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Books will no longer exist on a near future???

Will the virtual Book replace the Books???
 20%  [ 2 ]
 80%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 10

Hi, well one day i was looknig at the TV and i saw this programm that got my attention, they were saying that MIT was trying or already have a virtual book that will somehow replace the books, then when i looking for some information i found that Bill Gates said somethig that the books in future will be virtual, but i said that i the books that one can touch them, feel them, what do you think???
Certainly not in the near future, anyway.
No, as Sunburned Cactus says, not in the near future.

However, I can see not so far away, eBooks becoming as popular as books amoung the younger generation, much in the same way that mp3 players are replacing CD players.

Let me explain. If you have watched Startrek: The Next Generation, you'll invariably find the captain wandering around reading various Shakespearian plays on his little hand computer.

Now think to yourself if you had one of these it being able to contain a small library's worth of books. No more trying to fit in several books for your long haul flights. No need to find more space for your expanding collections of books you'll read once and forget about.

Now you may ask, why would anyone need or want as much as a small library? Well then, you may also ask why anyone needs as much as 10Gb on their iPod! I've got well over 69 hours of constant play music in just over 2Gb.

I don't believe they will replace books, but I do believe they will become something major, and perhaps not that far away as it may seem.
I don't think virtual books will replace regular books at all. People like to take things to the bathroom and read. Also, staring at a screen to read can be more tedius then looking at paper. Also, with virtual books on little computers, you have to worry about viruses, the little computer breaking, cracked screen and other various mechanical problems.

I dunno... there are both pros and cons for both virtual books and paper books.
I believe books will not disappear or be replaced by eBooks, but I already have some eBooks I could not find in the bookstores and I have read them on my laptop. Still not usefull, but when somebody commercialize a small (or big but handy) and relatively cheap "book reader machine" it will become a good opposition point to old books.... just a thought
Not in the 'near' future. Books will not be replaced, BUT I do believe that at some point in the future, books will not be made from trees, such as they are now.

Looking ahead 200 years, I do see 'books' not being nearly the same as they are now, I'm not sure what they will be like, but the tree cutting, and using, will cease.
people maybe going for Ebooks and things like that, but remember that there are still many people who dont have a proper internte access so they will be going for realy books, and there is nothing like reading a realy book, you know flipping the pages through and all that, i feel real books are far better than ebooks, even if i have spend on them, they are worth it
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