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Windows Xp 64

Has anyone used it or is running it now. I just got a dual core chi and I have a copy of windows xp 64 and I was wondering if it is woth it to put it on my machine. If you could give me the pros and cons.
I am not sure. But one thing you have to consider. If you are having a problem with that, you will have very less people who can help you.
Boles Roor
XP 64 works like a dream. The only thing is that with certain programs, or hardware, expecially old hardware, you need to find 64 bit drivers. Which can be very annoying.

If you have a top notch rig, then you should be fine. Still need to get them drivers though :p
Yeah that was right. Get the correct Drivers for everything and make sure that your PC is uptodate with the latest patches. Another thing is that you can an outdated driver for any of your hardware and then get an update for it on
totally stupid question i am sure, but a friend of mine has a computer with the 64 bit processor. and is using the free windows 64. is it possible to use regular windows xp with a 64 bit processor?
No. Not at all. You *have* to use the 64 bit version of the OS to get it working on 64 bit processor.
I think Microsoft made this one to test 64bit OS Very Happy

because Windows Vista will be 64 as well Very Happy

and it's not necessary to upgrade Windows XP 64 Smile
Boles Roor
kv wrote:
No. Not at all. You *have* to use the 64 bit version of the OS to get it working on 64 bit processor.

Um? That's bull? Cause I used normal Windows XP before XP 64... Works very good too, though, XP 64 is just a tad more responsive, faster..
I am currently using WIndows XP 64 Bit and I find it a only a small ammount faster than XP Pro which I had previously installed. I also had problems getting my printer working with Xp 64bit. Actually, I had more than problems, my lexmark all-in-one printer wont work at all! In my opinion, it is not worth any of your money to upgrade, and if you want a 64 bit OS, my advice is to just wait for windows vista.
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