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How many sites hvae you made

Hey! how many sites have you made?I made about 3-4. Nothing fancy..
This topic just might generate a lot of replies...

Many will post, few will read.
So let's all just reply! No, seriously this topic is kind of useless. If making a poll would be enabled, then this would be great. Any way, i've creadet so many websites i can't count, but 90% of them i've done as a practice and 90% of them are really lame Very Happy
Let me think back on my history.

Lockwolf Underground was my first non-WYSIWYG, All HTML Scripted site, made back about 2 years ago when I was in 7th grade

Then Came Master Lockwolf which was a big hit. I updated it to 1.1 and it was better and a final 1.2 ended the series of 8th grade noobie frame based web pages.

After that was Master Lockwolf 2.0 which was done on Moonfruit which is a flash host. I found out that it was only a 14 day trial and was really pissed off. Then I found some new flash design studio which spawned Master Lockwolf 2.1 which sucked cuz a banner kept blocking the main text. After that I got hosted with a site called Comteche which has a free flash web site designer.

Finally I moved onto PHP-Nuke after aquiring a taste for it after my failed project at I then secretly hosted Master Lockwolf 3.0, Codename: Underground from there. After That I moved onto 3.1 here when I found out that my former host got shutdown. A few short weeks after 3.1 I got bored and made Master Lockwolf 3.2, Power of the Wolf. I really enjoyed it but it got way too junked up by adding so many random things that I couldnt maintain.

About 2 weeks ago on thanksgiving at about 4:30am, I launched Master Lockwolf 3.3 which is my current website. Thats the history of my websites.

In total, I think I have built close to 20-25 webpages cuz I do have some free ones that I have made using crappy WYSIWYG editors that had absolutely no point to it!
I've made 0 sites. I'm still a newbie, trying to gain my credit. However, it's interesting... I've been to many forums and there is never a perfect utopia of logical, impressive posts and complete lack of spamming or hatred, but this forum is pretty kick ass. I originally started posting in order to be able to request some webspace, but I'm actually starting to like the forum for what it is. A lot of good threads, a lot of good posts. A few nitwits here and there but they're mostly overruled by people with something worthwhile to say. Hope to see many of you around. Wink
too many to even think about let alone the amount ive taken on after a so called massively credited company have screwed someone over!
the number of sites that i have made may number upto 5, but none of them were really intended for any real purpose. i mostly try new php scripts, a few flash games in the sites that i made so far.

but here in frihost, i may finally end up with a useful site that has some purpose. although im too busy to build the site in all seriousness, i will keep it up-to-date when time permits. and hopefully in a couple of months time, it will be completed
I've made hundreds of websites, but I don't use most of them because I am not intrested in the topic or I had no traffic. Also, I used hosts like angelfire, which only provided 25MB.
i think bout 10 so far
Around 2-3.
Cheese Games
MSN Maniac (I helped with that one)
Around 7-8,all about php and web devlop,But every sites no long time live Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed
Well i have made only one site, and presently i m in the college team which is making a site for a NGO for free
I made about 6 sites.Most of them are forum in chinese.
i had made about 5 sites
but most of them are not completed
only one or two are completed
about 5 site and 4 of them are still alive for now over 5 years
I made about 5 - 6 sites.. but I think two of them were really bad Razz.. all others were kind of good, and one of them even nominated me to become an programmer for a bussinessorganisation. After all I refused to become part of there staff, because I wanted to stay a bit of a freelancer Smile

All for me, friends, etc.

I probably have more, but the ones I have on my hard drive are the ones I count... Most are relatively simple, with less than 20 pages, and probably 1/3 of them I did no Photoshop work (someone else had already done all that for me)
I have tons of stupid sites I made on freewebs with no point.. Around maybe 35 on freewebs and like 40 on other freehosts.
I have made three sites.but main site is only one!
I have made a lot of sites, but only one is my favorite and active now, hosting by Frihost ! Very Happy
Well, about 90% of the completed sites that I have made was for the computer programing class I had in high school. The other 10% was for my family businesses and stuff.

Although the uncompleted websites that I've made (ranking inbetween 50-150 websites) was for myself and didn't like and threw away. But mostly I'm a graphical designer and stuff (Other words, I use alot of Adobe Photoshop Very Happy ).
this is going to be my first site which has gone online, using mostly front page anyone got any usefull tips and things i need to look out for?

I have made around four websites, all are dead now as the free hosts I chose sucked and disappeared of the internet, I never bothered to move the websites, I just let them die when the hosts died.
I have made about 6 sites but 4 of them are dead i now have only 2 sites Sad
I have made about 5 sites in my time of making websites Smile
Oh, in all of my time of making websites, I've made too many to count. I started playing with html in 6th grade, so it's been about 7 years now that I've been making various websites.
I have made and designed many sites. Some of them include sports, harry potter, computers and technology, games and programming. I desinged them with dreamweaver.
hmmm....Pokemon Dungeon on Hotyellow97, then a remake from scratch on Bigstep, then Animegamers at angelfire, a few neopet themed sites for friends, a dbz site for a friend,...Revolt at angelfire then blogspot, several smaller sites, my current "portal" site for all my sites, and lastly meetup. thats all i can think of Razz most of my sites are incomplete cause i move on from one thing to another as i loose interest in it. therefore 9+ (not including blogs)
I've doe around 4 websites...nothing fancy or important, just for fun however i can't forget the first one that was a all around site with mIRC scripts (great time back then when mIRC was on vogue), and it also had some hentai pictures with the appropriate disclamer so that little kids wouln't see those wicked cartoons Razz Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
I made one site two years ago, but one day all the files are gone because I've put them into a free space. Now I'm lazy on doing that again. Confused
i have 2 sites, one is a personal site with my art and literal work that i host here.

the other is a online diar, but i have not updated both for some time, haha.
site, I don't know maybe 10 because I made them and delete them and made them again, like a cycle
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