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getting more traffic?

Hello there!

I was just wondering if anybody knew some good ways to get more traffic to my website. Soon I will have Google AdSense up. Plus, I'd just like to start something big that everyone enjoys, and that everyone can find what that need.

Any help would be appreciatd. Thanks!

Tell us what your expecting to have as a web site then its gives people a better idea of where to advertise and how.
start something big that everyone enjoys

Are you planning to start another Yahoo? Coz not even they can manage to provide something for all. Might I suggest you try to create a niche website. Thats only place you can compete with the big guys.
ill just link t a post i just made:
YOU can try blog explosion if you want to get more traffic...
You can add your site to as many search engines as possible,
there are a few websites where you can add your site to multiple search engines at ones. there are also a few progs that do the submitting automaticly, just google around and you will find them relatively easy.
here are a few sites:
and if you are willing to pay you can buy a top 10 position in a search engine.
i hope you can use this information for the promotion of your site.
Just a quick one, how much (approx.) does it cost to get your site on the first page or top 10 whatever of a search engine, i.e. Google. Are we talking hundreds of dollars here? Any ball park figure would be nice. booya.
what kind of site is it first of all
you can try where is adds your site to tons of search engines for free
At first you could try just telling us what is your websites address? Then you might get a few visitors by accident
Try banner exchange with the sites that have the same things as you do... and people will be interested in both sites... if you have a better one yours will get more visited.
ohhhh yerrrrr....................
Provide content rich website, you will get a very stable traffic. Adding to many search engines is a good way to begin but if your website doesn't have much content they will not eventually index your webpages after crawling through pages.
Forums, theres a million fourms for every topic out there, sign up for fourms and participate a little and let intrestead people know about your site. DO NOT SPAM however this will result in enemys. Now you do not want someone who dosent like you. This results in some geeky lil nerd spending 100's of hours on figuring out a way to hack YOUR site. They can do embrassing things such as making ur site say "I like boys" now you might be a girl and think thats fine, but you get my point. Right? Well fourms and search engines. Its the way to go. If your really looking to get your site out there purchess advertising space on a realated web site. IE: your site sells games; advertisments on game websites, XFire, or another gameing community.
Advertising is a big impact to your websites and SEO make sure you have a lot 0f manpower if you want to popular your website. What type of website you want to promote? Create a social media like facebook, tweeter.
Hi Every One !!!
Tell us exactly what the expecting to include while an internet site and then it's allows people an improved concept of best places publicize as well as the way. since not really they are able to be capable of present something for everyone. Might I suggest you test to generate a specific niche market website.
There are several ways to generate website traffic. Here are some basic points that are important to get people to visit your site -

The Title - write a short but to the point and attractive title that will be easy to index on a search engine and is also attractive to a person looking on a search engine

The Content - this is perhaps the most important, without quality content no one will stay at your site more than 10 seconds and are less likely to get any click through on any profit generating links on your site.

Meta Tags and keywords - Effective title, description, and keyword meta tags in your HTML code make it easy for a search engine to display and index your site for others to find.

Blogs and Forums - find high traffic forums and blogs relevant to your sites content and respond to other user comments and useful information then provide a link at the end of the post to your website.

Be patient and persistent!
Content is King. And also advertise.
now social networking is a good idea for getting some traffic, make a page for your website where your visitors can easily contact you and then it will bring lots of traffic to your website easily.
It's mainly all about content and SEO. There are no shortcuts. Thankfully, if you're interested in the site that you are creating. both of these will be easy.
What I do is go on promotion forums and let people know about my website and even hire promoters to do advertising all over the web. Then when traffic rolls in I offer posting packages for referrals. There is all kinds of ways to use website and forum marketing.
Do backlink to your site and It will help to get the traffic..
mariagarval wrote:
Do backlink to your site and It will help to get the traffic..

Backlinks are the only way to build long term traffic, as such I would suggest placing links on websites where your target market usually starts off on. EG: Your website is a PTC site find other PTC site, click their links and then redeam in exchange for advertizing your website.
I think content is still the king. Google algo keeps on changing so you can not mourn around a single way of working on SEO - though content remains a single constant factor, all through.
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