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Halo or Halo II

Halo or Halo 2 (best)
 54%  [ 18 ]
Halo 2
 45%  [ 15 ]
Total Votes : 33

i want to know when halo 2 wil lcome out for the PC cause then i have to wait antoher year to get halo on my mac and that is stupid! o well i like my mac though so i need to know and also do the xboxers here like halo or halo 2 better
Man, Halo ALL THE WAY! Everything on Halo 2 was just hype because the first one was so great. You know the space missions from the first halo? The ones towards the end? Say hello to 90% of Halo 2. The only good part is the part at the beginning, on earth, the rest is all in alien world and blows. Although it is amazing the tricks they pulled off to make such huge looking environments and its still halo so it's worth the playthrough, I still say Halo 1 is better. Those are the 2 cents of someone who owns over 60 xbox games and lives and breathes xbox, but everybody's got their own opinion I guess.
Halo 2 was so hyped up, none of the features i wanted in it were there..especially the graphics and gameplay..they sucked!! halo 1 is much better and cheaper! Laughing
i will have to agree with u guys on this one. Halo was a ton better than halo2 the only thing i would make differnet about halo is getting xbox live with it, after beating the game it gets boring...

I agree that the original Halo does have a few aspects that bump Halo 2 right out of the top 10 list -- but the graphics and gameplay are definately better in Halo 2. For instance, hi-jacking! That totally changed stuff around when they added the ability to kick some elite ass simply by pressing one button, one time. The only thing I truly don't like about Halo 2 is the human pistol. The magnum was way better, it even had a scope.

I guess when it call comes down to it, Halo 2 can play on the Xbox 360, but the original can't.
4 me halo 1 is better
i think the gameplay is prettier although the graphic is worse
in halo u have much more fun to play as in halo 2
it has also a better story

but i played halo 2 only 3 times and halo 1 is faster to go thourgh
but halo 1 is better
I like Halo 2 better overall, because of the better campaign and the multiplayer maps. But I do like the more powerful pistol and shotgun in Halo 1. But the graphics and maps totally sell me on Halo 2.
I like halo 2 better because the graphics are so cool and definitely better than halo 1!
Halo 1 all the way. I mean come on they haven't even realsed Halo 2 for PC. Lazzzy.
Halo 2 is meant to be for Windows Vista only; Halo 1 was better anyway IMO.
I think they're both equally good.

Halo: CE is great for the genuine Halo feel.

Halo 2, drifts away from that slightly, but makes up in graphics, and all the new features.

And what is this about Halo: CE having the better story? Confused

While Halo: CE had the mysterious plot, Halo 2's plot was fantastic. The Covenant got a key part in the game (we actually see them this time Smile) and it was just a lot better.

Halo: CE wasn't set to be such a big hit, which was why the story was smaller scale. Halo 2 improved, switching views from different sides, and making us feel sorry for some of the Covenant (see, they're not all bad Razz Wink) The ending was very good (but nowhere as good as the previous game's ending) and it creates even more tension (I cannot wait for Halo 3)

Halo: CE

Amazing, fun gameplay
'The Halo feel'
The ending

Halo 2

The new features (dual-wielding, vehicle hijacking)
The multiplayer
The story
The use of characters (Arbiter, Prophets, Johnson)
The graphics

You can tell I'm a Halo fan, can't you?

I have to say I enjoyed Halo 2 much more than Halo. The dual weilding was great. The rag-doll physics was great. But probably the best feature of the game was to look down and ACTUALLY SEE YOUR FEET!! OMFG!! That is cool. Razz

I also like the Halo 2 story line more than Halo. I thought some of the levels in Halo got a bit boring near the end of level after you had killed everything. I remember a few levels that left me wandering aimlessly in hopes of finding the level objective. With little help from the game. But for its time, Halo was good.
non dey both suk !
I never really played through the stories, but as far as multi-player, no doubt halo2 > halo

Halo 2 was the only game we ever got 12 people playing together in same same house with (on 4 tvs, so much fun).
Halo 2 online was much better than that of Halo 1.
The Maps and addition of Map Packs, a wider variety of weapons, the improved/enhanced graphics. a whole lot better in my opinion, though i never really ventured tofar into the Campain Mode.

FYI: Halo 2 Will release on Windows Vista for those interested.
I like Halo II a lot because of its better graphics and customization. But Halo I still rocks. Very Happy
Have any of you ever played halo 2 online. Its so much goddam fun, the campaign is fun too but there are hours and hours of fun to be enjoyed online. Team Slayer baby!!
i totally agree with you there.halo is the best.i think they should make halo 3.when first got my x-box the first game i got was halo,once i started playing it i couldn't there any cheats for it? Question
I try to play Halo 2 on Xbox live whenever I get the chance, but that's the thing, that's all I will do with Halo 2. The greatest thing about Halo was, or actually, were the weapons. All of them were super powerful, and it equalled out alot of the gameplay. When Halo 2 was being developed, Bungie thought that the weapons from Halo 1 were not as equal as they should have been, so they made every good weapon worse (aside from the rocket launcher, seeing as how the lock on feature was perfect for that weapon), split the Assualt Rifle, the complete symbol of Halo 1, and split it into two weapons, both not living up to what the assualt rifle was. Although the Battle Rifle was and still is a great weapon, I miss the Assualt Rifle. Dual wielding was an ok feature, but, really, it just seemed like something they tacked on last minute. I find them both fun to play, but really I have my gripes about both of them, and although I find more fun in playing Halo 1, Halo 2 just bumped it up with Xbox Live, so unless you own Halo PC, you can't have the good ol' multiplayer that the first Halo had. Oh, and even though I don't really care that much for the campaign, I still found Halo 1's campaign alot more fun than Halo 2's. So, all and all, the only thing I can say is, go play Half-Life 2. It's so much more fun than either Halo game. My gamertag is Blaha Inc if anyone wants to pla- I meaned, get pwned in Halo 2.
I like Halo 2 more overall becasue of the duel weapon system. The levels are a little better too.
halo for campaign halo2 for multiplayer
You should really have a 3rd options for both.

The are both really good games, which i need to get, i ahve only them on xbox.
Halo sucks. UT pwns Very Happy

Well. Halo is pretty cool but can't beat the UT series.
Halo 2. Well, Halo 2 is kind of cool. Halo 1 is also. Both are almost the same
but they differ in some ways.
Like I said, forget about the Halo game and go play the Half-Life ones. Go, now! What are waiting for, you fawking n00bs!?
Hmm, both had their good points. Halo 1 was just an experence when you first played it. It was totally new and you could do what you liked.

However Halo 2 was good in its own right. Loads of great new features. However there was something just...different about playing Halo 2.

Both we're good games though Smile
Both great games, but Halo 2 is problably best.
To add to my post earlier.

Halo, I think, makes a better, more fun experience. One of my favourite levels in the game is the Halo level, when you first land on Halo. Why? Because you have loads of Marines cheering you on, and helping you. Fun enemies to play against (thankfully not the Flood this time Razz), and really good music playing.

Halo 2 has better graphics, a more complex story, and a generally better feel to it. However, sometimes, it lacks these fun, open levels, like Halo. It mainly has dark, small corridors, where you play. I'm not saying this is bad, but I generally prefer Halo's fun levels.
Halo. Halo2 just didn't have the skill or the balance of the first game. It's all about the shotgun or the sword. It's too easy to get one hit killed skillessly. Halo one was about aim much more in multiplayer. The second game is all about if you know the maps and can get to the two decent weapons.

Best part about halo 2? Dual needlers.
halo was and is a classic but come on halo 2 is much better.
I think that Halo has better singleplayer but it does not have xbox live so that hurts it a little but for sigleplayer I did not like the maps for Halo 2 as much.

Over all Halo 2 is better if you want online. Very Happy
I'm a PC gamer so i played Halo on the PC. I bought Halo 2 for console but it just dosent have the same feel. It feels like Halo was a better single player game.
played Halo Combat Evolved and it's a great game. I love the missions, the AI and graphics.

Still waiting for Halo2 PC, but seems like mostly everyone in this topic said Halo2 isn't that great and 90% of it is just like the space mission in Halo towards the end? Aww man....i didn't really that.

Still gotta try for Halo2 PC anyways.

Rolling Eyes
Both are great games. I can honestly go through both of them on good and bad points, but I see that most have already made those lists.

What I have noticed however is the fact that most older/college students move toward Halo 1 with its classic feel great LAN multiplayer and weapons. While with Halo 2, although some play both, it is mostly a younger crowd that has been driven toward Halo 2 with its online play.

That is one thing that is bothering me about Halo 2 multiplayer. Everytime I get online I am always playing against (what sounds like) 8 year olds busy cursing up a storm or using phrases like "You're such a noob!" I find it quite ridiculous. So it is actually quite nice to have both games and be able to go back to Halo 1 for the classic feel.
mistuh griddlez
I prefer Halo 1 over Halo 2. Mainly because Halo 1 has a computer version where you can play online for free. Also Halo 1 was just so amazing at its time. Another thing is the first one has way better maps to play on in multiplayer, although the Halo 2 map packs was awesome. Also i like the storyline of the first one better then the second. The second was kinda like Wayne's World 2, not as good as the first but still pretty good!! I LOVE THE HALO GENRE!!! Very Happy
Halo 2 was a good game, it had nice graphics, a great storyline and some nice features, but its biggest flaw when comparing it to Halo, is that the story was very short, while Halo had lots an lots of levels to play giving it a great feel, I felt Halo 2 was too short, an was completable very quickly.

Both of them though have give me an my mates great entertainment in Co op and in multiplayer, great fun.
I'm really torn, because there was no real hype for Halo 1, so the first time you played it you had the "whoa" factor at every turn. But you also didn't have the amazing Xbox Live features and the only "whoa" you got was from being the Arbiter or picking up two weapons. But, I'm gonna have to say Halo 2 just because it's a much better looking game.
I can't really say, but I voted for Halo anyways. I've never played Halo 2 and all I've played of Halo is the PC demo so I'm not quite sure. The demo rocks, though!
the controls are so much easier with wasd and the mouse.
on the xbox it is literally impossible to control both sticks at the same time.
it is so hard to aim and move and shoot at a moving target.
with a mouse you can coordinate alot easier
I perfere the actually single player, mission type part of the game better in Halo2 as for the co-op play halo 1 win by far, the pistol is better the sniper etc.
The first Halo was an epic game...meh, I wasn't too fond of the second one though. Rolling Eyes
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