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The Democratic Agenda

S3nd K3ys
Democrats believe no one should be forced to endure responsibility for their actions. They gain their popularity by peddling the idea of divorcing responsibility and consequences. Anything you as an American (a member of the voting public) can get into, they will fix it for you. If you get pregnant, they’ll allow you to abort it. If you can’t make a living, they’ll give you money, food and a place to live. If you kill or rape someone, it’s not your fault, it’s society’s fault and they’ll get some help for you.

Being a conservative, it’s not always easy arguing the truth. These lies of actions without consequence are quite attractive. But the truth is just that, the truth. People don’t like to hear it. People vote against it hoping it goes away. But there it remains, actions do have consequences. People make up even more lies about conservatives in a poor attempt to further muddy the truth, such as conservatives are racist. I can not conceive the very concept of that lie. But if it’s a history lesson we need then here it is. The Republican party was founded for the single purpose as to contain slavery. As it turned out, the first Republican President, with extreme Democratic resistance emancipated slavery in America, and even purposed giving the former slaves the right to vote, which was killed by Democrats about 140 years ago.

So today when we ask a lazy but fit man to work for his daily bread, so there is charity for the lame we’re called hateful. Because we believe ability and intelligence should dictate access and success, we’re called bigot. Because we believe the ideas and beliefs of the majority should not be suppressed to appease a minority, we’re called intolerant. Because we want to save a babies’ life, and put to death those who seek to cause the greatest harm to life, we’re called unenlightened.

Clearly there’s a flaw in the Democrat’s agenda, evidenced in their lack of power. The flaw is not the content of their message. Clearly it’s very attractive to any person of limited financial means. Taking money from those who have to give to those who have not. Their flaw is the truth. People in their core know and can detect truth. One truth you can not escape is responsibility of action. If you have sex before you get married, you may end up with a child. If you murder someone, that person is dead, and it is your fault. If you choose to sit on the couch and watch T.V. all day you should not be given money to continue to do the same day after day.

Unfortunately these issues have become a sort of culture war in this country. And we’re suffering some setbacks on this front. Able bodied people are being given money, food and hosing and asked nothing in return. Meanwhile the elderly and infirm are doing with less. Everyday doctors all across America murder unborn babies as a form of birth control. And anyone who speaks up saying this is not right is called a fundamentalist, or a bigot.

Things must change if the Democratic Party wants to continue to participate in the leadership of this country.
I agree with much of what you have to say.

Namely, the idea that you have to work to earn, and that there are reprocussions to actions that might not be considered ethical, sex and crime being the two main focuses.

On to the rebuttal:

You say that Democrats are extremist and unilateral, but have you read your own post? Essentially what you are saying is that every democrat everywhere is a baby killing racist monster.

If you want to actually start a discussion about the pros and cons of a particular train of philosophy or politics, you HAVE to be more accessible. What we are presented with is an extremely conservative point of view, backed by concrete beliefs, and few facts.

There is no such thing as "truth" when it comes to morality. Morality is a christian belief structure predicated on being "good," it is dogmatic and biased. American morality is based on the bible, not on reality.

What you should be arguing is ethics. Open your mind a bit, don't present solid beliefs, present theories and hypothesi.

Please, stop condemning all democrats. If you want anyone to take you seriously, condemn ideologies. Condemn abortion if you must. Condemn lack of responsibility. Just stop lumping all democrats into this horrible personal creation that you call the "liberal" adgenda.

Then maybe you'll get an actual discussion and not just a flame war.
S3nd K3ys
Considering the fact that I used to be a Democrat, I would think my mind is already 'open' and 'accessible'. I've seen first hand where the Democratic party is headed. I don't like it. It's false, misleading, and often incorporates the use of outright lies and hatred and attacks to promote it's (lack of?) agenda.

But you're right, I have taken some of my old Democratic ways of lumping everyone together along with me when I switched to Republican. I admit it shows in my writing, and I also admit it's wrong. But it's hard to change some times. I still see things with open eyes and an open mind, it just doesn't always end up that way in my threads because of the extremes that the Democrats have taken as of late.
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