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Website: Unknown!

After I was hacked a few days ago, I decided to try to move around here. But my community was already small and inactive.

Althought it is not currently working, the forums had opened about a year ago and received a bit over 1000 messages, which is quite low over a year.

I can hardly be recognized on Google as it works with the number of links towards your website [*just remembers he'll have to modify the few links he had so far for the new if he moves around and slaps his foreheard*]...

Here are the facts:

-My community is dissolved (the 13 members, about what... 5 active.)
-The website is talking about a topic that people do not always appreciate (D&D) and a very "centralized" topic which means that most of the community concentrates on a few websites
-My website hasn't as much information on it as it is supposed to be.
-My website is, so far, French only.

My projects:

-Keep working on the website regularly
-Someday, make an English version

My goal:

-Become one of the coolest D&D websites around.

All little hints of free and brilliant ideas that I could use to enhance and popularize my website would be appreciated. Please note that I myself lack of funds and can not afford paying options at all. If you can help me, I thank you gratefully! Surprised
good luck for you man!
why not you start the english version? dont wait till someday Very Happy
My goal:

-Become one of the coolest D&D websites around.

By D&D I take it you mean Dungeons and Dragons.

First thing why dont you buy a domain name? So then wven if you need to move from one service provider to next you dont need to change your links. Like it costs 3-4$, not a big deal of money.

My website hasn't as much information on it as it is supposed to be.

These days content is the king. Needed to get you into the top google rankings.
-My website is, so far, French only.

Why? You are distancing a large number of people who might be interested in this.
Not just that I do not have the money to pay ANY single penny and there is also the fact that I am not allowed to do this with my actual means.

Content... yes. It's at work. But I can'T do all at the same time... And Google works with links towards you as well as information (and I wonder if information doesn't come second in the list)

So if I translate, no more content. And if I add content, no translation!

Why didn't I do an english version before? Lack of time, lack (this was before, now I'm set) of knowledge of the language and because French is my native language? It is planned... Today I,ve learned some languages to redesign my website. So I'm asking myself for now: Is it important to redisign my website or is it ok like this? If I need to change it, I'll do it before even moving to this server. Very Happy
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