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iffi Goa

I dont know if you have heard of a place called Goa. If you have heard of cannes then surely you will know where is goa in near future.

The 36th international film festival of India was held in Goa this year and will be held every year from now onwards.

The film which won the golden peackock award is 'Iron Island' from Iran.
The iranian films dominated the festval. Let us review a few of them.
Frankly, I expected to be baffled and bored, as I have been by terribly earnest subtitled movies in the past. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it held my interest from the first scene. The unusual setting had a great deal to do with this -- the ship's crumbling superstructure, its dank and scary innards, the small domestic comforts of its tenants, the vast watery landscape outside -- all beautifully filmed. You are dumped right into the middle of all this, as if you were one of the tenants newly arrived, and watch a newbie get the full treatment from the Captain -- the leader and self-styled benefactor of this band of poor outcasts. You find your way around and get to know the people and their ways, but this is not a documentary, nor does it pretend to be. Our interest is not sociological, but just human. The Captain is at the centre of all this, and his character is at issue throughout. Is he really a saviour and benefactor, or is he just using the young men on board as a source of cheap (free, actually) labour so he can steal the remaining crude oil and valuable parts from the ship, before its owners send it to be cut up for scrap? By the time you have absorbed enough of the narrative to wonder about this, you have grown acquainted enough with the tenants' problems and aspirations to care deeply about this, and to follow his actions with keen attention. In the end, the viewer has to make up his own mind about the character of the man, the rightness of his actions. There is no foregone conclusion.
Looking for Angelina is based on one of the most important murder trials in Canada. Angelina Napolitano murdered her husband with an axe and was sentenced to be executed...

I knew the story before but watching it was a totally different thing. The whole movie hall was left without a single dry eye.
I saw the movie with english subtitles.Everything is right in this danish classic, about lost souls. Soya wrote the the novell and one of the best danish directors Johan Jacobsen make the screenplay and the direction. Two of all-time popular stars in Denmark Bodil Kjer and Poul Reichardt is great and a lot of forgetten genius actors like Karin Nellemose, Sigfred Johansen, Johannes Meyer and Maria Garland stars in this masterpiece.
Was the above comparison.
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