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New 8 seson of the Charmed

What do youthink about the new seson?Couse I didn' saw it for now, but I realy wanna know more.
It is so good. So far I have seen up to Episode 10, which is the latest air-date in America. It comes to my country (england) around january 15th so i can't wait to watch it all again.

*****SPOILERS BELOW************

I will use the "spoiler" tag but I do not know if it will work. If it does then there'll be a strip of colour covering the writing. Hover over it to get rid of the colour.

[spoiler]In episode 10 of Charmed Leo kind of dies. Yet again the sisters are warned about a "battle on the horizon that is greater than ever before", yada, yada.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Piper sees the Angel of Death then speaks to him about taking Leo. Piper says she will stop him no matter what. She casts a spell which backfires when every man turns into the appearance of Leo (which is a little confusing), even Paige's date looks like him! Confused YUK.[spoiler]

[spoiler]Billie is on the tail of her sisters kidnap/murder, still not too sure which. She finds out that the person that took her was hired by someone who in turn was hired by someone who is ordered by this "greater evil"[spoiler]

[spoiler]To save Leo the sisters (and Billie) make a deal with the demon that hired the demon to take billie's sister. This is because his speciality is to freeze people (long-term). He freezes Leo and then The Angle of DESTINY takes him and says that he will be returned if they survive this great evil coming to them "when they least expect it".[spoiler]

[spoiler]On other episodes Whytt accidently brings the Source back to life after the teacher at the nursery gets him to trust her (shes a mortal who is possessed by a demon). She wants to raise Whytt as her own with the Source, whihc is a little hard to imagine. The Sources appearance is that of the "half-face demon with tribal markings on his good side". He appeared in "the Hollow" episode.[spoiler]

[spoiler]Other episodes include Pandora's box being released, Piper and Leo switching bodies (again - but not by Whytt) and Sam, Paige's biological father, returns. he needs the help of Paige because his charge has just returned after being missing 50 years and he hasn't even aged a day.[/spoiler]
I can't wait till gets aired here in Australia. Charmed is one of my favourite shows.
I can't believe that Charmed is still on air. Did you say it was on 8 seasons already? They cancel my favorite shows usually around the first season but crap like this gets to stay on air? I'm confused Think
Charmed has really overstayed its welcome.

Its becoming increasingly harder to watch this series.
Last season and the current is a poor attempt to keep the show going.
Its not bad mind you, just a shadow of its former self.

But I have to hand it to the writers. Its not easy trying to make up new storylines.
A lot of series fall into the same trap, Friends being one of the few exceptions.

I still watch it, but mostly out of habit. Wink
Everyone has the right to express their own opinions, although I have to agree that I don't nesserily agree with the ones here. Then again the 7th series did seem to ponder on a bit too long but believe me the 8th series is definitly worth watching, its probably even better than the 4th and 5th. It makes it even better that there's now a new main character and her storyline is really exciting.
Is the 8 seson the last?
let's hope not.

Does anyone have a very good charmed site? with lots of hi-res pictures? Confused
Charmed is amazing! I really love their graphical effects. And the story-line is really great! I was charmed by it since their season 2 was released and has been watching ever since then. To those who haven't caught it, go catch it! It's really good! No harm trying to watch it right?
engeland wrote:
let's hope not.

Does anyone have a very good charmed site? with lots of hi-res pictures? Confused

I hope so too=)
If the FriHost will host me, then soon there'll be one. And there will be everything=)
i've just been reading what is going to happen next, can't wait to see what is comming Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
hope there will be a 9th season
Oh my...9th season? I love Charmed, but is't it getting be like Santa Barbara or somhing of Argentings serials where somebody has amnesia or thing like that? =)))
It's getting even funny=)
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