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Site Suffixes, Still Relevant for influencing visits or not?

Does a Site Suffix influence your visit?
 0%  [ 0 ]
 66%  [ 4 ]
Unsure, specify below
 33%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 6

Hi guys,

I'm curious. I'm transferring my clients commercial site to another host, and due to annual licenses etc, her domains are also coming up for renewal.

Her company is based in the U.K. and it's not a huge company. We're deciding on whether to move from a domain to a .com domain or whether to keep both.

Now traditionally, I know that a .com always generates more traffic, but also people in the U.K. always used to be very patriotic about purchases and therefore migrated towards using's to buy from.

My question to you all is this. Does the suffix of a site still affect your visit to a site, or in this new time of .be's, .tk's, etc etc, has that time passed on?

Do you feel more comfortable buying from a .com than a .be?

Just curious.
Difficult one?
I probably am not either put off by or especially graviate towards but you cant say what happens for the mojority.
But I would rather buy from a .com than a .be. Thats coz I know that .be are free, nothing else.
Thanks very much for the response m8.

Please guys, can I have some more input on this please. I'm sure that others managing sites for other people have also encountered this question. Also, I know that a lot of members are not native-English speakers so if the question is phrased badly, feel free to let me know, and I'll try and re-write it.

Thanks for the votes guys. 2 Votes really provides a wonderful base of data upon which to act. Maybe I should have made it a poll about IE vs. FF - everyone seems to love those Rolling Eyes
I've never be influenced by those. The only problem I have run into was people forgetting what it was. The worst was when I registered a site for a friend up in Canada, and he said to go ahead and use the .ca, so I did, and then he actually forgot that, and he kept trying to use a .com, .net, .biz because apparently thats all he could remember were out there.
Thanks very much for the response m8

Who is m8?
Maybe I should have made it a poll about IE vs. FF

Oh please. Buts they are a no brainer, arent they.
I remember .com,, .org etc more easily
Due to the prevalence of the .com TLD and its status as the "default" TLD for any kind of website (most people will think that a company's website will be <company name>.com, for example), a .com really is the "best" TLD to have for ease of recollection and as an indicator of status on the web.

Most of the time, the country specific TLD is a good one as well. I know that living in Canada, I will often use .ca as a second choice for guessing the address of a Canadian company website, and I assume this would be the case for other countries as well (,, etc.).

A TLD is a bit of a complicated one actually. People will remember .com more easily, plus, people living outside of the UK probably won't think to use or will find it strange and confusing. But, having may mean your website will have a closer association to the UK, and may help in indexing your site (i.e. UK only search results). Now, I'm no expert on these matters, so take these opinions with...a grain of salt (hate to use a cliché...).

As for the TLD affecting my visit, I don't care what TLD a site has, as long as its content is quality, and it has a well thought out design.
I think it matters.
Lots of people identify the business regional scope by the country suffix.
However, I try to inovate: I look for the cheapest suffix. Got a $3 domain from Yahoo!. Smile
And, if is not very expensive, look for suffix that sounds good to say and to hear, like .BE and .CH.
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