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Do you use dreamweaver for web design.

I myself use dreamweaver mx 2004 for web design. I used to use Frontpage 2004 because of it's simplistic use. But in the end found it limited in design.

Who else out there uses dreamweaver and why? Or perhaps you don't and have a reason why you dont.

For a beginner i guess it has quite a steep learning curve. Even though web design has been made easier with all of these great tools it has also at the same time become more complex because most web sites now include either flash or scripting of some kind.
I use flash and dreamweaver both. I create animations and design in flash and then import them in dreamweaver. Lately i've been doing everything in flash, even web design. It had more design options, you can create you own buttons and animated buttons and text.

Flash is the best, a lil tricky in the beginning. I think i'm probably an intermediate in using it.
I have always used dreamweaver. I used front page for like two hours till it made me want to kill myself!! I will probably keep using dreamweaver until something better comes along. It gets the job done and that's what counts. I like the fact that it hasn't gone microsoft-like and try to do everything for you.
Dreamweawer MX
Dreamweawer 8
DreamWeaver rulezz! the best wysiwyg html editor ever Smile
i use Dreamweaver 8 i love it. it is the best tool i think.
I Use dreamweaver MX 2004
Lyndonray makes a very good point when she points out the Microsoft "tries to do everything for you". Software that is like that is often a waste of time searching through all the menue and help files for the right "wizard".

I think it is easier and faster in the long run to build fromt he ground up using the basics. Its more rewarding too, its as if you did it and not "the computer did it".
Yup, Dreamweaver 8 rocks, as someone said earlier.

The only slight grunble that I have with it is its inability to deal with php code.

One of my customers has an OSCommerce site running, and editing the pages in DW, even running on my localhost is a major pain in the a$$.

All you see are the little php blocks in the design view, rather than the elements. It also doesnt help that OSC uses variables in their php coding to reference locations, rather than document related pointers.

Aside from that little grumble, I find the whole Macromedia Studio 8 to be fantastic, even though I use Photoshop CS2 instead of Fireworks for graphical editing (for obvious reasons if you've ever used both).
Whenever I need to do some html-things I use Dreamweaver MX, it's easy and good.
I also use dream weaver. no complaints as of yet. but also stepped up you might say to. nuke and the templates for it so far are free. and each member of my site can set it up the way they like it. and not much editing needs to be done to instal the site.
There are many other advantages and disadvantages of both editors, and if I wrote about all of them I would probably have to write a book

My personal opinion is that FrontPage is ideal for beginners since it provides so much help and tons of templates. You should switch to Dreamweaver after you become more comfortable with HTML code.

If you're serious about web design, you need to reach the hand coding level as it still best way of creating great-looking web pages. Hand coding gives you the freedom of using tags and styles exactly as you want to use them.
FrontPage, as all Microsoft products, has so many ready-made templates and ready to use web authoring solutions that you have to admit it is easier for a beginner to use FrontPage to build his first website.

You can create a simple personal or business website with just a few clicks of the mouse, and all you will need to do next is to enter your text and images.

The best thing is HTML pages created in FrontPage look exactly as they will appear in MS Internet Explorer. The bad thing is that they look perfect ONLY in Internet Explorer!

You can customize FrontPage to get rid of certain poorly-used tags, but it requires a bit of hand coding to adjust the pages to look great in Netscape or Opera. More good news for FrontPage users: about 93% of all internet browsers use Internet Explorer 5 or higher.

As a Microsoft application, FrontPage is better at handling ASP pages, which are the standard when using Windows based hosting and windows based programming.

FrontPage perfectly interacts with other MS Office applications as well. For example, you can easily cut and paste a nifty chart from Excel into the FrontPage working area.

By default, FrontPage uses tables that have a fixed width which can sometimes be a problem if you need to create tables of a different width.
With Dreamweaver, you can create your own templates and use them to edit hundreds of pages on your website with a single mouse click.

Although Dreamweaver adds a few comment tags to the HTML files to distinguish editable and non-editable areas, I read in a webmaster forum that people sometimes experience problems applying a template to more then 700 pages because they run out of memory (but I have never had the opportunity to test that).

Pages created with Dreamweaver typically result in cleaner HTML code, and they look almost perfect in Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera.

Dreamweaver does simply amazing things with SSI files and other Server Side Include technology. PHP code looks much nicer in Dreamweaver, but when using ASP scripts FrontPage is much better.

Dreamweaver interacts with other macromedia products much better than Frontpage.

In most cases, both web page editors display CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) correctly. But if you enter a style attribute for <td> twice in Dreamweaver, it will make your page look terrible, and you will only be able to partially preview your page before it encounters this error. FrontPage on the other hand handles such errors with ease.
Splitting your reply into 3 replies to try and increase your frih$ won't work my friend. The admins will simply penalise you for it.

Your reply was a very good one though. I quite agree. Frontpage is nice for people to cut their teeth in with, and then DW can take you a lot further (apart from the php problem).
Dreamweaver's been good for years. I haven't seen anything really challenge its dominance and versatility in years. The whole macromedia suite in general is so well integrated that Microsoft should really take some notes. That said, Dreamweaver definitely requires you to know what you're doing--I think this is a positive aspect. More than wysiwyg, more than notepad.
Frontpage is the sort of program they would teach you in school IT lessons. Dreamweaver is much more difficult yet much advanced with better results.

Yes I use dreamweaver 8, I used NVU before I could afford ( Embarassed ) DW.
iuse dreamweaver MX 2004 the best ithink
ahmad` wrote:
iuse dreamweaver MX 2004 the best ithink

You should consider moving up to Studio 8, there are a lot of cool new features in it, especially the fact that it's a lot more object oriented.
shaggly wrote:
ahmad` wrote:
iuse dreamweaver MX 2004 the best ithink

You should consider moving up to Studio 8, there are a lot of cool new features in it, especially the fact that it's a lot more object oriented.

Yeah 8 is loads better. I used MX before and Frontpage before that LOL. So my *recently accuired* copy of studio 8 allows much more possibilities CSS wise.
i use frontpage
it fulfil all my needs till now
currently no mood to switch to dreamweaver
i use frontpage, i'll use dreaweaver if it is freeware, but it shareware, so i use frontpage that is free. i never will pay to use a program. it is innecesary beacuse there are programs that to de some and free. i downloaded dreamweaver, and i use t for 30 days, to try it, and i like it, but i don't buy programs at all.
i use php nuke with my site so i use dreamweaver Smile frontpage is ok
Grimtaz wrote:
I myself use dreamweaver mx 2004 for web design. I used to use Frontpage 2004 because of it's simplistic use. But in the end found it limited in design.

Who else out there uses dreamweaver and why? Or perhaps you don't and have a reason why you dont.

For a beginner i guess it has quite a steep learning curve. Even though web design has been made easier with all of these great tools it has also at the same time become more complex because most web sites now include either flash or scripting of some kind.

I've tried Dreamweaver and I think it's very cool.
But I still preffer to use freewares... like NVU
Join it! Wink
dreamweaver 8 kills all there is so much u can do
LOL OMG, I'm a real man, and I use NotePad to code my websites. Only real men can code websites with NotePad.

Translation: NotePad pwns Dreamweaver. Very Happy
I personally chose Dreamweaver for years. Its ease of use and available components are without compare alongside its "compeditors".

As of late I have moved to notepad and textpad (i like the markup) but for years I jumped around wysiwyg editors trying to find the most intuitive and richest program.

I have used go-live, dreamweaver, Nvu(free and open-source!), FrontPage and a few others. I must say that dreamweaver offers a lot on many levels. It is a great editor for a novice as well as an advanced web-designer; but a it does pack a heck of a price tag.

I cannot personally vouch for Nvu as I only used it shortly before taking up coding but if you want a free editor that will compete in functionality with the big boys you should check it out.. after all it is free so what do you have to loose?
Boles Roor
I'm using Notepad, and probably will keep using that.
I use and swear by Dreamweaver MX, not only is it easy to use (I use the built-in code editor) which makes writting webpages much easier for me. I consider Frontpage a "paint-by-numbers" editor and of no real use to anyone who wants complete control over thier html source code.

Anyways, I use Open Source tools like Quanta+, Nvu, Screem, Bluefish, etc. Open Source software just rocks! Smile
i use dreamweaver and flash .. to do the main designin... layouts etc....

but couldnt live without crimson editor! its free and when files containing code such as php, java its doesnt added crap to it wen saved like note pad... etc

frontpgae is absolute crap and in my view as useful as the web page feature in word lmao!!! Laughing Laughing
Yes I do. It cooperates with css very well. I love also the module for joomla - it's pretty simple to create template for it...
I began to code with EDITPAD PRO and tried dreamweaver once.
Although I admit its usefull and fast, I don't like the wisiwyg philosophy because it's never wisiwyg : If you choose to use IE as the HTML renderer of your code then when you try with Firefox you have suprises and so on.
Wisiwig only applies to 1 engine at a time, thus I find it useless.
I have used Dreamweaver MX many times, and I used it for my website, but I have turned to learning the actually programming languages. A friend of mine has experience with both Dreamweaver and Frontpage and said that after he had learned the more advanced HTML coding, he went through his previous Frontpage web pages and saw all of the useless tags. Frontpage loves to add useless crap to take up more space, for no apparent reason. Again, the point of Microsoft trying to do everything for you comes into play. This is a reinforcing argument for those that believe that the human brain will always overpower any technology it creates.
I use an open-source program called Smultron..... Smile
I prefer make my web pages wituot any tool like Dreamweaver.

I use a powerfull edit like Jedit (with plugins) and meke Happy, clean code and more efficient.
Marston wrote:
LOL OMG, I'm a real man, and I use NotePad to code my websites. Only real men can code websites with NotePad.

Translation: NotePad pwns Dreamweaver. Very Happy

Yah...but notepad lacks ftp....buut.... YEAH ONLY REAL MEN!...and women....CODE WITH DREAMWEAVER!
I dont use dreamweaver. I use Imageready and frontpage. Frontpage isn't that good but I do more html then click and drag.
It doesn't matter if you use Notepad or Dreamweaver, whichever suits your needs will be prefered. Personally, I prefer Notepad because I only need to be able to create an HTML file for a local computer (my own computer) because that is my web server, but for others they may need to FTP their files to the server because they decide to use remote hosts.

Another part about Dreamweaver, they should add a converter to be able to convert VBScript to JavaScript, ASP to HTML, etc., and vice versa. When I used Dreamweaver, I created my web page using ASP with VBScript, but now I only have learned HTML and JavaScript so I have to translate my page manually to make it easier to manipulate. Also, I have now learned to loath the MM_ prefix. It makes the whole source so hard to read. I am still having trouble with the JavaScript for the jump menus, but otherwise it works. If they had this converter, life would be easier for many people, not just myself.
Also, I like the concept of the debugger in Dreamweaver, but it takes way too long. If there was some way other than that and the W3C site debugger, that would be wonderful.
I use Microsoft Frontpage most because it is easy to use but Dreamweaver
is more professional. I prefer Dreamweaver. Laughing
2 times may be Confused
Now i use quanta, zend and php expert.
Well may be notepad Rolling Eyes
Hopefully you will avoid Frontpage from now on, as it adds way too many useless tags that are eliminated with both Dreamweaver and Notepad. On the topic of site debugging, I found that using Internet Explorer did wonders! All you have to do is visit the site with Internet Explorer, and it does some debugging. If there are errors in the programming, then it will tell you what they are as long as you double-click on the exclamation point and triangle in the bottom left corner in the status bar. I did this, and it solved a very simple problem in my web page. I had forgotten the second "e" in selection for a jump menu script. A simple spelling mistake like that was caught by IE, so why not anything else. Besides just being able to find the mistakes, it also is very quick at it. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE W3C DEBUGGER!!!!!! It makes everything have to comply with the !@#$ing standards and forces you to find out which !DOCTYPE declaration is correct for your code. I ended up just resolving this by using HTML 4.01 Transitional, because a lot of the coding I learned is using the coding of 3.2.
I'm using it currently but not only it flash,photoshop etc...Dreamweawer is a great program i think...actually most of Adobe's programs are great...
I dont have money.
I never paid for commercial software since last year.
Now Im using NVU and notepad. with these 2 tools, I can manage to.
Dreamweaver is my choice but also coding is sometimes necessary because pages aren't displayed well in Firefox or IE. So Dreamweaver doesn't do all.
Frontpage is not so good (lots of more wasted code,...) I used recently Frontpage to make an automatic photo site (with thumbnails) and the computer went too slow to process the pictures. The PC is not that slow, and the images weren't that big, so I guess Frontpage tries to make things easier but sometimes doesn't accomplish that. I liked the Frontpage easiness to make cool buttons. Still Photoshop rules...
Dream Weaver Mx 04 + Macromedia Flash Mx 8 = The best of the best websites!
I have been using notepad for a year or so and got really good at that, so I decided to give myself a break. Bought Adobe Go Live, and it is much easier and I am able to pump out website faster then ever now.
ive just started with dreamweaver, and so far it seems like the easiest program ive used so far. it makes things nice and simple.
I recently just purchased Studio 8 and I've found that Dreamweaver is probably the easiest tool I've ever used for web design, although I still often use Notepad to edit pages as it's much quicker and you can get directly to the problem
ahha.. i use Dreamweaver more often tho i have both programs! =)
I kinda thinks im the only one using HomeSite 5. hehe

Not good enough for ya? Wink
I have just switched to the dreamwaver MX before used vertion 4. Well, it enables you to create fully functional web pages without having to know HTML
which is cool and makes web designing avaliable for even kindergardeners. But, if you really wanna get into Web Design. Here is my advise: Wink start with notepad , after all what is the fun when program makes half of the job for you?
Or at least use code view in dreamWAVER SO YOU COULD SEE THE CODE Smile
I think that no program can replace good old Notepad
Notepad Rules
I use Dreamweaver 8. It is the best. Ever. It rocks. Like a guitar. ^__^

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