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Card Games

Anybody have a favorite card game? I really like Nerts. It's like solitare on speed. Here are the instructions;

Poker, Texas Holdem.

Very nice card game and if you`re good at it you can earn some nice money with it. Cool
I haven't played poker in so long! I'll have to keep that in mind for the next time we break out the cards.
Strip Poker (if I have the correct 'players'), otherwise Euchre.
rip8fan1 wrote:
Strip Poker (if I have the correct 'players'), otherwise Euchre.

amen my brotha.
My favorite card games are... Uno and Skip-Bo.

I know, I know, n33b games. Laughing
I've heard of Euchre, but I haven't played it. I totally agree that strip poker needs the right players.

I've played UNO and Skip-Bo. Have you ever played Phase 10?
Oh! or strip fondu!!!
Texas Hold-em
Spider Solitaire
vlnjodie wrote:

I've played UNO and Skip-Bo. Have you ever played Phase 10?

I play Phase 10 with my son, he is quite good at it.
Card games were a constant factor in the earlier years of my youth. I don't remember them being something that casted a shadow over every other activity, and it wasn't something I dedicated a slice of every day to, but it was there and it was constant.

I didn't play poker until I was more of an adult though. I say that for two reasons: first, I reckon you might not know the other games that plagued my childhood as they are very regional; second, I wanted you to know that even then, there is still a thing in common between your card gaming and mine.

Most of my most tender years, were filled with games as Truco ("trick"), Chin-Chón, La escoba del 15 ("the broom of the 15th"), Muss, and other games that might make more than one of you rise an eyebrow. It is not so bad, nor so alien though. You still have people, you still have cards (some similar, but most different) and you still take turns in combining your cards, or matching them up against other cards. When you come to think about it, card games (at least the regular ones, and most of the ccg ones) really come down to that. Which really doesn't mean anything, since you already know the myriad of possibilities found in just "taking turns combining your cards or matching them up against other cards".

All this poker variants which have come up in the later years (that is, they have come up in my particular attention radar) are not very appealing to me. Maybe it is because I lost interest in those, maybe because no one will play them with me, or maybe because I just grew out of the card games mood. Althought, I will try some of yours and see how that goes.

I posted about a game called Apples to Apples;

This is a card game more like that, because you don't use traditional cards.

It's called Pit and it's all about trading and getting all of one kind. The trading moves fast and a billion things are going on at once. There are a few wild cards if you use them they help, but if you get stuck with them and they are not being used they hurt your point score. Be first to get all of the same and you win.

rip8fan - Do you get through all 10 phases? I've played this game a whole bunch, but I rarely get through all 10 phases.
carriage_return --> Maybe you should post some of the rules to your games. I'd be interested.

TeK --> What's Bulls?
got hear yugi-o before? also a card game nice~!
vlnjodie wrote:
rip8fan - Do you get through all 10 phases? I've played this game a whole bunch, but I rarely get through all 10 phases.

Since my son is only 7 1/2, we may not play it exactly like the rules state. But we always get through 10 phases, before we declare a winner. We just reshuffle the deck when necessary, including our completed phases.
Lekoes wrote:
Poker, Texas Holdem.

Very nice card game and if you`re good at it you can earn some nice money with it. Cool

So true. I downloaded this online Poker playing program months back and played at the 'fun' tables since I figured whooping out my credit card would be dumb for online gambling. I was instantly addicted to it, I played everyday. One day I stumbled across something called 'Freerolls'. Which allows a maximum of 2000 players to register and the top 18 places get money into their account.

I figured what the heck, I joined on and got 14th place. I won a buck and started playing at the real tables with it. Since then I've been playing with real money, I have close to 60$ in real money and I keep moving onto bigger tables with higher stakes.

I don't just play online though, since I started playing poker, I've developed a weekly pokernight with a few friends. I win MOST of the time, but you know what they say, poker isn't all about skill. You also need some luck to win.
Teaxs Hold'em for sure.
UNO is like.. a total classic.
And I did in earlier years play Pokémon TCG ;D
I see this thread is abandoned--I wonder will anyone answer?

I, too, enjoy Texas Hold 'em, but rarely play for much money. One of my favorite non-betting games is Hearts; I manage to do pretty well without seriously counting cards, but I know that card counting gives you a big advantage in all trick-based games (Spades is great, too, and President/Samurai/A$$hole/Dalmudi), so I decided to learn how.

Unfortunately, the resources I find on line are all about BlackJack card-counting, which doesn't seem to keep full track of the deck, only balances of cards. So I developed my own method of card-counting, but I'm wondering if there's an easier way. Anybody have suggestions?
the only card game i ever play is solitaire. nothing else interests me. tried playing hearts, but couldnt get what the game was about.
I was expecting everyone to say Poker since the World Poker Championship really seems to have made it take off :p
I'm not really one for card games though lol
Texas Hold'em and SetBack are my favorite card games. They both are luck and skill instead of just one or the other.
Windows XP games is very super and excellent Laughing Rolling Eyes
Are you all talking about the computer version or real life playing using poker cards? If it is real life playing, I like bridge. If it is inside the computer, I like to play solitaire only.
My all time favorite game has to be new market. for those who dont know it a card game vaigly simular the mischigan rummy. Yet you miss out the poker stages and win money by playing a queen and turning over the king of that suite. The only problem i find is there arnt too many people who play it which is a shame because its such a great game.
Poker, Freecell, Spider Solitaire, and Royal Randezvous.
Lekoes wrote:
Poker, Texas Holdem.

Very nice card game and if you`re good at it you can earn some nice money with it. Cool

I absolutley love to play hold'em.

I even run free tourneys in Florida.
CHeck it out

I also play in home games and when i can sneak away i play at parimutels and the CASINO.

I am down at the moment, but have been working on my game. WSOP here i come in 2007
I used to be an avid Star wars CCG player a few yewars back. I loved everything about it; the images the gameplay....Awesome.

I haven't played in a while though Sad

Recently I have been playing a card game here at work during lunch with a few Russian colleagues. It is called Preferans. It is really fun; somewhat similar to Bridge, but easier. Quiite addicting. Anyone else play Preferans?

Never been much for card games, but two summers ago my brother introduced me to texas Hold'em and I loved it. Very Happy I haven't played it much since, but I got it on my mobile (just so I sort of keep up with the rules), and I recently got one of those 'boxes' with cards and markers and a green cloth to put on the table... Very Happy
5C1 wrote:
got hear yugi-o before?

I was played YuGi-Ou too!
I play it both with real cards, PC games, and on PSX.

Usually I play the other card games like Solitaire and Freecell.
Poker is a good one, but the game only works if there is the element of risk (i.e. you caould lose all your money) And seen as though I like to hold on to my money, I play a variation where the person to lose all his (monopoly) money first has to do a forefeit. Fun times, running up and down the street with your shirt off shouting at cars, fun times! You can get creative with the stupid things you have to do! Laughing
I love Texas Hold em, my girlfriend and I play every two weeks with a bunch of guys from work... Love that extra $100-$200 Smile

I had a question, does anyone remember playing an old Trading Card game in the mid-90's... I cannot think of the name but it was based off of a Table Top Wargame that was NOT Warhammer 40k. Something Mutant Chronicles.. help me out here! Please!

Oh yeah, And if you ever run across a copy of a game called Munchkin.. BUY IT! Its the funniest card game ever!

I dont find card games amusing at all Smile
My mum has an old P1 200MHz and all she does is play solitare on it.
If im bord and feel like listening to music ill play a bit of solitare though. Very Happy
I beta tested this program years ago and it was very fun. You can play almost any card game over the Internet with it. ***EVEN CCG***

Soem CCG gae cars are on line to down load. You can also scan your current CCG cards and add them. Regular card games can use the standard deck.

It should still work. At lest the link is still good.
I like Canasta and Auction 45's. Both good games.
I played the original Star Wars CCG game when it first came out. It was really fun! It was rather complicates, so I had to teach all of my friends how to play it. We had a blast for a year or two playing each other and boasting about the new cards that we bought. Unfortunately, after a few years, the rules got really complicated. Each expansion had cards with special rules. Eventually I had to get a 100 page book of rule changes and definitions. Soon after that, we all put our cards away and then watched their value slowly drop to nothing. Today, I can still remember the fun I had playing this game. On lonely nights, I consider writing my own rules so that I can play in a Magic CCG use my Star Wars CCG cards.

Anyone like this idea? PM me!
My favorite card game is Chio Master Crock CCG, because i made the rule and graphics too.

That game have very simple rule ( fit all on a single card ). Off course each card have own small skill. And that game can be played 2+ player. Don't need to use special marker, because goal easy collect 7 winner card.

I made this game is printed 2001 in Hungary

All card is a different crock hero, you can see few of them in my web page.

And few years later i recognized this game very good for understanding basic principle of programming, because card skill is link card together. Like variables or pointer in programming languages.
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