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Favorite Star Wars Movie

James Bond-007
What is your favorite Star Wars movie?
my favorite is Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, was the first Star Wars movie that i watched and every time i see it i enjoy it VERY much Razz
Episode 5,6 were my favourites. I disliked 1 a lot due to the young anakin skywalker and Episode 2 was sort of bad except for the Yoda scene. 1&2 have turned me off from watching Episode 3.
Seeing as I have seen all Six of them now,

I still have to say that Episode Six (Return Of Teh Jedi) is my favorite.

It has the best acting out of all six of them, the most passionate storyline, the best music, plus, it has the Force in uber amounts.

Maybe I am just way to much of a nerd though?
James Bond-007
Rsam wrote:
Episode 5,6 were my favourites. I disliked 1 a lot due to the young anakin skywalker and Episode 2 was sort of bad except for the Yoda scene. 1&2 have turned me off from watching Episode 3.

You have to watch Episode III!!! It was probably one of my favorite movies!
Episode 3 IS THE BOMB movie! Very Happy Defo the best i seen so far
James Bond-007
My favorite is Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. I do like Episode III though...
I liked all of the episodes with yoda, and didnt find the ones with anakin that great... haha that leaves like 2 of the 6 Razz
Episode 2 ...
I don't have see the third ... I go soon.
I don't see

i dont have a favorite for I see they all are great.
I liked all of the episodes with yoda, and didnt find the ones with anakin that great... haha that leaves like 2 of the 6

Don't they all have Yoda and Anakin?
My favriote is V but i haven't seen III yet and i did kinda like II,but I was one of the biggest disapointments for me for a movie.
i thought the 6th one was the best... i'm a sucker for happily ever afters... well until you read the books anyways
i think no one its my favorite..
well..this movie is so sad.. Crying or Very sad
Boles Roor
V and III are my favorites. Smile
i liked all of the episodes with yoda, and didnt find the ones with anakin that great
for me the best is first movie
i actually didnt like any of them but if i had to pick one it was the one where they are in the jungle with all those tiny little hairy people.
Return of the Jedi.
comsci18 wrote:
i liked all of the episodes with yoda, and didnt find the ones with anakin that great

That makes no sense since all of them had Anakin...and everyone but IV had Yoda in it...
I have only watch Episode I, II, and VI. I will watch other episodes soon. So far, I really like II because it was funny. I like Leia and Han, especially Han he is so funny. II focused on the beginning of a relationship between him and the princess and Luke was training to be a Jedi. I love the ending too with a missing person.
starwars was one of my favorites movies when i was young, it was a big movie apisode 4,5,6 were great apisodes 1,2 werent so good as the old ones but apisode 3 is very good i like episode 6 and apisode 3 most good movies
Once I would have credited Ep VI:Rot with my favourite vote.

However, now that the saga has finally concluded (pre-cluded?) I'm not so sure I can pick out a favourite from the set.

Not so long ago I watched episodes III - VI in a reasonably short length of time and I have to admit that there are a lot of subtleties (intended or not) that made the overall saga just that much better.

eps I - III suddenly grow into something you never saw them as before and take on new life, as it were, despite some of the glaring flaws that had old fans squiriming in their seats.

Really, I think that these should no longer be seen as individual films, but as sections of the long story that has now been pieced together to get the real picture that puts this saga back on my 'classics' list.
For me, probably 3. It has the darkest storyline. Way different from all the others. AND It explains a LOT about how things came to be for the original trilogy. (Luke, Leah[sp.], chewbacca etc.)
Mine are Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi. I love Revenge of the Sith because Hayden Christensen is so hott and that is just a great movie! I love Return of the Jedi because that movie is great too. Although Darthie dies it is still good. R.I.P. Darth Vader.
The second one is the best... because it have more action.... but all of em are good Very Happy
Texas Al
Mine is "Troops".

"Troops is filmed on location. All suspects are guilty, otherwise they wouldn't be suspects, would they?"
My favourite Star Wars was Episode IV: it was a big step in the space science fiction and I like Alec Guiness' portrayal.
i like Episode II, but not the final one, i like the second verymuch, it is really the most fantastic one i ever seen....
I havent watched them for awhile but of the top of my head I would say the empire strikes back.
Texas Al
That totally owned. Whales rule! And the invisible Klingon ship was pretty cool too.
I think Star Wars ep 4-6 are the best.
Texas Al wrote:
That totally owned. Whales rule! And the invisible Klingon ship was pretty cool too.


Please tell me you are joking, right? Laughing
In order:

1. Episode IV - This one started the franchise, and I've watched it over 100 times, and will never get tired of it. Did you know that 'Luke Skywalker' was originally going to be called 'Luke StarKiller'?

2. Episode VI - Darth Vader dies in this one, and if it were not for all those Ewoks, could easily be my favorite.

3. Episode III - Shows us how Anakin becomes Darth Vader. There are too many inconsistencies for me, that this one bridges the gap between it and #IV.

4. Episode V - Filled the gap between episodes IV and VI, but did not fill the void.

5. Episode I - A good start, and it seems like everybody did not like JarJar Binks, but I did, and I loved the Pod Race, and other things that Mr. Lucas did in this movie to pay homage to other classics.

6. Episode II - I just did not like Anakin in this movie, and it is by far the worst of the series to me.
Episode III, without a doubt. It was the only Star Wars movie (in recent times) that was actually also aimed at adults, rather than kids. The 3 original movies at least were watchable by adults.

Episodes I & II, I thought, were politically correct drivel that was an indication as to how sad our society had become. Entertainment went completely out of the window with those two movies, because Lucas was to afraid to upset the critics - so he produced 2 movies with all the entertainment value of "Teletubbies watching the newly painted wall dry"....
Empire strikes back is definitely my favorite. It was so dark after the first one which was overall happy. But it had to be or the series probably wouldn't have continued.

Episode 3 was really good too. It had amazing special effects and the overall plot was really cool but the dialogue was poorly done.

Episode 2 is good too because Natalie Portman is really hot in that one.
I can only answer with my a quote from one of my favorite movies:

Randal Graves:
Which did you like better? "Jedi" or "The Empire Strikes Back?"
Dante Hicks:
Randal Graves:
Dante Hicks:
"Empire" had the better ending. Luke gets his hand cut off, finds out Vader is his father, uh, Han gets frozen, taken away by Boba Fett. It ends on such a down note. I mean, that's what life is, a series of down endings. All "Jedi" had was a bunch of Muppets.

guess which movie it is...
Paul Knight
You can't look at them as separate films, they are 2 trilogy's.

In my opinion the 2nd Trilogy just about shades it, although Ep1-3 has better special effects for obvious reasons. The characters in Ep4-6 are superb.

I hate the Jedi council in ep1-3 because they are so snobbish and up their own behinds. Makes me want to join the dark side just to kick some ass!!
Return of the Jedi is my favorite.
i love the original three episodes (4-6)

but episode 2 i thought was really well done and episode 3 absolutely ripped it up. everything about it was amazing. some people will bag it saying this like 'well the darth vader wail at the end is so cliche' but u have to think y the director would do that and that beautiful inclusion of cliche really denotes the typical sci-fi genre (reflecting on frankenstein) and adds to the 'prequel' effect, where if this movie was in fact one of the first movies then it wouldn't be cliche since this came before any other sci0fi adventures.

newayz i'm rambling... GO STAR WARS!!
it's hard to decide between episode 4, 5 and 6.
those are my favourites without a doubt.
That was the time when a real story was told.
the last three were just stories, meant to fill in space between special effects.
Hmm I liked the Empire Strikes Back the most... and episode 6 is on a good second place...

I think the first two episodes are cool, but there are a few minors:
I don't like Jake Loyd (anakin) and I don't like that Chrisensen guy too.
But sheehs Natalie Portman is a big plus Razz. Besides of that I think the first 2 eps are too much CG.
Now heres a topic I can get into! My favorite Star Wars movie is Ep. III. Call me a sellout but I thought it was very well done. Also, it explains everything that people had been wondering about for years. However, there are some things they left out that should have been in there. For instance, am I the only one that noticed that they left Han Solo out of the prequills? They could have put in how he saved Chewbaccas life or the fact that he was at the Imperial accademy. But no matter, I still thought it was good.
Four, five and six was the best!
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The Empire Strikes Back was just about perfect... though ironically, it's the only one whose Special Edition I prefer (not the first Special Edition with Luke screaming when he fell, but the second one with Ian McDiarmid replacing the Clive Revill Emperor)
I would have to go the original trilogy
I liked the original trilogy. It blew my mind the first time I saw it.
Episode 4. The original. The one that you've watched half a million times.

It's a simple and good movie that stands on it's own, because it was made with that in mind.
I can't really say, but in old trilogy my favorite is Empire strikes back..and in new one...maybe the third one. There are some dumb scenes like NOOOOOOOOO, which may be emotional, but still makes you laugh. Anyway I love it, the third is a perfect bridge to 4th and the last 30 minutes of the film are really breathtaking.

Still can't figure out why they put this long Noooo, it could have been simply emotional short whisper or something...Just my speculation.
Have to say Empire Strikes Back I would say.

1. The Empire Strikes Back
2. A New Hope
3. Return Of The Jedi
4. Revenge Of The Sith
5. The Phantom Menace
6. Attack Of The Clones
nakamaru wrote:
Return of the Jedi is my favorite.
Mine is episode 3, revenge of the sith . I am more of a fan of the dark side of course . So I like the Sith better. Of course they are kind of similar but one the Sith and dark jedi uses their emotions to gain more force power. Also are less bound to the rules than jedi. Of the movies Anakin/Darth Vader(without suit) is my favorite but outside the movies, Darth revan is my favorite.

Argue with me if you want but Vader without the suit would be more powerful than yoda. The reason to back it up is, during the first episode qui gon was telling obi to run a blood test to count he midiclorians and Anakin has a higher amount than yoda. Since that is so, he is able to control the force easier and more of it.

If he didn't wear the suit and learned the force power 'heal', he could heal himself. yoda knew how to, but was not strong enough in the force to do it, though I and others believe Anakin could.
The original is still the best. It is the film I think of when I hear "Star Wars". I loved it way before it was rechristened "A New Hope". Watching it the first time it came out in '77 was the best movie experience I ever had.
"The Empire Strikes Back" is a close second.
The best is episode 3 because its in this movie that you realise that the chancelor played on every ground so he can achieve his plans. He is so powerfull to have been hiding from all of the Jedi even Yoda couldnt tell he was a Sith... Also in this movie the force is finally balanced with the order 66. Everything comes in place in that movie. Its the best period.
I have no favourite Star Wars film. I like every one the same. And if i have to choose i'll chose the STAR WARS: The New Hope
My favorite Star Wars movies are the "A new hope" and "Empire Strike Back". from new three movies I do like the plot and script of the third movie. Like another poster mentioned it puts everything in right places and sort out lots of questions Star wars fans had for years.
The Empire Strikes Back, by far
In order of favourite first, here's my list.

The Empire Strikes Back
A New Hope
Return Of The Jedi
Revenge Of The Sith
The Phantom Menace
Attack Of The Clones
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