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User Created Animations

Hi, I am kind of new to this site, and am basically looking for a space to host my animated series and possible a web comic, we'll see.

Anyway, getting back on subject, I don't think this has been started before but, I was wondering how many people out there animate, both professionally and purely for fun and etc. And if you do, I'd like to see some of your animations and we can sorta swap, I show you mine, you show me yours type thing.

Well, since I started this topic I guess, I'll go first.

This one was a random flash I made after a silly discussion I had with one of my friends about the whole GTA, should violence be in video games controversy.

I made this flash after having been a member of newgrounds for several years and finally having an epiphany one day about how I rate the animations on the site.

This is a continuation of the previous animation...I believe that it is my best flash but, others say my first one is the best.
I actually have a friend who is a member of NG. He actually used to be part of clock crew when it was really prolific and wide spread, but then it died. Now he's still with some of the people originally from the clock crew group, but I don't know. His names are Garry009, Macintosh Clock or Hayburner. He's pretty handy with flash. Nice stuff there by the way.
Thanks, I try my best, I think I'm getting better, and I haven't posted or really done anything seriously on newgrounds in a bit for several reasons.

Lately, I've been really busy but, now my schedule is finally clearing up so I can start again and hopefully become a better animator. What I'm really hoping for is someone who animates professionally.
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