deprived areas and upbringings. It used to be the case that in order to have any notable talent in this area you had to be schooled in the five elements and some understanding of the culture and indeed attitude of this urban underground art form itself. If you look at any artist from the Golden Era or the halycon days of Hip Hop you'll see a string of offenses behind them and often concurrent right throughout their career. Arguably the two most famous rappers of all time, Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, shot dead in cold blood. And Hip Hop had already become mainstream at this point. Gangster rap was only in it's infancy.

What would follow, asides from the experimental/conscious hip hop of the mid to late 90s was many other forms of Hip Hop expanding its reach far and wide. Horrorcore rap and gangster rap stayed prevalent right through Backpacker era which brought through artists like Eminem, with some really violent and often disturbing lyricism. Content which already a Hip Hop standard long before he reinvented himself as this to get a record deal. He was later singed by Dr Dre, formally of NWA, who, had the most controversial and violent material of days gone by. They, and Ice-T between them solidified Gangsta Rap as genre in its own right.

As soon as the white rapper made it of course, the doors were wide open for anyone with a microphone to take a 'stab' at it. To be fair to him though, Rap and Hip Hop was already a thriving industry and had a huge MTV audience with commercial rappers like Puff Daddy (formerly Biggie's Smalls' manager) and Jay-Z and Nas who's lyricism never shyed away from gun talk, street politics and violent content. Next saw the rise of 50 Cent who was largely famous for being shot 9 times, following that, Proof of D12 who was murdered along with countless others.

What you have today is a generation of rappers who don't even know the the history of their genre at all. Hip Hop is so commercialized that the originating areas, Queensbridge, The Bronx, Harlem, NY, and South Central, LA are not longer required to to fill the genre. They are now probably a liability unless they have extreme talent. Why sign a drug dealer, pimp, murderer with a slew of previous convictions when you can sign a Soulja Boy to make a party tune?

As a result, the street poetry and authenticity of the art form suffered greatly. It's not underground anymore and its not violent anymore. And coincidentally, it's not authentic or interesting anymore either.
I don't really think so, I'm quite peaceful and I listen to some violent music. I actually believe that violence depends on each of us. I you are violent, you will be violent no mattr if you listen rap or not
It is definately violence shaping the way that rap music goes. Why would listening to a genere make you more violent? Reported cases of that are basically the moms blaming it on the rap or what materialistic thing making them more violent. That's like saying, wow I'm playing grand theft auto, I didn't know I could go destroy cars and hurt people in real life, wow I'm gonna go try that!
Not, music it is a way of putting out agression on peaceful way.
Reserches showed the people who listen to music are more calm.
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