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Has anyone else had the spyware virus spyaxe? Apparently, I dont know if spyaxe the company has anything to do with this, but, theyre selling spyware with spyware. You open a site or image, and a dialog box comes up, and it says nothing but yes or no. If you click either buttons, youre done for. The spyware downloads, and acts as a microsof program telling you that you have syware on your PC, and it asks you to download spyaxe. Much to your surprise, spyaxe is already on your PC. The annoying thing about this spyware is that a large yellow popup down by the clock says that your computer is infected. you open up explorer, your homepage is tht same link that you would click if you hit that yellow box. It clogged up your homepage too. The only thing you have to do is to type what that yellow box says in google. Download a specific program to your desktop, run your PC in start mode, and run that program. Good as new Wink
Haha, thats why when those things popup, either close it with the X or alt-F4.
Better yet =P get firefox.

And although you might feel it has been cleaned >.> there is probably a keyhogger or others of the sort hidden in the background with that program they forced you to download.

The best way when dealing with that is.

1) boot your system in safe mode and use system restore if available.
2) Use other programs that is in NO way related to the spyware/adware that infected your system to try to clean stuff up.
3) if that didn't do the trick, just check for files adding the time your system got infected, and deal with those
4) lastly, (use this with caution) edit your registry to remove the crap that got put into your computer with the spyware/adware.

I really strongly suggest you check your system again soon because that program seems very suspicious o.o;
Yer i hade spyaxe too.
I put safe mode and restored it back to normal
Then i used a Registry Searcher to find all SpyAxe related Keys and have them deleted, then i used Norton to scan through all my files and try to delete them, but being Norton, the sh!t that it is, it never deletes, so i wrote down the path and booted in safe mode and deleted that mofo!

Hope that helps.
I had spyaxe too, but I got so angry, I formated my hard drive, and installed windows XP all over again
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