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wierd Dreamweaver Problem

I've been using dreamweaver 8 to build a php site for work. its been doing some wierd stuff with my index.php page lately. it was working fine before. but for some reason every time I save my index.php page with dreamweaver it doesn't display anything at all. the browser just displays a blank page. it doesn't matter if I make changes to the code or not, it always displays a blank page if I save index.php with dreamweaver. and the wierd thing is it only does it to index.php. all of my other pages are fine. if I make the changes to index.php with a different editor it works fine. I'm using dreamweaver 8 on a mac (powerbook).
I guess my question is does anyone know if dreamweaver adds some extra code or extra tags to the index page with out me knowing? its pretty annoying to have to switch editors whenever I want to make changes to that one page.
thanks in advance
Wouldf you show the code?
Simple answer.. dont use dreamweaver Wink

perhaps its missed out a bit of code somewhere an end tag most likely...
with php it is better to write your code rather then design it...and if you need a good PHP editor serach google for maguma open of the best php editors around...if you have problems with writing php code just post here...there are alot of people who will help you with any problems you might encounter
with php it is better to write your code rather then design it...

I agree. I never use the design mode of dreamweaver. I only use it like a text editor. I only like to use dw because of the ftp and check in/check out features. as far as my code, I hand write all of my code, but dw keeps the syncronization with my web server simple. I don't even mind using another editor. there are a couple of lightweight php editors for the mac that I like to use, php studio and web designer. I just think its really wierd that only that one page gets screwed up even if I don't make any changes to the code. I can post the code but its pretty long.
hmm using dreamweaver as text imput for simple html files is ok it think...

i don't know why you hate html editors.. but... ah... foget.. Razz

hmm your problem... well dreamveaver doesn't support what you want.. there is a small chance for extensions... but... its very small ^^

have look at the dreamveaver homepage something with plugins of third-party addons.. Smile
I have gone through the code and everything is exactly the same as far as the php code and html tags. I even copy and pasted the exact code from the file thats not working into a new file with notepad and it works fine. but the exact same code in a file saved with dreamweaver shows a blank page. I don't get it.
Make sure you have no leading or trailing spaces at the start or end of your code, DW can be funny about that.
Thats a big understatment!
Dw was designed to make html php was added later i use mx and I dont have those problems. But re: just cut and paste and notepad it then upload it manually also make sure that your not using any... *eurica* ... on DW is no showing online or not in the DW design field. Dreamweaver has a browser/design area that is a bit sensitive to spaces tags and extra tags! clear and extra tages.
And how's the code looks like in simple text editor after saving in DW? Maybe DW screw ups some code - if have problem to check code corectness, thats sign that You should spend more time on learing it.
James Bond-007
Rhysige wrote:
Simple answer.. dont use dreamweaver Wink

I wouldnt go that far... Wink
I've just given up on dreamweaver. I liked some of the conveniences of it, but it was just bloatware that is half written in javascript (really!). The main reason I stopped using it and switched to PHP Designer is that it didn't report ftp errors and it didn't retry with them so when I went to my dad's I might not have uploaded everything ending up with version hell.

My recommendation is not to use dreamweaver, honesty.
I've been going through the code in a different editor trying to find anything different or out of the ordinary. and I've even been trying to go through and check the white space. but I cant find anything in the code that is different. after commenting out line by line I found that the source was where I used
echo <<<END ......END;
echoing blocks of code with the "<<<END ......END;" is what was screwing everything up. I know that this type of echo is really particular about white space, but I've been really careful about whitespace. I got around this by breaking the php code block to where I want it to print html. I know that this isn't good php convention, but its the only workaround I can find. I'm still at a loss for how the same code works when saved in any other editor. a php file is just a text file with the extension .php at the end. and the browser should read the markup exactly the same no matter what it is save in.

yeah, I'm done with dreamweaver.
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