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Need critique before site redesign

I'm looking to do an overhaul of my site in the next few months and need to gather some information before I embark on this 'eternal quest'.

If you can, visit my site and let me know what you think. Specifically:
1. Is the site too busy? Do you have suggestions to make it more simple? Is there information (or links) that you find completely useless or overly redundent? Is it easy to find what you're looking for?
2. Do you know of other vendors (t-shirts or otherwise) that have great sites that don't involve too much flash (I would prefer to stick with mostly java, php, and html)? What do you like about their sites that would work with

Because this is a cafepress site, I basically have to keep all the products in the center white area in the same table and format (darn!), so I need to redesign around that.

I really appreciate any helpful suggestions you can make (things you do and don't like about the site)

Thanks for your help,
It is a bit busy, and it isnt very pretty, but its effective.
I agree the design is very busy. My eye does not know where to begin and just jumps around the page randomly. The side bar just adds to my confusion. Less is more.
I think front page of the site looks great.
Love the color scheme and the layout, but I have a problem with some of the graphical elements.

I don’t know if it’s suppose to be “edgy” to split the words like “poli-tical” and “coll-edge” or if it’s a designs decision, but it doesn’t look good (in my opinion).

When you start browsing through the categories, that’s when it starts to get busy.
Too much text to describe the second level categories and the category tagline is not eye-catching enough (except for being a blue-colored link).

All in all a good solid site with room for improvements.

Good luck.
Thank you all for the good feedback. I've been working with some new designs and hope to get some good stuff together over the New Year.

I agree that the site currently looks too busy. I'm going to strip down a lot of it and segment off some of the information to different sections. This way people can stay focused on the products.

If you have any more suggestions, I would love to hear them.
The color of the site lacks that teasing appeal... or maybe its just me... Smile
The colors on the home page are two bright Shocked And thus add to confusion. The lhs Navbar is useless, You could maybe add some more links to the top or add weave them in with the rest of the design (Like have Drop-down menus at the top i.e:

- Are You Staring at my Breasts? women's clothes
- Your mom thinks I'm cool funny t-shirts
- Neon Scared of Naked Girls Stuff
- Just a Whi....

Oh and Good color sheme, I wouldnt change that to drastically
Thank you, again, for the great insight.

Whoa- I'm happy that you like the color scheme, although I completely stripped down the site, I have kept the colors intact.

I know that it has taken me some time to get the new site design up, but I'm really happy with the results.

I have gotten rid of the overbearing dark colors and opened up the page a lot.

I tried to get rid of all the useless stuff in the sidebar and tried to bring everything to the top and right.

I'm still working on the navbar (I'd like to make the text a little bit larger and add a 'materializing' picture when you mouseover a title) but think that I have the design pretty close to where I want it to be.

Any more feedback is much appreciated (especially usability issues in different browsers. I've checked in the most modern version of IE, Firefox and Opera, but nothing legacy)

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