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More E-commerce ?


I'm getting desperate ! I have been looking for a e-commerce to start my small business, but I'm not sure anymore that I'll be able to find one for free... and not much knowledge in programmation...

I have to have :

- gift registry,
- possibility to have a forum
- possibility to manage a vendor team (something like when a customer from one vendor order, the vendor get 5% of the sale).
- easy customizable template,

I have looked at :
- Oscommerce. But it seems SOOOO complicated...
- Zen Cart : I like it at first, and then I saw that there were no possibility for a gift registry except by a partner site... Didn't like this solution...

Now, I don't know how to find other GPL/GNU Crying or Very sad

Someone to help me ? Pray

Wouah ! So much help ! I'm overwhelmed ! Laughing

Well, never mind... Just surprised that there is no more people interested in e-shop...

If someone wants to know, the only solution I have found yet is Moscommercer, a bridge between Mambo and OsCommerce. The only thing is that it is a beta... But it seems that it is quite stable already... Well I'll be testing it anyway.

In my research, I have also found VirtueMart, a component for Zoomla and Mambo. But couldn;t have the gift registry.... still to young to my test.

Well, I'm still open to any suggestions of other e-shop if you know any. Wink

yaar its so easy. Just get the latest PHP-Nuke version 7.9, download it and upload it on frihost. Download e-commerce blocks and modules from
and right away, you have a full fledged site with everything you want
FORUMS,Members,themes,download,content etc
With Christmas and now the new year eve, I still didn't have time to try Moscommerce... I guess I'm a little bit afraid also because everywhere we can read that Oscommerce is SOOOOOOOO complexe... Sad

So, still is there anyone new out there having a suggestion ?

Thanks Wink
I ma currently using zencart.
though it can b little bit more complicated when u want to upgrade.
I also own a small business website and i think zencart provides me all i want except the affiliate part. actually there is affiliate program in the contribution list but due to lack of knowledge in php prog. i havent been able to install it.

currently i am having a good response so i cant shift from zen to another but you can go for virtuecart from joomla.
i havent gonme through it completely but it looks much more promising and above all simple( for amatuer programmers like me)
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