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Who do you think the best live performer is?

I would have to say pearl jam there amazing
the foo fighters/dave grohl would have to be my favourite performers live. they are just so good!
Weird Al.
Sadly, I haven't had the chance to see many artists live, but Cypress Hill threw quite a concert last year in Serbia.
Alice Cooper puts on a heck of a show.
I had the opportunity to hear the Roots live a few years ago. It will make a fan of hiphop. They were amazing.
50 cents
muse, ever
I'd go with Rage against the machine... they were pretty good live... but if you look for fire and huge stage setup I'd have to go with rammstein
crusie wrote:
I'd go with Rage against the machine... they were pretty good live... but if you look for fire and huge stage setup I'd have to go with rammstein

I agree about the ramstein being the biggest "show" but Sigur ros was beutiful
Hands down, Green Day. A totally mind-blowing show, those guys put on!
the pumpkins are the best I've seen. I saw them late 2000, but the best time to see them was late '94. Did anyone do that?
With out explans...Linkin Park! Chester really the best crazy one wich i know Laughing
Good live bands I've seen:

Dream Theater
the best live perfomer are:
linkin park
green day
and eminem Laughing
i dont like liknin park live

greenday vey good show

but rammestein is something else
IceCameron wrote:
crusie wrote:
I'd go with Rage against the machine... they were pretty good live... but if you look for fire and huge stage setup I'd have to go with rammstein

I agree about the ramstein being the biggest "show" but Sigur ros was beutiful

couldn´t agree with you more mate
I saw Slipknot a few months back, & I'll tell you what- that's one of the best times I ever had. Awesome show. Awesome. Very Happy
Shame on you!!

There's only one who said the best live act: Muse!!

They're not my favoured band, but if it comes to live preformances...They are!!! you should see there new Absolution Tour DVD

I've always thought Linkin Park sounded horrible live. Chester dies like halfway through the show.
LA Ridge
I know this sounds odd coming from an old dude like me, but I love to watch Marylin Manson perform. Theatre is wicked and I really like strange acts like him. They are fun to watch. That goes the same for Rob Zombie and other creatures of the night.

I grew up on Alice Cooper, have met him a few times, and he still puts on a good live show for an old fart! But makeup makes that possible. You can get old and people don't notice as much. I really liked David Bowie in his heyday as Ziggy up to The Thin White Duke era. His live performance out of character is pretty average in my view.

I like Eminem as a performer too. I really liked watching Axle Rose perform (Pre-Facelift era) Gn'R was a smokin' live act! That last bit he did on that award show was sad...

I've seen a lot of bands live. Most don't do much for me in terms of getting me too excited. I really like to be entertained, and watching 3-5 guys play instruments doesn't do it for me. You get someone with charisma like Jagger and it can be an exciting show, but I think the Stones should call it quits pretty soon too.

I like many of the newer (Millenium) bands also, especially the sickest ones. The sicker and more angry they are the better! That's what Rock music is about for me. Youth and Rage, Sex and Chemicals. lol YRuSC Why are you sick?
Sigur Ros is incredible live... Radiohead, Wilco is amazing live... but U2 is by far the best show I've seen.
Gotta be green day, Bullet in a bible was surely grand
Linkin Park. Mike Shinoda is the coolest MC man. Chester really sings until he dies and just drop of the stage and sent to hospital. LOL. Just kidding.
The best performer I saw was Insane Clown Posse. I only went cause a few of my friends went and wanted me to go. This doesnt mean I like their music, cause I think it sucks. But they do perform well.

I also had a lot of fun watching Cake, and The Offspring.
I've seen a lot (I'm 46 years old).

But the most awesome I happened to see was Elton John (I saw Bruce Springteen among the best, and many others...) Electric light orchestra was also very good, and Status Quo !
i think steve vai is realy amazing performer. iced earth plays flawless.
I would say Eddie Van Halen
he is amazing on stage you should see him playing eruption live
he closes his eyes on the last section I can only play it with my eyes open and looking at it lol
I wasn't there seen how it was before I was born..... its really cool though
I don't know if they're the best, but Weezer sounds very clean live. Green Day is also pretty good live, even though their music might not live up to their former reputation.
I saw Cher last year live, and that's what I call a show. She isn't the best singer in the world. But one hell of an entertainer.

Live musicwise I would say Counting Crows. They have the most amazing live versions with alternate lyrics you can imagine. I saw those guys several times and it's so amazing. The first time I saw them I actually cried.
The best I've seen alive was pearl jam but i think LED ZEPPELIN was the best in history of mankind, I woul sell my soul to see them alive in the the 70's.
I saw Sonic Youth w/ Jesus Lizard several years ago; I still haven't seen a better show.
Well I can't choose, I have two people who I like to see playing live: Dire Straits and Eric Clapton. I think the band Dire Straits where even better in making music live then recording albums. The person Eric Clapton and his guitar is for me the best live act in the world. I go to many concerts of Eric Clapton (Slowhand). Check out what my username "slowhand' means Very Happy
I've been to see quite a few shows recently, and I would have to give The Haunted credit for possibly the best show i've ever seen. Small little underground venue on a weird backstreet in denmark. Badass.
Robbie Williams for me Very Happy
I'd have to say Subhumans, don't know if many of you have heard of them, but their Live CD is better than their studio recorded Razz
Most people here probably haven't heard of this band, but I love the band Melee. They play rockish music. I really liked them before I saw them in concert, their CD is very good. However, when I saw in them in concert, I fell in love. They are absolutely AMAZING live. They're definately the best band I have ever seen live.
i've always wanted to see Coldplay live..

their music is amazing Smile
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