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Is Google really a great search engine?

Is Google the best search engine ever???
 66%  [ 2 ]
 33%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 3

Hi all,
Is Google really a great search engine like we all presume it to be or is it just another senseless connection of crawlers which searches for sites with the keywords that we have given and gives those sites which have the most links that are active on it.
Isnt this pure discrimination to those sites which really have the requisites we search for and to us who search the same.
For eg., if you type in "Failure" and then click "I am feeling lucky", then it leads you to the Personal profile page of the American president - Mr.George Bush, isnt this quite funny.

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I think that is quite hilarous! "Failure" in the "I'm feeling lucky!" box turns out to be bush, that really makes my day. Anyways, back to the topic.

Google is complex in the vast search for new sites on the net. The crawlers are mere bots programed and designed to finding any and all websites they can and updating the google search engine. I do not feel they are discreminating anyone. If the crawlers do NOT find your site, just simply submist your site to google manually and you should be accepted.

All in all, I personally find google to be the best search engine around. Who can complain with so many results and accurate ones at that.
Freezon, nice double post.

Anyways, I do agree that Google is the best search engine out. And they have so many other free services that not many people know about. Some examples... video search and a really good text messaging service for your phone. And they have free useful programs like google earth and google desktop... oh and you can't forget the ever famous Gmail.
I've seen a lot of blog talk about Google over-extending itself with new services like Base and Analytics.

Google doesn't really support existing services. I have a friend who has never been able to log into his Blogger account. He has to have the password mailed to him every time he logs on. One of the drawbacks is that he can't use any blog clients that need to log in for him.

I'm a bit depressed by PageRank. This seems to be driving a lot of blog spam, fake sites, and self-proclaimed SEO strategists. I'm also seeing more and more sites that claim people can make millions off their blog. Our civilization is getting cheesier by the minute!
yes Google is the Best with Great B.
i think it's great. all the time when i think of search engine, google pop up in my mind. i like the new feature which is
yeah google is great, got the lot.
If Go0Gl3 let's me down, there's always Y4ho0.. =)

BUT Confused


I have actually tried several different search engines, and still do, but my main choice is still google. The results are more relevant, even more so now with the personalized search, than alot that i have came across. But of course, like everything else, Google is far from being perfect, and I sometimes have to check in other search engines for things that I could not find through Google, although it's rare. As for all their new services, I especially like their Gmail thing. And as for the Blogger, I have never tried it but if it's that new, then it's probably in Beta, right? Beta means that there will be bugs, thats why you report them and the programmers will look into them, no?
It's great, but subject to abuse such as what you mentioned. However, it won't be the best forever, the other search engines are bound to make their search engines just as thoroug.
Google are actually doing quite well for themselves.

They are so much of a threat that I'm sure we've all heard about how Steve Ballmer chucked a hissy fit, throwing chairs and yelling when he heard someone left MS for Google - just one of the many people who've left MS for Google.

I use Google almost exclusively as my search engine, I can't recall ever having any trouble with them! It's also funny when you search for specific words and they deliberately set something up. There used to be "More Evil than Satan himself" which would direct you to the Microsoft website.

Funny stuff.
google is a great search engine plus... you can use it to hack Very Happy
Google is certaintly not the best a search engine could be. Ads are a pain in the rear, it often realy sucks trying to find a certain site and in all honesty half the extra new stuff it's doing really, sucks. But it's, for the most part, better than the other search engines.
I like Google the best out of all the search engines because the results page (and their entire site) is really clean with a lot of white space to emphasize the content RELEVANT to your visit. i.e. the search results, not navigating around the rest of the site, and no useless extra coloring (*cough*MSN*cough*). I havn't used Yahoo (hey I havn't even been to in awhile) in quite awhile as I love the fast loading of and its search pages. has too much stuff on its front page. As a rule I don't use MSN because I despise the look and layout they have, and I just like google more than the other search engines.
I think Google is the best search engine. It's the one I've always used... and i'll probably be using it for a long time!

For eg I wanted to create a site having details about soap making but when I did some R&D about the ranking that I would get and the number of entries in google for the same, I was let down by this sheer number say around 22000 entries. So I made slight change in the keywords that I used in my header and in the body of the page. Instead of having it "soap making", I made it "soap making secrets". My site was listed as the top entry if u did a search for soap making secrets.

Note: Make sure that all the links that u place on ur site are not dead to get a better ranking.

Google really is one good search engine. One thing i dislike about it is that when you run an image search, you will not find as many results as you would in Yahoo! But apart from that Google has always proved useful to me.
I think google is the best engine right now. I pretty much use google daily. If you need to check a particular product, just type in "product name review". Very convenience.
I do believe that is a great search engine, but there is something alot better than

That search engine is known as has the,, and some other search engine sites that make up it's search engine. It also allows webpage, video, audio, pictures and some other search types which is reallllly cool...
for sure~~

i think it is more useful than MSN and Yahoo!
i have no doubt about that.
probably it has the biggest database
I think so. It's simple and straight forward. I value a good website mainly on the presentaiton of it. To much icon, jargons, pics are just annoying somtimes.
Helios wrote:
If Go0Gl3 let's me down, there's always Y4ho0.. =)
so do i
i'll use yahoo instead
Yes i am sure it is true.

google is a great search engine

not just i think it, more people think like me
I do like google, it seems to bring back a lot more suitable sites than other search engines i have used in the past, but their crawlers to seem to be picking up more of them sites where people fill in loads of key words at the bottom of the page just to bring in visitors, hate them sites!
roeenoy wrote:
Yes i am sure it is true.

google is a great search engine

not just i think it, more people think like me

yes,that is fact--"more more people think like me--google is a great search engine"
Google is one of my favorite engines. if you look into the subject a bit deeper you find that there is a method to the way that search engines rank thier sites. search hackers figure out these methods and try thier best to abuse them, sites that link to them a thousand times words in bigger text are flagged as important by crawlers, ect. google is constantly modifiying the way its crawlers work to better avoid these cracker style tricks. they also rotate thier servers more often than any other search engine I know so that you have up to date info comming to you. they servers comunicate and compare to try and weed out the sites that abuse the crawlers. when searching I still use multiple engines and always spend at least an hour on anything important to me. I have found that relevent info comes up sooner and more often with google than with almost any of the others. still it is usualy a safe bet that you can skip over the first page or two before clicking most of what comes up right away is useless. the best Idea is to learn how to search better, even the best search engine can only catalog about 60% of the net and with the way it is growing that may no longer be true. if you want the best info you need to go about things differently. dont just use the search engines, use people, use forums. not all sites are avaliable for cataloging and often I find my best info on those.
Take it all in before you tear it all down.
google is the best search engine because its easy! Very Happy
David_Pardy wrote:
It's also funny when you search for specific words and they deliberately set something up. There used to be "More Evil than Satan himself" which would direct you to the Microsoft website.

Funny stuff.

though this is a deliberate thing, it wasn't done by google. this is called a google bomb. google bases top reults on how many links to something a certain phrase has. so if you want "More evil than satan" to point to microsoft, you try and get all your friends to put "more evil than satan" as the text for a link to the microsoft website. google sees that people who want to go to "more evil than satan" want to go to and thusly hilarity ensues.
Google is a solid search system. I have no complaints whatsoever of it but it could have some better news and image searches in its system.
Google has become for many the pre-eminent Web search engine. In Feb. 1999 it moved from Alpha test version to Beta and on Sept. 21, 1999 it officially launched.

For News:
Related Showdown Articles on Google:
* Google Database Components 3/02
* Google's Unindexed URLs 3/02
* Boolean Searching on Google 11/00
* Excite vs. Google: Contradictory Directions 6/00
* The Half Billion Crew: Google, Inktomi GEN3, & WebTop 6/00
Since that time it has made its mark with its relevance ranking based on link analysis, cached pages, and aggressive growth. Since its beta release, it has had phrase searching and the - for NOT, but it did not add an OR operation until Oct. 2000. In Dec. 2000, it added title searching. In June 2000 it announced a database of over 560 million pages, which grew to over 600 million by the end of 2000 and then 1.5 billion in Dec. 2001. The 2+ billion reported on their home page as of April 2002 includes indexed pages, unindexed URLs, and other file formats. By Nov. 2002, they moved their claim up to 3 billion, and in Feb. 2004 it went to 4 billion.
off course it is
I believe google is the best search engine on the internet
I think Google is the best search engine of the world. I've even set it as my homepage!
I've never had a problem with Google. Okay, i take that back, i usually get problems with Google wanting to make search words like "Foo Fighters" and "lyrics" and including words like "anal" and "gangbang." I've yet to hear a song about gangbanging from the Foo Fighters. Good band though...

There are tons of other search engines out there of course. Whether they're worth a hoot has yet to be determined.

Food for thought. Seconds anyone?
i like more than google ^^
but google is ok, too...
i think that google is the best. it has all the resources you need (like finding frihost lol). gooo google
Google is the best search engine.. But i usualy use alltheweb for finding pictures because it finds more and better pictures Rolling Eyes
Yes, google is good. But it searches about 10 million websites and you can't blame it for bringing up a bush website by typing in failure. (although I laughed at this a lot!!)

Google also has a lot of other features, not just web search. Eg: picasa and google toolbar.
Oh..i am happy with what google search engine provides..almost always i get what i want..i think it filters off those links which are not very is a good search engine..
Google really is great. It's so easy to use. Just fill in the box and press enter. No irritating ads or something. The google ads dont disturb me at all. They just did a great job en with gmail they are doing even better
I find that I really like how Google caches old websites. Recently I was looking for a page that was no longer valid, but google still had the url in its search databse. I was able to open the page (text and layout only, no pictures) from Google's cache. Amazing stuff. Sometimes technology amazes me.
Google never let me down until today. It gives me better search results than Yahoo, which was the search engine I always used until a few years ago. I have Google set as my home page and I use their image search almost everyday. It's really convenient! Cool

I also have a Gmail account, but I only use it for big file transfers. I'm still keeping my hotmail account for regular mails and MSN.

As for the infamous "I'm feeling lucky" button, there are tons of funny things you can get. The first one I ever learned about was the "Weapons of mass destruction" one. It's a pretty famous one, but try it if you don't know it yet.
I always use google for my search, is just perfect for me ! Very Happy
Google is the best search engine I think. Definately the largest and most comprehensive, I can find usually anything on there with tonnes of site matches, also its really fast.
I love google, I don't know where I would go to find a search engine that goes in depth like Google. You can find images, videos very quickly. I'm so glad it exists.
google is a life saver for me.. I call it " google BABA " baba is a guru in Indian terms ... It helps me whenever i am struck.. It have it all from It troubleshooting to image search and maps you name it and you get it.. I make sure its my default home page . and the search is always on.....
well for one thing the biggest index of pages belongs to has fewer sites but they try to concentrate on quality instead of god...i remember that 6 or 7 years ago google was the stupidest search engine around...that really those times i was using ...don`t even know if it exists now...
google, only at its 6th year, is the best and fastest search engine I can find and which I am happy with.
My main search engine is Google, i think Google is a great search engine.
No dought about this.....

do you have?

Clear it Now.... Google is best and fastest at this time...
Whatever is said and worshipped about Google, it is not providing video searches like Everyone speaks big of Google because of its simplicity, but the same works against it too. It does not have too many option like Altavista has, which provides video searching even to the size of the video. The same can be said about mp3's too.

Note : I am the author of this post, if you like the post please donate

When we are talking about the negative effects of Google we should also say about the way Google was mentioned as "a conspiracy by the CIA and the American government" by one Frihoster in a post named "Google". The article was very good with examples citing why he was saying so. Like the one where he mentions that a search for "anti-american" would not yield any proper results.

Similarly in another post by a Frihoster there was a mention about the search for "phpBB forums" yielding a access denied result or something similar. Why does this all happen?. Is it really a worthwhile search engine or is it just creepy crawler that it is supposed to be.

Can it have made so big (considering that it was started by two college students, who are billionaires now) without the support of a government.

Hope we have all the answers......


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satheesh wrote:
Whatever is said and worshipped about Google, it is not providing video searches like Everyone speaks big of Google because of its simplicity, but the same works against it too. It does not have too many option like Altavista has, which provides video searching even to the size of the video. The same can be said about mp3's too.

Note : I am the author of this post, if you like the post please donate

there you see!! ther's nothing better than GOOOOOOGLE!!!!!!

It simply is the best search engine ever made!!!
I can't thinkof life without Google...Everyday we use it...
perhaps somemore better than it ? do you think so ? simple gui is just enough , loading speed also much more faster than others search engine
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