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Do you Have a PSP and do you like it
Yes I have a PSP and I love it!!
 46%  [ 6 ]
Yes I have a PSP and I hate it
 0%  [ 0 ]
No I don't have a PSP and I Want one
 15%  [ 2 ]
No I don't have a PSP and I Don't Want one
 38%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 13

I loooove PSPs I think they sooo beat Ipods because iPods hold songs PSPs hold mp3s, Piccys, Videos, Emulators, Games, AND INTERNET!!!

I got a psp when it came out! and I love it!!
Well i have psp and ipod video. I like ipod video cuz i can put a poop load of movies on it and dont have to worry about space. Yes the psp is really sweet. I say get both.
I have a psp and i find it really good for video, 512 meg stick is a bit lacking in space but i just copy a new film or selection of videos once i have watched the ones on it.
I dont really use its music features much as i use my ipod mini 4gb for that, and id rather drop that than my psp.
yea.. they both look badass.. How nice is the display on the ipod video? also, i love handheld computers (like the zaurus,1050,29,00.html ), im sure sooner or later there will be an easier way to run a small linux on it (psp) to take advantage of that wicked display.. anyone interested in this?
In an ideal world, people could get both a PSP and an iPod.
In the real world, you have to chose.
I say get a PSP... You can watch video, play music, and play games. Althoough iPods are also excellent.
The PSP is ahead of it's time. The graphics are awesome. If you watch movies on it their is a pair of headphones called EarsSubs that will Enhance the entire experience.
PSP is great, except the lack in storage medium, if only they had storage like ipods.
i have a downgraded PSP and a 2 GB high speed stick..
i love it Very Happy Cool Laughing Wink
i want one so badly. my friend have one that you can download games into it. Like Halo...
The video display on the new Ipod is comparable to the PSP. I believe it is smaller, but the file compression resolution is the same. However, in terms of multimedia it is superior. I have 60gig, I can hold all my music and all my movies on it and carry it with me in my pocket. PSP lacks this native feature.

PSP is gaming machine. If you want to play games, get a PSP. If you just wanted to watch videos and listen to music, iPod makes infinitely more sense. 60 gigs versus a memory stick? Choice is pretty obvious if you enjoy more than a CD's (data) worth of songs.
PSP's rule!
Then you ask my opinion? I think you already know the answer..

Yes they own..
Welliottdude wrote:
PSP's rule!
Then you ask my opinion? I think you already know the answer..

Yes they own..

ya PSP's RULE!!!! I got a UMD video for it.. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

the PS2 Graphics and crap compared 2 PSP! they RULE!!!!
i have to say that the PSP is the greatest piece of portable technology in the world. they're goint to implement a camera and a sim card reader for phone capabilities (of course with a firmware update) and the homebrew capabilities just is the tip of the iceburg. the thing is slick and freakin loox beautiful and colors are comming. with all the pirating though i hope the system stays a float and doesnt repeat the history of the damn gamegear (which you can also emulate on the PSP - i might add). there's soooo much this thing can do and owners need to unlock it all and figure out what homebrew is and make the community larger and stronger~!!! and all you DS lovers, i'm not saying the DS sucks but is technologically incapable of anything the PSP has. PSP, never leave home without it.
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