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Tennis tandem sneak effortlessly to semifinals

After bagging a gold for the men’s team, Fil-Americans Cecil Mamiit and Erick Taino put the gallery on beat anew as they gunned down their respective opponents in the men’s singles of tennis Thursday at the Rizal Memorial clay court.

Mamiit, like some baseball player, came inside the court with white stripes on his cheekbones. He said they help to keep his burnt face from the sun.

“Because the sun is very hot and it looks good sometimes,” said 29-year-old Mamiit.

There’s no resting for the Filipino crowd as Mamiit made short work of Laos’ Vivongsay Vongsouthi 6-0, 6-0.

Asked whether he’s in the best of shape right now Mamiit countered: “Not perfectly, but I’m getting there. I’m getting in good shape and playing good tennis now,” Mamiit said.

Taino, also a crowd favorite, blitzed his way against Indon Sunu Wahyu Trijati,6-1, 6-0.

“I’m a little bit more relaxed and this is because of all the support and I’m enjoying it. The pressure is there, maybe, but I like it a lot,” the 28-year-old Taino said.

“With the support we’ve been getting, I think we’ll be in a very good position for the gold medals,” he added.
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