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Reggie Bush

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Look mom i am walking on air! Hey JEff What are you doing down there?
reggie bush is amazing ucs vs tex will be a good game reggie bush is probly gonna goto texans or something damn he is just amazing
i am hoping bush carries USC to the 3 peat
Bush is an absolute madman. I have never seen a college running back that good (I haven't lived long enough).

I sure as hell hope he ends up with the Niners. We really need him. Although we do really need a quarterback too because I'm not too sold on Alex Smith.
Texans wont take him i dont think but Green Bay is a very likly choice!
Well i think he is really good too. I am not sure whos gonna get him, whos' the worse team right now? sf or jets? whoever the worse team is, they better take him! if sf takes him, that would be hella tight, i think a smith is pretty decent. he just needs more time and more people getting off his back. his failure so far is due to peopple expecting too much from him because of how much money he got, now he has to live up to it and its too much pressure. but after he settles down, he'll be ok. not to mention the offensive line sucks assssss......
tribetalk wrote:
Texans wont take him i dont think but Green Bay is a very likly choice!

The Texans better take him! If they don't, they need to fire their whole front office. Because he's the best back to come out in the last 5 years.
tribetalk wrote:
Texans wont take him i dont think but Green Bay is a very likly choice!

The Texans will take him ... even if they intentionally have to blow the last game with the 49ers the last week. It was close last week good thing there kicker was playing along with the ultimate gameplan.
Running backs don't win superbowls and they barely help to get to the playoffs. I think the Texans will trade him and get a huge draft package that will make the better off. I don't think the Texans have to go in to rebuilding mode just because of this season. They should trade him and get like 5 OL guys. Reggie Bush would look nice in a Green Bay uniform and make NFC North games more interesting.
Yeah, the Texans don't need him. They need more playmakers on the defensive side, and obviously a revamped O-Line.

Lendale White will be the better pro, out of him and Reggie Bush.
ignitionnight wrote:
Yeah, the Texans don't need him. They need more playmakers on the defensive side, and obviously a revamped O-Line.

Lendale White will be the better pro, out of him and Reggie Bush.

Exactly. I've been trying to tell everyone that getting a great RB isn't going to help the team do any better next season. If they do draft him, I think they will probably just trade him away (like mrblah said). We need playmakers at other positions not just at RB. Domanick Davis has had another great season (even though injuries kept him from playing this past Sunday) and we have an ok back-up RB in Jonathan Wells.
Well I'll give it to the Texans they put the whoopin stick to the Cardinals! If they fall in the bottom 3 they will have the cream of the crop of the draft. However ... what do the texans do now? RB well they got Davis or Bush.. or both? Well probably not both but I suspect if they will probably trade off their top pick for a few 2nd round or 3rd round picks to toughen up their Defense or Offensive Line. QB well same situation Carr really is pretty good so I think that they will do the same. Not sure how it will go down but there will be a trade involved.
If they end up with the #2/3 overall pick they better demand something a little more than a couple of first rounders. They better get a starting offensive lineman, a mid first rounder, and then a couple second and third round picks.

Did you see the trade that the Chargers made with the Giants? If I remember correctly the Chargers traded the #1 pick, Eli Manning, to the Giants for the #4 pick, Philip Rivers, and the next year's first, second, and third round picks.

If Reggie Bush is supposed to be the next great runningback, and Leinhart is supposed to be the next great quarterback, they better get equal value or more.
I agree 100% I always have a thing for the last place team, I sure hope they turn things around next year. I guess that's an inherent feeling being a die hard Saints fan. Again, I think they can turn it around next year also. Hopefully the saints end up with Vince Young from Texas, he would be an excellent match for New Orleans.
So what did you all think? Reggie ends up in a Saints uni and all of Houston is ticked. I feel sorry for what's his name? See I can't even remember his name and he was picked #1 overall. I like what Houston did since he agent was such a knot-head $ get the idea. Anyway, since I'm not a Houston fan, I'm especially pumped they pulled that. I get sick and tired of all these outrageous demands and actually was kind of hating Bush back at draft time, etc.

then all of a sudden he ends up in New Orleans, doesn't hold out too long and gets big dough, yes, but not as outrageous as I was thinking. Plus he's all about charity and being a team player.

He could be the real deal, but mostly I'm shocked he's been such a good citizen in a city that needs them. Way to go Reggie and way to go Houston. Everyone is better off for (except for maybe Houston).
The first two years will determine everything. Will he be a regular or will he struggle and become a journeyman? If he's a hit right away he could definitely become a franchise guy, but judging by the injury cycles NFL running backs go through now, he'll have a few good years, get injured, switch teams, and have a few more good years with a new team.
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