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US Military planting articles in Iraqi Media?

I was impressed to see FOX News, the hub of subtle right-wind biased media reporting this, too:
FOX News' story
Military officials in Baghdad for the first time Friday described a Pentagon program that pays to plant stories in the Iraqi media, an effort the top U.S. military commander said was part of an effort to "get the truth out" there.

However, the article is peppered with stuff like this:
He also defended the program as critical to the war effort.
But Warner told The Associated Press that, "Things like this happen. It's a war. The disinformation that's going on in that country is really affecting the effectiveness of what we're achieving, and we have no recourse but to try and do some rebuttal information."
And Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, added that, "We want to get the facts out. We want to get the truth keep this point in mind. I'll come back to it in subsequent quotes out."

Now let's look at the same story in the Washington Post
Positive articles about the war in Iraq written by U.S. troops have been appearing in Iraqi newspapers under the guise of independent journalism, part of a coordinated effort by the U.S. military to win over Iraqi civilians, according to military officials.
The effort was disclosed yesterday by the Los Angeles Times, which reported that some of the articles were placed in Iraqi newspapers after people presenting themselves as independent writers paid the publications to publish them.
Media experts decried the practice of paying to plant articles by the military as undermining the newly emerging free press (I found this rather interestingly ironic) in Iraq.

And now, presenting.... the interesting stuff (apparently was not too interesting for FOX News
Troops working in "information operations" and other units routinely send out factual, positive articles about the coalition to international news organizations, but soldiers assigned to "psychological operations" have been more aggressive in manipulating information for military gain. One example concerned the death of Iraqi Gen. Abed Hamed Mowhoush, who was killed during interrogations near the Syrian border.

After his death, a news release said Mowhoush had cooperated and died of natural causes, and local communities were notified that he had identified key insurgents in the area, when he had not.

One Pentagon official said yesterday that such a program could violate Defense Department doctrine on psychological operations that bars intentionally misusing the media. "It's a transparency issue," the official said. "One should never have to guess as to who is providing the information."

Yawn... I think I'm bored with shouts of "liberal media". Let's shout about "doctored Iraqi media" now.
S3nd K3ys
Yeah, I'm bored with the MSM as well.

They bash Bush every chance they get, yet when he makes a speach to explain his strategies about the war, the MSM doesn't cover the speech.

Such a shame.
That's the way of media the world over m8. I'm back off to the U.K. to live in a week's time, having spent 10 years over here, and I can tell you that they always used to be the same over there.

They'll publish anything to discredit the government in power at the time in a heartbeat, but they're very very slow to publish anything that substantiates a current controversial policy.

The media is about economics, not distribution of facts...
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