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linux question...

ok this may be easy for someone with more linux background then me but i don`t know how...
I am using vector linux for the moment, which is a slackware distribution. My question is:
how can i access/mount my ntfs partition in slackware? It doesn`t appear in my mnt folder...
any ideea?

P.S. I`ve used debian before vector linux and i hadn`t any problems with my ntfs partition....
To be able to mount NTFS partitions under Linux, you'll need a kernel module for that(driver basically). Chances are it might already be installed but it might not be either. If it isnt, you'll have to download its package and install it.

You'll have to first figure out the device name for your NTFS partitions. Once thats done, the rest of the procedure is quite simple. There are many articles available on the Internet which cover mounting of NTFS volumes under Linux. You may want to refer to the NTFS Faq located at Refer to section 4.x

If you find the FAQ to be complicated, try this


Mounting an NTFS partition/hard disk

Author: nil
Date: 10/26/2003
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This how-to describes how to mount an NTFS partition in linux so that the user can access files on the NTFS partition from linux normally.

1. Login as root by running from a terminal su followed by typing the root password.

2. Create a directory in your /mnt folder. This can be done by running mkdir /mnt/X where X is the name of the directory where the NTFS partition will be mounted.

3. Run fdisk -l and note the name of the device file for the NTFS partition. Lets say the device file name is found to be /dev/Y.

4. Open the file /etc/fstab in your favorite text editor.

5. On a new line at the bottom of the file, add the line

/dev/Y /mnt/X ntfs users,owner,ro,umask=000 0 0

where X is the name of the directory you created in step 2.

6. Save and quit the file /etc/fstab

7. Then run mount -a and the NTFS partition will be mounted. It will also be mounted automatically after reboot so that you do not have to do anything after you reboot.

Important Notes

This will allow all users READ ONLY access to the NTFS partition. Write access to NTFS partitions is still considered very risky (see ).
For more info, see .
Redhat/Fedora users, see
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