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Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?

Well friends,

just asking a simple question

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ??????
Well, if all goes well, I'll graduate with a master in science degree in 4.5 years and I'd like to be one of those lucky students who gets a job offer before he even graduates.
So, hopefully, I'll be working a good, well-paying job in the IT business with a bright future ahead of me.

However, knowing me, I'll probably be repeating one of those 5 years and I'll have nothing much to look forward to... Guess I shouldn't be so lazy eh :p
Shade of Blue
Probably just out of college, trying to find gigs in NYC or somewhere, possibly living in a bag in the street.
A High School Dropout working for McDonalds XD

A Sucessful High School Graduate going to some college
I'll still be at university (unless something goes terribly wrong), thus furthering my goal of becoming a perpetual (lazy) student.
Hopefully I'll be a Sophomore at a fairly good college... after all, I'm planning on becoming a doctor so I NEED to get into a good school!
Empty, Empty, Empty and going to ARMY Very Happy
Dead (self inflicted or heat attack from too many pies) Razz Smile OR running a small semi-successful PC company, making just enough money to get by on, single with a small house, and having a good time Smile
Five years from now I plan to be a senior in College. Also, I hope to own a reseller account which will offer free and paid web hosting.
As of this day, I have 4 years, 1 month, and 23 days left until I can retire from the military... So, that being said, I see myself getting to be HouseDad. By that time my son will be going on 13, and I hope it won't be too late from him to still want to hang out with me. I missed alot during the time since September 11, 2001 and now. My wife and I agreed that after retirement I got to take a few years off and do just that. If that can happen great, but I'm not being delusional, I know I may have to take a small part time job at least. But it will still be nice to know that I won't have to deploy all the time.
...hopefuly on the Technical University of Munich Very Happy
Beverly Hills Thats where i want to be..... Smile Wink
Hopefully RSMAS - a colledge in Florida.
i will definitaly be sitting here at this very computer with my own organization called i will make products that make you unlazy like a keyboard were u have to press the letter 3 times before you get one of that letter.
and a bike that is stuck on brakes.
and for the lazy people i will make products like a toilet comp, it will have a furry toilet so u dont have to get up to get to the toilet because it will have a computer and keyboard attached with metal and to flush you just press a button on your keyboard like on u neva use (F1) to flush the toilet

i will be the most sucesful businessman and one of the pioneer in ecommerce business in india.
Hopefully graduate with a distinction, get a good job, get married with my girl, make babies, from there on the life cycle goes on..... Laughing
I would probably be near the finishing point of college. Who knows though, in five years anything can happen; good or bad. I will try to focus myself more on the good site.
after five years ummm .. am sure i'll done my studies and will be enjoying my job or own business Smile lets hope for the best
Five years from now i'll be 2.5 years out of highschool, and probably 1.5 years into college.. (I plan on taking a year off to go do stuff.. like make money.. or see friends... or.. you know.. evil stuff. Twisted Evil )

I'll probably be pursuing an education in the field of computer programming or forensic science, (probably a lab analyst) as both of those are interesting, and according to a test i took, something i would fit right into. (Not that i needed the test.. I love the computer, and programming.. and i've been playing with chemistry sets forever.. not to mention CSI is like.. my favorite show..)

If it so happens that such plans are.. impossible.. for some reason or another.. I'll probably be living in an apartment wiht my best friend, her boyfriend, and my boyfriend.. and working full time to pay my 1/4 of rent/food.

If that isn't possible.. there is a high possibility i am either dead.. or comatose.
Me Probely still on college, I want to be Engineer and later to make on company like my dad did Smile
i will become a full time dancer on stage, if i continue to learn dancing.

or a vocalist, if i find a band to play with.

and mos probably, i have changed a lot of different jobs....
Got in a collage, probably MIT, studing space technology and Computer Science. Working for either NASA or the Chinese Space program
and I'm studying in a unversity
I'd graduate the next year
I'd seek for a job then
idon't know what would happen in 5 years
it's really a long time
and lot of things could take place
In Concordia in the communications or journalism program.
I'm hoping to get an ROTC scholarship or a Foriegn Exchange scholarship.

Next year I want to get a into a foriegn exchange program to Japan...always wanted to visit there.
I'm hoping to get an ROTC scholarship or a Foriegn Exchange scholarship.

Next year I want to get a into a foriegn exchange program to Japan...always wanted to visit there.
I see myself in big limuzine smoking fine blunt Twisted Evil
I'd do a better job of guessing where I'll be next week!

5 years is a long time, especially when in your mid-twenties. You're just out of college, entering into the working world and hopefully living on your own. Unless you're like 80% of WoW players who live in their parents basement and mooch Cheetos. Anyhow, I'd like to be married with a few spawns running around my nice 3 bedroom house. Did I mention my wife would be naked with an apron ALA Chi from Chobits? Oh ya, that's the stuff.

Food for thought. Pass the ketchup please.
i hope to be a fighter pilot in the RAF XD
i hope after five years i am still hoping
Its all good unless I'm dead..
Fanfiction Child
I plan on being a Junior in a fairly good college to become a geneologist and studying how mutations cause different diseases.
If all goes according to plan I will have just graduated from my chemical engineering program, and just starting training as a pilot in the airforce. And I will definately be married because there is no way I'm going to have more than a five year engagement... and hopefully it is much less than that Very Happy
Five years from now, I see myself as 22.
5 years huh... hmmmm either a web designer, dead or a game director/designer.
Five years from now I'll be 25, hopefully married to my fiancee (thats who you marry ya know Razz) with a few kiddo's and an unused Chemistry degree. yay!
I see myself living with my girlfriend in a small house/apartment somewhere near Helsinki in Finland, possibly expecting out first child, me with a good job in the design world.

I don't want much, do I? Very Happy

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