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Greatest Commanders of all time

this is what i would consider top5 of all time

1. Alexander of Greece
2. Hannibal of Carthage
3. Caesar of Rome
4. George Washington of America
5. Adolf Hitler of Germany

i judged this off of what incredible tasks they've done

hitler had alot of issues which probly caused him to be very underrated to how smart he really was, it was the Japs fault for him losing the war, alot consider that Russia could of taken them but if you know more of all the details about it, in the middle years of the war Germany had about completely wiped out the Russian army when it reached the outskirts of its 3 main cities. theres alot more detail i could go into about him but it would be long and i dont have the time

alot of people probly dont even know who George Washington is, so if you dont know then its easiest to say that hes often referred to as the father of America, the 1st president of the U.S., and if you ever read his biography you would be very impressed of all the shit he went through

Caesar of course everyone knows, he had no experience with combat when he first begun leading armies and he beat outside and inside enemies like a fart in the wind until the whole senate attacked him because they thought he was too radical

Hannibal is probly someone that you wouldnt know, what he did was about unbelievable, and hes really comparable to Alexander if not even greater than him, although i dont think he had the charisma like Alexander, Hannibal was more based on vengeance than anything else, infact i dont even think ego had anything to do with what he did at all. He went against Rome which of course had the most superior army at the time, and he won 3 major battles against Rome and his forces were outnumbered in all of them.

Alexander, everyone knows, and if you seen the movie then i probly wouldnt have to talk about him except the movie really didnt show the details to what he did, it just shown more of what kind of person he was. The battle of Issus is a brilliant example how Alexander could think on his feet and react quickly to new threats as they presented themselves.


i would like to hear about some other guys, i dont know much about Saladin, i thought ghost and red would probly know alot about him, har

i believe there was a shogun that i missed on my list also that was really good that invaded china and korea back in the middle ages, no? spydux would know something about that
Hitler could have won if he was more patient:
By the end of the war he had

    Jet fighters (messerschmitt)
    ICBM's (V2)
    A working nuclear reactor
    an almost complete nuclear waepons program

If he had waited longer to start his campaign, he would have gotten these technologies much sooner, and had a better chance (his jet fighters achieved one of the best combat records in history, and he was already launching his ICBM's at England.)

Both the US and Russia (the two main powers that invaded Germany) went on to make copies of his technology (when the two superpowers' jets first met, it caused mass confusion: they both looked the same)
My dear, you forgot Atila, the Hun =)
He did really incredible things. All of them just because of belief and mental strength. He conquered all the world (Well, as far as the world was europe at that time)
He was really king of the world. The legend said, that one day a king will rise. He won't knee in front of anyone but the whole world will do so in front of him.
If he hadn't be poisened by the intrigant little viper at his side, he would have conquered the eatern roman world too It was the only place he hadn't conquered yet. Well ok, he's not as great as Alexander, but I think he has to be in the Top Ten (At least more than Hitler >_>)

no, even historians would say the same thing about him, the way he ran over the countries in europe was very smooth, i said all the issues he had caused him to be really underrated to how smart he was, and he wasnt no hypocrite, he believed in what he was doing was right
How about Moses??? Pretty great leader. Tough. Took a lot of crap from and for hos people.
I guess while we're at it...
(not to stir the pot Embarassed )
khalid bin velid

he was the commander of islam army

and defeated both east roman and persian armies in a very quick time.

yavuz sultan selim
was the ottoman sultan
defeated iranian and memlukis
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