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A nifty little thing I helped to write...

The unbearable achromaticity of being ordinary

Where I live everyone tries to be ‘different’. They wear bright clothes, embrace kitsch (quote: ‘kitsch is the corpse that is left when the anger goes out of art’ can’t remember who said it), and share ‘awesome’, ‘ironic’ and sometimes even ‘satirical’ comments and jokes. They wake up each day, and think about the best way they can stand out today.

Welcome to the land of the non-conformist wannabees.

Their sole goal is to stick out. Some would say this is an expression of self. Is it really? Surely, dressing ridiculously or making controversial comments or changing your hobbies to the weird and the wonderful, just to be different is the same as mindlessly following any trend?

In fact, this attention-seeking behaviour (referred to as such, a) for want of a better word, and b) because it’s the truth) is, in itself, a trend.

Paradoxically, in order to fit in with one of these non conformist groups, one must fit all the stringent rules in dress code, hobby, interest etc. Oh yes, these rules still exist, just in a somewhat altered state. For example, the ordinary may be rejected, or the typical. The rules are the same, just upside down. What is acceptable in other, conventional, groups is rejected here.

My point is, originality for the sake of attention-seeking, or for the sake of originality is not originality. It is a trend. Nothing more.

Just another form of the ordinary.

So be extraordinary. To truly be original, you don’t have to mutilate your clothes into things that you don’t even like, so that no-one else will have it. Or come up with different opinions to everyone else. The essence of non-conformism is common sense, a strong sense of self and having the courage to not allow anyone else to tell you what to do. It is being independent and standing on your own two feet. It is having the confidence to do what you want to do. By all means, if you like wearing ridiculous clothes and honestly have different view on events, do it. Speak out. But don’t do it for the sake of it.

I honestly believe in 3 things;

1) Self-confidence and Self-respect

2) Experience and Experimentation

and most importantly

3) Following your heart.

So follow your heart, and who cares if people laugh at you? ‘People laugh at a great many things, so you shouldn’t take it personally.’ (Quote: Jeanette Winterson). Be colourful, be vibrant, be wonderful, but most of all, be yourself.
Wow you prove some really good points here, and I shall say that you did a great job on helping to write this. This is a interesting subject you are discussing as well. Very good job on the writing and good points as well, very nice. Cool

I myself follow my own heart, going with my own clothing and self-being. I am not saying that people that go with the crowd are bad, I am just expressing my own self. Again, very nicely written.
Thank you very much!
That's a tough place to be. I found myself there a while ago and had to figure out who I really was and what I really wanted, and how much was just defining myself in the negative (by what I don't like.
I lost a lot of friends when I decided to just be who I am.
But I wouldn't trade it for the world.
It's always exciting to run into people who see through the masquerade and refuse to play games.
Thank you.
Stay real, OK?
I found myself in a similar place sometime during highschool. I created a personality out of the memories, likes and dislikes, and experiences of people I had known. I made myself into a person that did not exist. It left me feel empty, devoid of self and meening. Now I am my own person, feeling for myself, seeing for myself, existing. I still pull upon the thing that I was, the person I am could not survive in this world without it. but it is far different to conform so that you can eat and have a roof over your head than it is to conform to be accepted. I am accepted for who I am by the people that care about me, the people that I care for most.

Take it all in before you tear it down.
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