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.htaccess problem

I was uploading this Round Cube mail , with n0obie4life's help.

After doing all the stuff like doing all the database & stuff. Finally after doing everything we are getting an Internal Server Error 500

As per n0ob its suerly something wrong with the .htaccess file. Its contents:
php_flag   display_errors    On
php_value  session.gc_maxlifetime  21600
php_value  session.gc_divisor   500
php_value  upload_max_filesize  2m

<FilesMatch "(\.inc|\~)$|^_">
  Order allow,deny
  Deny from all

Order deny,allow
Allow from all

Here are the installation instruction:

1. Decompress and put this folder somewhere inside your document root
2. Make shure that the following directories are writable by the webserver
   - /temp
   - /logs
3. Create a new database and a database user for RoundCube
4. Create database tables using the queries in file 'SQL/*.initial.sql'
5. Modify the files in config/* to suit your local environments
6. Done!

If you already have a previous version of RoundCube installed,
please refer to the instructions in UPGRADING guide.


* The Apache Webserver
* .htaccess support allowing overrides for DirectoryIndex
* PHP Version 4.3.1 or greater
* php.ini options:
   - error_reporting E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE (or lower)
   - file_uploads on (for attachment upload features)
* A MySQL or PostgreSQL database engine or the SQLite extension for PHP
* A database with permission to create tables


Change the files in config/* according your environment and you needs.
Details about the config paramaters can be found in the config files.

And Here are the files details the config folder:

 | Configuration file for database access                                |
 |                                                                       |
 | This file is part of the RoundCube Webmail client                     |
 | Copyright (C) 2005, RoundCube Dev. - Switzerland                      |
 | Licensed under the GNU GPL                                            |
 |                                                                       |


$rcmail_config = array();

// PEAR database DSN for read/write operations
// format is db_provider://user:password@host/databse
// currentyl suported db_providers: mysql, sqlite

$rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] = 'mysql://babumuch_rmail:xxxx@localhost/roundcubemail';
// sqlite example: 'sqlite://./sqlite.db?mode=0646';

// PEAR database DSN for read only operations (if empty write database will be used)
// userful for database replication
$rcmail_config['db_dsnr'] = '';

// database backend to use (only db or mdb2 are supported)
$rcmail_config['db_backend'] = 'db';

// you can define specific table names used to store webmail data
$rcmail_config['db_table_users'] = 'users';

$rcmail_config['db_table_identities'] = 'identities';

$rcmail_config['db_table_contacts'] = 'contacts';

$rcmail_config['db_table_session'] = 'session';

$rcmail_config['db_table_cache'] = 'cache';

// end db config file


 | Main configuration file                                               |
 |                                                                       |
 | This file is part of the RoundCube Webmail client                     |
 | Copyright (C) 2005, RoundCube Dev. - Switzerland                      |
 | Licensed under the GNU GPL                                            |
 |                                                                       |


$rcmail_config = array();

// system error reporting: 1 = log; 2 = report (not implemented yet), 4 = show, 8 = trace
$rcmail_config['debug_level'] = 5;

// enable caching of messages and mailbox data in the local database.
// this is recommended if the IMAP server does not run on the same machine
$rcmail_config['enable_caching'] = TRUE;

// automatically create a new RoundCube user when log-in the first time.
// a new user will be created once the IMAP login succeeded.
// set to false if only registered users can use this service
$rcmail_config['auto_create_user'] = TRUE;

// the mail host chosen to perform the log-in
// leave blank to show a textbox at login, give a list of hosts
// to display a pulldown menu or set one host as string.
// To use SSL connection, enter ssl://hostname:993
$rcmail_config['default_host'] = '';

// TCP port used for IMAP connections
$rcmail_config['default_port'] = 143;

// use this host for sending mails.
// if left blank, the PHP mail() function is used
$rcmail_config['smtp_server'] = '';

// SMTP port (default is 25)
$rcmail_config['smtp_port'] = 25;

// SMTP username (if required) if you use %u as the username RoundCube
// will use the current username for login
$rcmail_config['smtp_user'] = '';

// SMTP password (if required) if you use %p as the password RoundCube
// will use the current user's password for login
$rcmail_config['smtp_pass'] = '';

// SMTP AUTH type (DIGEST-MD5, CRAM-MD5, LOGIN, PLAIN or empty to use
// best server supported one)
$rcmail_config['smtp_auth_type'] = '';

// Log sent messages
$rcmail_config['smtp_log'] = TRUE;

// these cols are shown in the message list
// available cols are: subject, from, to, cc, replyto, date, size, encoding
$rcmail_config['list_cols'] = array('subject', 'from', 'date', 'size');

// relative path to the skin folder
$rcmail_config['skin_path'] = 'skins/default/';

// use this folder to store temp files (must be writebale for apache user)
$rcmail_config['temp_dir'] = 'temp/';

// session lifetime in minutes
$rcmail_config['session_lifetime'] = 10;

// check client IP in session athorization
$rcmail_config['ip_check'] = TRUE;

// not shure what this was good for :-)
$rcmail_config['locale_string'] = 'de_DE';

// use this format for short date display
$rcmail_config['date_short'] = 'D H:i';

// use this format for detailed date/time formatting
$rcmail_config['date_long'] = 'd.m.Y H:i';

// add this user-agent to message headers when sending
$rcmail_config['useragent'] = 'RoundCube Webmail/0.1-20051021';

// only list folders within this path
$rcmail_config['imap_root'] = '';

// store sent message is this mailbox
// leave blank if sent messages should not be stored
$rcmail_config['sent_mbox'] = 'Sent';

// move messages to this folder when deleting them
// leave blank if they should be deleted directly
$rcmail_config['trash_mbox'] = 'Trash';

// display these folders separately in the mailbox list
$rcmail_config['default_imap_folders'] = array('INBOX', 'Drafts', 'Sent', 'Junk', 'Trash');

/***** these settings can be overwritten by user's preferences *****/

// show up to X items in list view
$rcmail_config['pagesize'] = 40;

// use this timezone to display date/time
$rcmail_config['timezone'] = 1;

// prefer displaying HTML messages
$rcmail_config['prefer_html'] = TRUE;

// show pretty dates as standard
$rcmail_config['prettydate'] = TRUE;

// end of config file

The place i have installed it:

Where u can get roundcube:
well here is a very nice tutorial which might help you. It`s about perl but it can easily be applied to php.
Babumuchhala :

$rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] = 'mysql://babumuch_rmail:xxxx@localhost/roundcubemail';


$rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] = 'mysql://babumuch_rmail:xxxx@localhost/babumuch_roundcubemail';

What I did was add the "babumuch_" after @localhost/
n0ob i made the changes u told. but slightly modified Smile

I put babumuch_rmail instead of what u told.

Also donno why i modified the .htaccess to this:

Order deny,allow
Allow from all

And unbelivably its working. But now there is another problem ie i donno what to put in as server.
Try localhost Smile
K all done and mail account working.

Everything got solved all by itself.

Plus one big revelation is is based on Round Cubes Shocked Shocked
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