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Gmail Spam

Do You have spam in your gmail inbox yet?
 48%  [ 27 ]
 51%  [ 29 ]
Total Votes : 56

I've recently been getting spam in my inbox and so has my friend and this is because Ca decided to make it illegal to scan peoples incoming email - thanks alot Mr. Termanator
I usually get a spam message or two in my inbox per month but most of it goes into the spam section.
I get a few occasionally, but Gmail has been pretty good with filtering out junk o.ov only 1 managed to get through and it was something really weird <.<;;;; I have no idea where it came from.

But yeah, Gmail is actually, in my opinion, one of the best services when dealing with filtering out spam. I have a few Comcast mail boxes, that came with my internet service account, and virtually all i get is spams >.>;; the spam filter seems like it's not even there.

o.o and CA making it illegal to scan incoming emails? what the heck, what if there's some virus attached and someone, either unaware or half drunk, opens it? <.<;;
Yea almost every single spam I get goes right to the spam folder, I don't know how they know but they do and its great.
big d
im surprised...i have not received any spam...only spam i get is with hotmail...
Most of the unwanted mail that gets to my inbox was requested before by myself. I have not recevied speam in my inbox how ever the filter folder i full of spam
I'm in California too, but I get next to none, so I don't even really consider it spam. I dont know if it's Gmail, or if I'm just smarter about where I use my real email address now.
After using Gmail for so long, I haven't reallt received any spam mails before, which is a great thing, cause spams can be very annoying. Laughing
ever since i got my gmail account i have been receiving dozens of spam e-mails. The good thing is that apparently Gmail has a very good antispam service, hence I don't receive spam on my e-mail inbox.
most of the free email service will be victimize by the email spam

it would be better if there is a corn beef
Not yet......
So the morale of the story is not to anyhow register into any sites with your own email address. XD

Btw.. I seldom receive any junk.
wait we are still able to use filters, right? but yeah so far nothing on gmail but yahoo, i keep getting viruses (extremely obvious) but they are sent to my bulk email...i just gotta look for a setting to auto delete them.... Confused
i dont sign up for things with my gmail address and i dont tell many people about it, so i dont get anything in it at all
Shade of Blue
I almost never get spam in my inbox, but over the past week or two, I've been getting between 5 and 10 spam emails every day in my Spam auto-folder.
The majority have "New Account" as the subject.....

And I don't remember having put my email out anywhere recently...oh well.
They try to sell me "v1agra" every single day...
Perhaps, they think I'm a porn star... HAHHAHAA
I have been receiveing lots of spam on gmail
it's about 10 emails per day
really aboring
oh i'd never even heard of gmail till i stopped by and read this post ... must browse about more often Smile

i aggree with one of the above posts though, never register on any TEMPORARY site with a vaild mail address, if u MUST register your email for access to something, its best to think twice about whether or not you ""really need to just have a look at it or not

i seriously hate spam mails and have at times been inundated with them on various accounts ... once bitten twice shy as the old saying goes Smile
I think the basic care you should take about any account is:
- don't subscribe it in any website if you want to make serious usage of it; have an alternate account for that purpose;
- the main account should not have the same username that the one used for anything: like, if you use for anything, don't expect the address will be suitable for not receiving spam. The spammers will send mails to asd@* (= all the major mail services, like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc).
I hardly get any spam on my Gmail account. THis is probably due to the fact that very few people have the new address and the spam companies do not have this address. I have a yahoo account for non-personal usage of my account (aka to give my address to register on different sites). In any case I haven't gotten any spam spam mail in a long time now (if ever).
I don't ever remember getting spam in my gmail inbox. My spam always goes to the spam folder.
No spam yet amazingly. I wonder why that is so? With Yahoo or Hotmail, right when you create a new account you get spammed. Quite annoying really.
Ya I get the odd spam mail every now and then in my gmail inbox, but usually it is detected and will go into the spam folder.
I use gmail for about a year. I never noticed e-mail that could be considered as spam...

Gmail Rocks
fayettemat wrote:
I've recently been getting spam in my inbox and so has my friend and this is because Ca decided to make it illegal to scan peoples incoming email - thanks alot Mr. Termanator

The matter is that alot of people are concearned about their this is a very hard debate...but i do care about my privacy, i can easily just erase my spam when i know that the rest of my email is private...but ofcourse..i do have a friend that works at a french company which provides paid email and she, out of boredom, looks at other people emails all day long....
I must say, I have never experiensed spam on my Gmail..

I use my G-mail as my personal E-mail, mostly because of the whole lot of space you get and also for free.

But never have I got any spam mail on it.
I've got some spam mail on my Hotmail but spam has never been such a big problem for me.
Been using gmail for quite some time. Haven't got any spam at the moment Wink
I love gmail. im pretty sure you'll get spam if you use outlook for some reason. Anyways gmail filters out the spam so its no biggy.
l get a fair ammount of spam, but l know why, so its my fault (NEVER GIVE YOUR REAL E-MAIL ADRESS TO REGISTRATION STUFF!!!!!)
Hmm... I have been getting some weird spam lately. Its usually starts off as an article, but its in a white text so you cant really see it, and so far, 100% of the articles have been about Harry Potter. And then theres usually some obscure picture of couples having intercourse or something of that source. and some kind of flashing ad that keeps telling me that some parts of my body will not satisfy women. I have no idea how they have figured that out, or how i have a passionate love for Harry Potter.... wait.... did harry tell them? Shocked
Aww... I got my first piece of spam in my gmail inbox today...
S3nd K3ys
I have 3 accounts and haven't gotten spam in any of them. It's ALL been caught by the gmail spam blocker.
hmm yes.. but i think its my own failure that i have...
I use Gmail now like 1 year , and i run it in Mozilla Thunderbird, no problems, works fine untill this evening,

Does anybody know what the problem is and how i can solve it?
Instead of just telling people not to give out their real information, give them another option:

I recently come across a pretty amazing service called

Basically, all you have to do is create a completely random e-mail address at and you can go to the website to check it out.

I recently wrote more about this service at my blog (this is an advertising oriented blog for my t-shirt shop, so don't be surprised or consider this spam, please) at this post, or you can check out their website, of course, at

I really like the service because you don't have to sign up for anything, it's a read-only service, but they do have RSS so you can keep up to date without having to logon to their site all the time.

Confu, I wouldn't worry about it. As long as you trust the provider, that doesn't mean much.
I did not recieve spam email on my gmail account up till now. One tip: don't give your regular emailadres on websites forms. I think a lot of webpage sell these email addresses to spam companies and the result is that you are the victim for the rest of your life (or as long as you can stand the dozens of spam you recieve)
Gmail seems to be missing the block address or domain feature..
I get spam messages every now and then, but they are always put into my spam folder. And sometimes I get non-spam messages put in my spam box, but they are from sites like techtv.
i dont

i hate it cos the spam i get i want cos i ask for it
No never had any spam in my inbox folder ,basically because I'm very paranoid with my email Wink
Well, there's not much spam in my Gmail account, but more than when I had yahoomail. With yahoomail, I didn't get any spam until I signed up for something or something like that.
The only spam I get in my Gmail account is that DOCTOR.. most of these things dosnt have an option to opt out.. which is against law. Something serious has to be done..
I believe: not get spam if you Gmail account is unknown: not subscribe to much stuff and not get spam....
127 spam a month, all in the spam folder, although Gmail catches most of it, it doesn't catch all of it. Its mostly because I post my e-mail address quite alot of places.
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