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Need help on how to design a website

I am making a graphics website and am making the design myself. I have a great idea but it is only in my head. Where do I start???

Here is a quick description of my design...please tell me anything that would need changing.

I am going to make a logo in photoshop and put it up the top. The colour scheme will be black background silver nav etc and other colours like blue and purple and grey. I want it too look very modern. How can i make nice graphics with photoshop and where should i start my design????? Also are therer any changes i would need???

I have no idea if it's the best idea , but it's mine

first begin by by a sheet of paper and a pencil. paper in landscape (it's better) and draw only simple shape (like square, rectangleetc..etc...) use color if you want.

th'at's is the first step , after that it's more easy.

Thanks, i will try that. Hope it works.
so how did your design go? hope it's going well. what i do when something's in my head i just grab a peace of papar and ofcorse a pen, sketch the layout. then do it in a program then put a lil adjustments and wahlah i guess omgosh that sounded so easy. Laughing

hahahahaha,, what i said is the same as the other person. Laughing rolf.
If you need help in Photoshop, I would suggest heading over to Pixel2Life. They have a ton of tutorials for Photoshop (over 7000). They have them for all skill levels and are usually very detailed. But you must also remember that in Web Design, a nice, simple HTML layout is very nice to look at, as well. It's not all about the looks of the website.
Do not put links on the page that you click on and the "under construction" text or icon pops up. Either finish it before you post it or don't post it. It wastes too much time.
Try to write your own code... Professional software makes large files (and your site will be slower).
Macromedia Dreamweaver is very good, by the way
I am a proffessional web designer and there are certain aspects of designing. here is how to go about it.

1. use a solid designing interface that you are comfortable with like ulead photo impact, adobe photoshop etc..

2. use a robust layout system like frontpage, dreamweaver or something similar. sketch down a basic idea and trnaspress ur rows and colums.

4. create items in the designing interface for ur site.

5. transport it to the layouter and make adjustments.

keep doing it till u get what u want.

and thats it.
i guess it did not help. coz its too short and unexplanatory. but if u have any q's, pls mail at

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