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The musical genre yo listen to the most.

I listen to alot of blues music. John lee hooker, jimi, SRV, BB, clapton, Robert Cray etc. The music simply hit the soul with the blues notes.
I like :
I listening music all the time !
Rap, hiphop, rnb, dutch hardcore (gabba, terror, darkcore).
rock punk metal? that´s 3 different styles.. and rock is also a genre..

I listen to Metal/Heavy Metal/Progressive Metal/Melodic Metal.

Mostly Maiden.
I like to listen to music, sorry rap and rock metal listeners. Smile My favorite type of music are Pop and R&B and the occasional classic music.
I hate rap , hip-hop too , I like rock , I like Aerosmith , Guns 'n' Roses , Skid Row . Laughing
The rap game.

Lets get some beats poppin' up in here

It's all about that raw, musical sound.
Metal/Rock is for me. To varying degrees of course!

Favourite bands: Opeth, Metallica, Megadeth, Cradle of Filth sometimes, Iron Maiden sometimes

Classical is also up there, Beethoven being my inspiration.
I like black metal, death metal progressive, doom, gothic and industrial !
Twisted Evil \m/
James Bond-007
Classic Rock.
i'm sticking to alternative... soothing but not too quiet at all
I love all kinds of Indie. I like Canadian Indie most though. Awesome underground scene in Canada. I love some American Indie also. Basicly, I have a lot of Indie artists from everywhere in my library.
lol, all these wierd "styles" i keep hearing crack me up, hehe. Anyway... I listen to good ol' Classic Rock and Hard Rock. Wink
Death metal, Hardcore and grindcore...

Keep da grind alive !!! Mr. Green
I love Reggaeton, It is my favorite genre, for only two things, because of the rythm and because it started here in Puerto Rico.. Very Happy
James Bond-007 wrote:
Classic Rock.

Nirotu wrote:
I listen to good ol' Classic Rock and Hard Rock. Wink

Amen. Classic and hard rock. Cool
Post-rock, shoegazer, indie, jazz & symphonic.

I enjoy some pop. (Gorillaz, Radiohead, Blur)
indie pop or twee, and also some experimental. most people don't know of the bands i like, i'd be surprised if they did, it's really underground and cute and upbeat. i'll also listen to some electro rap. but not any other kind of rap, except maybe french and english, haha, the streets!
shr3dd wrote:

Yes!! Cool
Punk (pretty much every subgenre), Classic Rock, New Rock, Blues, Metal (only Metallica, really) and some Rap.
Well, Rap was never my thing.

Lets see, rock, metal, punk, alternative. Thats all for western music for me =P

I don't remember when, but except for the above, I've almost switched completely over to Jpop and Jrock (which stands for japanese pop and rock respectively) o.o recently i started to listen to cpop and CRock too.
Well the kind of music I listen the most is probably Popular, because I just listen (normal) music at the radio, and it's pop and rock that passes there. When it's not the radio, it's more Classical Rolling Eyes

But the one I prefer is disco!


Back to the 70's...
With YMCA Very Happy
doooooooooooooom metal.

and some another crazy things.
I like Rock and all of your kinds.
I listening music all the time!!
Favourite bands: System Of A Down, Green Day, Blink 182 (come back, please), Limp Bizkit, Massacration ( Laughing ), Detonautas, Charlie Brown Jr, CPM 22...
Bluegrass! I bet I'm the only one here that likes that stuff. My favorite band is the Seldom Scene.
I do only listen to Metal. Thrash Metal, Folk Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Melodic Death and Melodic Black metal, Viking Metal, Power Metal, Metalcore and many other Metal Sub categories. My favouritebands are Finntroll, Skyfire, In Flames, System of a down, Still Remains, Divinefire, Stryper, Caliban, As I lay dying and many others.
Rock and any variations of Metal. Twisted Evil
Well I mostly listen to Darkstep/Darkcore but I listen to loads of genres Laughing.
Best of all I like S.R.V. And jimmy Henderix.
Considering I'm a techno DJ....TECHNO!!!!! You can download my music from my frihosted site as a matter of fact
I listen to alot Rock music
HGK wrote:
I like to listen to music, sorry rap and rock metal listeners. Smile My favorite type of music are Pop and R&B and the occasional classic music.

I agree about rap, but are you saying that metal is not music? I agree with some songs and bands, but try listening to Dream theater and some Iron maiden songs (like Fear of the dark and Dance of death) and you'll change your mind
I like Rock too
I won't start a fight on this thread, I promise.

Metal, the highest art form.
Hardcore and death metal Smile
I mostly listen to rap and hip hop. My favorite artisits are Chamillionaire, The Team, Frontline, Mac Dre (RIP), and other Bay Area artists. I do occasionally listen to some R&B and punk, but not as much as Rap. If I listen to R&B, it's usually Ray J, Usher, or those type or artists. And when I listen to punk, it's usually Greenday and Fallout Boy. But rap will forever remain my favorite genre. Very Happy
I like a pretty broad range of genres, but I'm picky within most genres... there's good and bad examples of each.
For example, I love the blues... Muddy Waters, Clapton, Memphis Minnie, etc., but I don't like the Stevie Ray sound.
Mostly I listen to blues, punk and classical. But I also enjoy some celtic/folk stuff, 50s country (very few artists, nothing newer), some classic rock (Hendrix, Cream...), ska, and there's a few Eastern styles that really appeal.
We always have music playing at our house! I couldn't imagine being limited to one genre.
The styles you'll never hear at our house:
Rap, hip-hop, country, top 40.
Nothing wrong with it; just doesn't get me going!
I listen to everything from Korn to Michael Jackson to Kanye West to Kenny Chesney. I will admit, my favorite music to listen to is probably classic rock <3<3. The only things I will NOT listen to are pop rock & punk- yucky.

Punk- Confused Sometimes I just do not understand people's taste in music.
only grunge post grunge

Soundgarden,Pearl Jam,....Creed,Nickelback,Alter Bridge
mostly folk-death metal, or black metal and of course, power metal
3.R & B
Lol, I'm in the definite minority here... :Smile Wink

1. Movie Soundtracks
2. Classical works
3. Folk and dance music
recently i've been rying to mix up what i listen to a bit.

i like

post-rock (mogwai, godspeed etc),

stoner rock (anything with josh homme / chris goss in the band e.g. masters
of reality, queens of the stone age, jyuss), and a good ol' bit of

indie (arcade fire, modest mouse, suede, pulp, some blur)

old school rock (black sabbath, pink floyd, beatles) and now a bit of

dance (i.e. club) music e.g. moby, prodigy, whitey

love music!
well before i used to listen to rap and techno stuff, digitally imported is a coo internet radio website, but now its more rock or alternative like blink or sum41
Metal / Nu-Metal / Emo / Hard Rock / Indie / Acoustic / Hardcore
Underground Hip-Hop
I 've been listening to alot of Nurse With Wound/Acid Mothers Temple/Flying Saucer Attack lately.
old school hip hop like talib kweli and mos def and emo like silverstein and some rock like blink 182 and avenged sevenfold Smile
I listen to most types of metal, but mix it with alot of othe genres.
I like rock, hard-rock and metal. A few examples ? Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Rammstein to name justa a few.

I also like classical music : Beethoven is my favorite composer.

Otherwise, everything that has a lot of emotion.
metal metal metal, but I agree blues also rocks. I"ll listen to anything with talent. That means no modern country and 99% of all rap.
1) Third-Wave Ska

This is the best genre ever when done right. Reel Big Fish, Five Iron Frenzy, Streetlight Manifesto, and The Insyderz are good examples.

2) Classic Rock

3) Movie Soundtracks
my favourite bands are:
1)Rise Against
2)Blink 182

Bet no-one else has those exact same top 3! They are quite a bit different from each other! I like emo, and songs that scream a bit, but not too much
I listen the most to rock or metal. My favorite kind of metal is called power metal.

IAMED_2 wrote:
1) Third-Wave Ska

This is the best genre ever when done right. Reel Big Fish, Five Iron Frenzy, Streetlight Manifesto, and The Insyderz are good examples.

2) Classic Rock

3) Movie Soundtracks

I like this person. In general, I just like people who know what they're talking about.
If labels are to be used, then they should only be used correctly. wow, the pointlessness of this post is hitting me already. Anyway, just hope people get what I mean
I listen to a wide range of music genres. From Classic Rock to Hard Rock and from Love songs to Pop/Hiphop. You see, Music is there for us.
From Trip Hop & Acid Jazz to DNB and Breakbeats...
Electronica mostly
Classic Rock all the way. A la: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin.

I also love older rock, as well as SOME of the newer rock. Jazz is delightful as well....

I pretty much avoid rap all together.
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