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My site files have not been deleted but it seems like they have i know server 2 has problems is this one of them. I can not access my website or the hompage.
Yea ur rite....

i cant acces any of the sites...not even mine.....
at about 4:00 pm "GMT + 5" , now it is 5:30 pm GMT +5, i was working on my site....i just clicked a link and then ....."cannot find page"....i checked the ftp and file manager but the files are there....then i tried another site and it didn't i get to know that others such as panthrozay are facing the same prob....

Wat is wrong???
i cant either, it says apache server is stopped under direct admin server information
Apache/httpd crashed and doesn't want to restart anymore. I'm currently trying to get it restarted and hope to achieve that within half an hour. It's most likely some infinite loop.

The DirectAdmin control panel should be accessible, only the webpages aren't working.
I hope it will be fine soon.
Crying or Very sad
sugarbox wrote:
I hope it will be fine soon.
Crying or Very sad

i hope so too... Sad
Bondings wrote:
It's most likely some infinite loop.

Nice to see the classic errors cropping up now and again. That and "divide by zero" always crack me up.

Does de master had any idea how long the down-time takes.

Or is there another problem Shocked Crying or Very sad
It's kind of comforting to know that it's not only me that fights with Apache etc from time to time, even the experts here have their battles...

I think we can all deal with a little downtime, from time to time, bearing in mind the wonderful service we all receive.

Don't stress out about it Bondings, we all have plentiful supplies of coffee and tea to keep us going in the meantime, and there's always beer in a couple of hours time Laughing
I thought i was alone in this because some other sites are working.
Oh...It was the server problem. I thought I screwed up the setting in DirectAdmin and cause my site down Embarassed . I had just set up DNS a few days ago in DirectAdmin, i'm not so experienced in setting this up. I thought I had made something wrong. Embarassed

Anyway, hope that the server will up soon.
SunburnedCactus wrote:
Bondings wrote:
It's most likely some infinite loop.

Nice to see the classic errors cropping up now and again. That and "divide by zero" always crack me up.


About the infinite loop, that was just a wild guess. I couldn't find the problem, just like the (very slow) techs couldn't find it either. A fresh reboot seems to have fixed it for now.

The problem is now solved and your websites should be working again. My apologies for the downtime.
On our Gaming Forums once, we had a similiar problem. I don't know if this could be related at all but I'll recount some of it anyway.

We run a PHP Nuke forum there, as well as 2 gaming servers, and a TeamSpeak server.

We had a problem where the server just seemed to be running, but we couldn't access the public domain part of it at all.

We never quite solved the problem, but it appeared that too many simultaneous threads were running at once, which kind of "overloaded" things.

In the end we (one of the guys far cleverer than me) managed to get things up and running by further limiting the number of simultaneous connections, and also blocking passive connections. Then we flushed the logs, and things seem to have been fine since.

Alternatively, it could have been the full moon. Rolling Eyes
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