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What do you think about Christmas?

What do you think about Christmas?

How do you celebrate Christmas time? Is it just about shopping and eating good food? Or does it have any spiritual aspects?

Do you enjoy it?

In the country where I come from it is something very special and even makes people to be better in a way they treat others...

In the UK, where I live now, I've got an impression it is mostly about shopping and docorating.... What do you think?
I love christmas, already done the shopping so it doesnt cram the fun!
For me christmas is a family holiday, we eat a great big dinner at my grand parents house and then the youngest kids get to open one present. Then we all sit down and listen to the pope speak for half and hour, then its present opening time!
It has nothing spirtual or religion meaning to me except maybe just the calm that comes over me during christmas.
I like Christmas because I get gifts! Also, my birthday is right before Christmas. Unfortunately, I don't know what I want...

Well, OK, for Christmas I go to South America and celebrate there with cousins and others.
Christmas time is the best time of the year. You can never have that experience in other months like December. Air is cold, christmas carols, shopping of gifts for your love ones, lots of food, misa de gallo, malls are well decorated, christmas lights, lots of discounts, the list goes on but let us not forget that the real meaning of Christmas is that a very special child Jesus is born. Let us not forget that it's because of him that's why were celebrating Christmas. Thus, Christmas is a time to be happy, to be generous, to give love, to forgive, to care for others, to cherish and be thankful of every moment that God has given us, and hopefully we can do it whole year round not just Christmas. Happy Birthday to Jesus! Very Happy
Bah humbug!
I think I wouldn't mind Christmas so much if people would wait till December to start celebrating. It lasts too long, sucks the fun out of it.
As a Christian, the spiritual significance of Christmas is pretty big for me, and the time with family is really special. But I find all of the shopping, and Christmas carols in November really discouraging.
This year, it probably doesn't help that I just found out I got audited on my taxes and I have to spend December doing paperwork. Blech! Crying or Very sad
Anywyas, hopefully it will be different now that we have a son to share it with. That really does change things!
christmas for me, just doesn't have the same meaning that it had years ago...
to me it's nothing more than something you should do the whole year, sweets in the table, eat duck for dinner(am i right about this one?!), give and receive gifts... shops having lots of profit...
people remembering that others exist only at this time of the year... I just finished mounting my christmas tree, but it was more to make a nice surprise to my girlfriend... but I know I'll end up buying gifts to my relatives... or not! who knows... money isn't much around here this year...
anyone that want's to give me some frihs for christmas... you're welcome!!!! Very Happy

best regards,

Nuno Silva
I can really understand the celebration in a religious aspect, I respect anyone with a mind open enough to have beliefs in a spiritual way.

I myself do not celebrate Christmas, I can't say that there's any reason for me to do so. I'm not religious -- and I certainly don't have the time nor the money. What dumbfounds me is the rediculious cry babies that think publicly celebrating something you believe in is imposing on others.

Alot of people use Christmas as an excuse to either complain about how unfair America is, or to pretend your really celebrating the religious reason of it. I'm in no way trying to offend anyone, only saying that religion no longer means anything in America's eyes. I hope everyone that truly enjoys Christmas, has a happy holiday.

riv_ wrote:
Bah humbug!
I think I wouldn't mind Christmas so much if people would wait till December to start celebrating. It lasts too long, sucks the fun out of it.
As a Christian, the spiritual significance of Christmas is pretty big for me, and the time with family is really special. But I find all of the shopping, and Christmas carols in November really discouraging.

Amen? You said it right there, Christmas has definately become a huge source for profit, unfortunately.
Christmas has become way too commercial really, Santa Claus, Father Christmas whatever the name is wherever you are is bigger than the original Christian festival it was supposed to be originally. I'm not a religious person, but the thing this has become is based purely for the stores and shops these days.
It's a pity really, but it is a good excuse for fun and crazy nights out with extended opening hours in the bars and clubs here so I won't really complain Smile
I love Christmas, not just because of the days off school or the presents but because it brings my insane family together for a few hours. I think as we grow older, the spirit of Christmas wears down as we know that it's going to happen next year and the year after that.

I miss those days... I also REALLY love snow!
I'm not much into the holidays anymore, of course when I was little, I got all excited for getting presents and eating.

This year will be like the first year spending it with my girlfriend. But this year has been stressful enough with senior year and now its time to "grow up". Speaking of that when Christmas ends my school schedule changes which means, new classes......something to be worried about.

Anyway, Christmas does bring a time of joy and relief for me. My brother is still young so its nice getting to see him open up gifts and stuff like I use to do.
Everyone around here forgets the real meaning of Christmas. "Peace on Earth and goodwill to all". Nope, it is all about the gifts. My parents chose to spend the holidays far away so I get to be alone.
I don't like Christmas. I actually don't like any holidays really. I don't have a religion so there's no religious festivities for me and I feel that holidays have become too commercialized anyways.
Christmas period is horrible!
First it starts sooner and sooner. Now even in some places they will even start before December. Why not in July.
Shops are full, you cannot circulate. Don't even try to go in a shopping center during a week end. (in a previous job a shopping center was close to the car park of the company and in December it was almost impossible to drive out because of the traffic jam because of the shopping center).

Also Christmas is where the worst aspects of civilization are shown. Advertising, commercials everywhere (I prefer not to talk about the Santa Claus by thousand...). Officially it is a period where you are expected to give but usually people give mainly for the profits of private companies and much less for other people.
It is also what I called the "forced happiness period". Everybody should be happy because it is Christmas. Me,I am happy everyday, I don't need somebody to tell me when to be happy.

All in all I think that we should remove December from the calendar and jump from November to January.
I like Christmas. It's a great time. Possibly the best time of the year. And no, not cause of the presents, although those are nice.

I like it cause we get to spend time with the family, we get to relax and get a break from school for a couple of weeks, and lastly, we get presents. Although, to be honest, those aren't the best part anymore. Of course as a little kid I considered them to be the best part, but now I just like the fact that I get to see family and eat good food. And especially the BREAK FROM SCHOOL. I think the winter break from school is the best part.

Spiritually, well just happiness and family I guess. Nothing too religious.
Christmas,'s on its way but too bad i won't be in the Christmas spirit this year too. I'm in china and they don't have the "Christmas spirit" or atmosphere. for the past 5 years I have spent christmas in class...bullshit!
Rolling Eyes


buying presents you know are going end up in the charity shop receiving presents which are destinedto the same fate, horrible horrible crowds in the shops, dinners with relatives you don't like

what's good about it
I celebrate it with my family and relatives. We go to my grandma's house to spent the eve altogether. Eat, give gifts, and stuffs. I used to enjoy Christmas a lot but these past years, no. I think my Christmas gets sadder and sadder each year. XD hehe. though, i still try to enjoy myself as much as I could.
Im a Malaysian and mostly muslims here..
Moreover Im not a normally I did not celebrate it..
i love christmas time Smile
especially presents hahahah
merry xmas :*
I like Christmas. I don't care why people celebrate it, if it's for religion, or whatever. I just think that at least once a year people should just have a great time and give each other gifts and be happy.
Klaw 2
Christmas for me is getting as much family and friends in one house and food, LOTS of food, I mean REALLY LOTS of food, well actually the night before, anyway present after eating or the morning after. I'm 1/2 polish so we have a whole lot of polish traditions stuff that we do with christmas. Later on the eating becomes less but it is still a lot. After christams we usually eat the left overs from christmas.
Right now it's unnecessary so I don't think about it. I can party any time.
I goto celebrate with my friend and drinking beer sometime go to pup and dance on the floor
I like Christmas too. This is a interesting celebration for meet with ur family and friends. The time is cool!!! I love this time!!

Merry Christmas
It's my all time favourite holiday!! I love the atmosphere, when it's cold in the evening and you walk along the street, where they play Christmas carols and all the houses are decorated with lights and other things. Then the magic of Christmas Eve itself, it always reminds me of when I was younger...
And offcourse the movies. Eventhough I already saw them like a thousand times, I still enjoy watching Home Alone 1 and 2 and The Santa Clause Smile
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