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Here's why the Colts will win out

Here's why the Colts will win out
Now the road to perfection gets really bumpy.
The Colts, who Sunday became the fifth team in league history to start a season 12-0, begin their most difficult three-game stretch of the season next week with a visit to division rival Jacksonville. The following week, Indianapolis plays host to San Diego. In two weeks, on Christmas Eve, the Colts travel to Seattle.

The perfection pessimists (it wasn't long ago that we were among them) have long pointed to Indy's next game as the first game the Colts would lose, citing Jacksonville's physical defense and relatively successful history against the Colts (they lost at Jacksonville last year).

Here's why the Colts will make it a baker's dozen, and it hasn't anything to do with the Jags having to rally to beat Cleveland on Sunday: Tony Dungy (pictured) established as his team's goals for this season to, first, make the playoffs, then win the division, earn a first-round bye, and win the Super Bowl. They became the first team to clinch a playoff spot Sunday, and by beating the 9-3 Jags the Colts will clinch the AFC South title and secure home-field advantage (and the first-round bye) by virtue of their 13th win and 11-0 conference record.

With those incentives, the Colts will treat this game as if their season depends on it. And they will win it.

The way they're playing, the Colts will not be beaten. They have the most complete team, and they can win playing any style of game. The Colts will go 16-0 ... if they want to. The only way they will lose a game in the regular season is if Dungy does, indeed, rest his starters in the final week(s). But you'd like to believe Dungy would not pass on an opportunity to match NFL history.

Come to think of it, here's a little incentive to play Peyton Manning & Co. down the stretch. Indy could face San Diego again in the playoffs and Seattle in the Super Bowl, so the Colts could use those games as practice runs. As for the finale, the Triplets -- Manning, Edgerrin James and Marvin Harrison -- probably need only play a half at home against Arizona to sew up win No. 16, and with a bye the following week, it wouldn't be a bad idea for the starters to get a little work so to stay sharp.
The jags do have a tough defense, and though they tend to play at the level of the competition (they almost lost to Houston), they also play the Colts aggresively. I think they stand as good a chance as anyone at beating the Colts. As a Jacksonville fan, I'm obviously biased, and I do expect the Colts to win, but I'm hoping for an upset. Tony Dungy seems to have his priorities straight and wants to win in the long run, not risk his starters. I think he may loose at the end if he chooses the conservative route. Needless to say, it will be very interesting if not close...
the smart thing would obviously be to go the consevative route at the end of the season so that your key players are tip-top for the play-off's. But screw that. I want to see them go for it all: The perfect record and the Lombardi trophy. But someone pointed out that it's the teams that win the super bowl that are remembered not those with great regular season records. does anybody remember the Steelers last year?

But I think with the way that the Colts are playing they should be able to get it done. However, Seattle has just dished out one hell of an ass kicking, so they are pumped up. Depends what happens this weekend and how that affects them. As for Jax, I am not too worried. It won't be a walk through the park on an autumn afternoon, but the Colts should make it alright. As for the friggin superChargers, well, it will be a tough one, probably a shoot-out, but Manning should come out on top.

We'll see. But they deserve to win it all. Plus it's long over due. How many times can you be voted MVP and not have a ring on your finger??
the colts will win for sure, even the super bowl. The high that they are on wont stop. I think manning is like an old steve young during his days with rice. that same year they won the superbowl. No doubt colts will win this years super bowl.
Well, the high apparently stopped. Seahawks v. Steelers...I dunno, I'd like to see Seattle win it, but it should be a close one.
S3nd K3ys
kam311 wrote:
Well, the high apparently stopped. Seahawks v. Steelers...I dunno, I'd like to see Seattle win it, but it should be a close one.

Yeah. If they both play the way they played their last games, it will be a good one.
colts lost because after the coachs son died the team wasnt focused anymore. especilly peyton manning he played real bad i duint kno if it was due to Dungy or he juss didnt play good but manning isnt that good in playoffs the same thing happend last yr vs patriots.
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