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Direct X Version Driver

Hello, can anyone present a better solution? I have a PC in which I installed Windows XP Pro SP2. There is no problem with the Videocard NVIDIA FX 5200. It comes bundled with Direct X Version 9.0b. The problem is whenever I install DirectX 9.0c, it finishes in half a second and it says installation is complete. Yet, when I check DXdiag for Direct X version, it still says 9.0b. I can't play world of warcraft because of this. Moreover, I don't want to reinstall windows. Can somebody have a better idea? Thanks.

Note: I already tried many installers of DirectX 9.0c and the problem stays the same.

Edit: Problem already solved. Fixed it myself. Thanks for the concern.

RESOLVED. Mods please close this thread.
I had exactly the same problem, and I spend a lot of time sooving it trying lots of solutions the one that worked for me was uninstalling DirectX first from my computer and then installing it from a previouslyt downloades directx file, you can use the one inside the disk of warcraft. But it is not easy to get rid of direct x, actuyally it is almost impossible to remove it without the help of a program because windows just does not have the option for you to do so. I just can not remember the exact name of the program because that happened to me long ago, but I think it will no be hard to find. Actually there are two programs, but careful they may cause another problems though nothing else happened to me it worked just perfect. I hope it will do the same for you. while searching try this key words DirectX unistaller, direct x remover.
Since you have resolved this problem, I have locked this thread. If you need this thread to be repoened, just PM me or any other moderators to open this thread again. Smile

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