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Jags v. Colts

What do you think the Jaguars chances are of beating the Colts on Dec 11th? I"m hoping somebody does it, and with the defense of the Jags, I think they stand at least a chance. Last meeting ended 10-3, maybe something magical could happen this time? Lemme know what you people think...
I'm from the Indianapolis area, so my comments may seem biased.

I really think it will be a good game, but the Colts 'should' win. Yes, the first time they played this year (in Indianapolis), the final score was 10-3, and the Colts scored all 10 points in the last 10 minutes of the game. But there are some differences this time around. The Jaguars will be without Byron Leftwich, which I believe hurts their offense. The Colts offense is working a lot better now, then it was at the beginning of the season (the first three games of the season, they did not score 25 points in any game, but in the last 9 games, they have not scored less than 25 points). With a victory, the Colts clinch Home Field advantage for the playoffs, and that will be the deciding factor in this game.
yeah i agree with rip8fan1, the colts 'should' win. I am a Ravens fan and also given historical considerations (Baltimore Colts and that stuff), I should be rooting for Indy's tragic downfall, but it's the opposite actually. I hope they go all the way.

Yeah with good 'ol leftwich out it will be harder for Jax to come through, because the colts are going to be playing hard. It should be a good game regardless of the final score
Wow, found this post and looked back...heh, well the Colts certainly did a number to the Jags, but they're clearly the better team. Mixed feeling on them losing in the playoffs and all (colts that is). Tragic loss for tony dungy...really a terrible thing...makes you forget about football for awhile.
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