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where can I find a good horizontal one?
wumingsden (a number of good links here)

I recommend the shoutmix site but if you have a blog then read below:

=== Jalenack's WordSpew ===

Tags: Shoutbox, AJAX, Jalenack, WordSpew, Chat


Author: Andrew Sutherland
Originally released May 2, 2005

This release: August 16, 2005
Version: 1.15

Based on an original idea by Alexander Kohlhofer:
XHTML live Chat

Uses Adam Michela's Fade Anything Technique

Released under Creative Commons license:

Table of Contents:

1. Summary of Functionality
2. Installation
3. Upgrading
4. FAQs
5. Contact Developer


What this plugin does:

This plugin will create a shoutbox on your wordpress blog. But it
isn't any old shoutbox. It uses AJAX, a technology that allows
information to be transmitted to the server without the user
refreshing the page. So what makes this special is that your users
can carry out live chats from your blog without having to refresh the page.
Kind of like an IM network!

Features: it distinguishes whether a user is logged in to wordpress,
and if he/she is, then it users their nickname as their name, so that they
don't have to type it in every time they refresh the page. Also, if that
user is an admin, they get a special link "Administrate" This will take them
to the admin panel for the plugin. This admin panel allows you to set colors,
change timing, and edit/delete comments.

This plugin works in IE6/Windows, Firefox, Safari, Konqueror, and Opera 8.01
The fade fails in Opera, but the rest is fully functional

== Installation ==

WordSpew will only work in WordPress blogs version 1.5 or higher

1. Put the folder labeled "wordspew" in your plugins folder.
This is located at /wp-content/plugins/.

2. Browse to your plugins manager in the admin section of your blog.
Activate Jalenack's Wordspew plugin. This will automatically
create a table in your database that the plugin will use for its content.

3. Now you have to choose where you want the shoutbox to show on your blog.
I suggest putting it in your sidebar. To edit the sidebar, go to
/wp-content/themes/*yourtheme*/sidebar.php . Then place this snippet:

<?php jal_get_shoutbox(); ?>

in the template. This php function will print the shoutbox. Most wordpress
sidebars use unordered lists (<ul>) to organize their content. You probably
want to put it in its own list item. So to do this,
you would insert

<li><h2>Live Shoutbox</h2>
<?php jal_get_shoutbox(); ?>

After the </li> where you want it to go. Just to make sure, try validating your
html and make sure you got it right. Never put the function within its own <ul> tags.
If you can't figure it out, you know who to call!

And now, enjoy!

4. You can edit the look and functionality of your shoutbox by browsing
to your admin panel and clicking on Manage. Under there, there should
be a submenu titled "Live Shoutbox". Go there. By default, only
users with Level 8 or higher status can access it. Site Admins are
level 10, so you have nothing to worry about.

== Upgrading ==

People who used older versions of Wordspew (less than version 1.0 FINAL) will need to follow
these instructions to get the plugin up to date.

1. DEACTIVATE Wordspew in your plugins panel.

2. Upload and replace all three files in the wordspew folder (wordspew.php,
css.php, and fatAjax.php). If you have customized your css file, you may not want to replace it.

3. ACTIVATE Wordspew in your plugins panel. This is key, because the plugin relies on activation
to create tables in the database.

4. You're done! You can now administer the plugin through
Admin Panel > Manage > Live Shoutbox.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= How do I change the style of the shoutbox?

The Administration panel allows you to edit some colors, but if that's
not enough, you can edit the css file directly. If you'd like
to edit it, just edit the css.php file in the plugin folder. If the
shoutbox doesn't fit in with your theme, and you don't know how to fix
up the css, I'm totally available to help. Just send me an email.

= How do I change my name from Administrator?

By default, Wordpress gives you a default nickname of "Administrator.
To change this, go to your admin panel, then to Users, then change your

= I followed all of the instructions, but it doesn't find other users' messages when I submit and nothing ever fades in

This means the plugin isn't loading correctly. First off, you should check to make sure
in your header.php file of your theme that <?php wp_head(); ?> is somewhere in there. This shouldn't
be a problem, because any theme worth its salt would preserve all wordpress hooks. Check your source code
on your site and there should be a comment that says <!-- Added By Wordspew Plugin -->. That is good.

= I want users of lower user levels to be able to access the admin panel.

By default, you must be level 8 or higher to have access. If you want to change this, go into
wordspew.php and change the very first line of actual code (jal_admin_user_level) and change the '8'
to the level you want.

= How do I change the number of posts that show up at one time?

Because of logistics, this is not something that is possible to set from the admin panel. There is a
variable at the top of wordspew.php called $jal_number_of_comments = 35; ... Change 35 to the number
you want to display

= How do I get rid of the horizontal scrollbars?

It has always somewhat mystified me why they show up in the first place. But they are easy enough to
fix. Go into css.php of Wordspew and look for this line:

padding: 6px 8px; /* Horizontal Scrollbar Killer */

Change the '8' to a higher number and the horizontal scrollbars should go away. You don't want it too
high or the messages won't be very wide, so make it as low as possible while still getting rid of
the scrollbars.

== Screenshots ==

1. /screenshots/admin.jpg
This is a screenshot of the Wordspew admin panel
2. /screenshots/in_action.jpg
I took this little shot of my plugin moving half-way through entering a new comment
3. /screenshots/sidebar.jpg
Here's a code sample for putting WordSpew in the sidebar

== Contact Developer ==

I am always eager to help you with your problems involving this plugin. Chances are there's something wrong with my code and by telling me you are probably helping other users too.

* Email:
* AIM:
Harc Serf
MSN Messenger:
* Online Contact form:

* = Most likely venues for a quick response
thank you
I can't find out how to make it horizontal, I tried shoutmix.
huh ns..
you can use this one
if u would like a new shoutbox check out:
or create 1 by urself to visit
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