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Windows Problem

i want to set up windows xp on my computer. i start my pc with set up cd and wait until installation files are set. then i got an error message. " windows will shut down your computer. PAGED in a NONPAGED AREA"
what does this mean
Can you please provide your Computer's Harware Configuration. I think there's some problem with your RAM being insufficient for installing Windows Xp.
I don't think you have insufficient ram. Instead, check your memory, it may be faulty.
ruff_ryder wrote:
I don't think you have insufficient ram. Instead, check your memory, it may be faulty.

I somewhat agree with ruff ryder. Chances are this problem is being caused because of a memory problem. If not because of that then maybe because of a hard disk problem or some other hardware problem/conflict.

What I know about this nonpaged area of memory is that, this is the part where the OS instructions are stored. So what we can understand here from it is that, the OS installer for some reason is paging instructions, i.e. storing them in an area where it shouldnt.

Are you using different memory modules by any chance or have you overclocked any of your computer's components?
Other than what you already posted here, you should have gotten some other error code too? A number maybe? 00005050 or something like that.
I think the problem is with the ram.Change another 256mb ram & try to install windows xp.
Check in your system config that your memory indicated is as it is in the computer. Sometime, the memory does not sit properly in the memory slot, Not the the memory is faulty.
Hmm, paged eh? Well l'm not sure with a lesser version of windows, but XP likes to make what is called a paging file. This is ecentially just windows trying to make more ram for you. It acts as a temporary space for software functions, just as ram does. If whatever version of windows you are using does this aswell, check and make sure your paging file is in the default directory. To get there, go through Control Panel-->System-->Advanced tab-->under Performance click Settings-->Advanced tab-->and at the bottom is your paging file, click Change. And now make sure it is big enough. This may solve your problem, however, l think that this may be a Windows XP feature, so there is no guarnatee that you have it.
I install windowsxp and get same problems sometimes. Because of ram or harddisk you can not install windowsxp. Change your ram and try again.
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