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a question of mice...

I really need to upgrade my mouse and I just wanted to hear some opinions from people who actually own them, instead of reading a bias review from a website.

What im looking for is a multipurpose mouse for applications, and the casual first person shooter game. opinions?
Mouse ??? Logitec is number one for mouse+board set but little expensive Confused
I agree with dxhunter on the Logitech thing. All of my keyboards and mice are logitech.

What type of mice are you looking into though? optical? wireless? laser?

I am currently using the Logitech x700, I don't believe they produce it anymore but there are others in the x series that are similar. If you want to consider them, I would recommend you try them. I like these much better than the Microsoft wireless mice/keyboard sets I had before for several reasons ranging from stability to comfort. I think the best place to get reviews is to look online for places that sell mice you are interested in and take a look at their review section. =D
The brand is not important for something so inexpensive.
Here's some pionters:
If you get a wireless one, you'll have to replace batteries.
Contrary to what they'll tell you, optical mice do not work on every surface (they won't work on anything shiny, glass, or some mousepads)
Having a wheel / third button is great, and even imperitive for some software.
More than 3 buttons is just overkill.
Don't go crazy with it, a mouse is just a mouse after all...
I'll probably settle for a logitech mouse. I remember not too long ago they offered mice with track balls around the thumb area. I hardly see any of those anymore. Anyone still owns one of those? is it easier on the hand?
I never used one but from what I know of the musculoskeletal system and things like Cumulative Trauma Disorder, which is injuries developed through repeated movements that strain the muscle (which is the thing frequent computer users develop with extended time on the computer and improper postures and the such), I actually think those track balls to be used with a thumb would actually do more damage than good. I mean, it's like what you do with game controllers and how if you spend too much time on one, your thumb starts to hurt (well at least mine did).
i got a got microsoft optical mouse (as if anyone used a ball mouse anymore) and a multimedia keyboard both wired for about $30 canadian at an independant was a pretty good deal
Depends how much cash u plan to spend. I use Logitech MX 510, and it's a great mouse if you have a bit larger hand. If i was buying a new mouse now, i'd probably go for MX1000 (if i could find it anywhere) or G7. A bit expensive, but surely worth it Smile
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