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Any Given Thursday (Live from Birmingham)

I got this one from a friend and couldn't wait to have my listen. If there's anything that John Mayer does right is writing simple songs beautifully. Often he has to refrain from showing his full guitar chops and techniques to serve the music and avoid any overplaying. However, now the situation has changed, it's a live album. Choppy guitar solos, extra parts and different instrumentations, the album didn't disappoint. All this done tight thanks bassist David Labruyere, percussionist Steven Chopek, and keyboard player Michael Chaves.

If you belong to the school of thought that believes in Mayer's hyped guitar skills, Covered Rain might just be the track to change your mind with him in his soulful western-ish chops much like Stevie Ray Vaughan in his lighter moods. And as if to proof that, the track "Man on the Side" was preceded with Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Lenny" as an introduction. All the songs were played with much more but all so fittingly.

There were also some quirky surprises like using of DJs to alter his voice Live in 83 and various instrumental solos in the closing track, "Neon". The concert was at a high all the time with the hundreds of dozens of John's screaming female fans to back it up.

Listening to the two CDs of Any Given Thursday will make you believe two things: John Mayer can do beautiful songs and beautiful solos.
Corneille - Parce qu'on vient de loin

i've just discovered this French RnB artist.
this guy has the flow. The instrumental is very beautiful.
most of them is acoustic. If u like RnB music with nice guitare sound on, u'll definately love this album.
I'm not sure if he's the one to produce everything but it's just wonderful.

also, the reason i love this guy's music is because of his lyrics.
fortunately, i speak French so i understand the lyric.
his lyric is very powerful and mostly humanitarian.
if u can't understand French, u should search on google for the translation.
and i tell u, it's worth it.

he comes from Rwanda and he moved from Canada to France because of the genocide in the country.
his family was killed there and he devoted himself to music.
Thanks to Red Cross, he could go to France and also to Canada.
He formed a group there but the thing is he has more to say than the others. Life has been tough for him and when u don't have anything to hold on, u hold on to the music and that's what he did.

This album is not the average clubbing RnB music like Ciara's and others.
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