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Hate is not a family value!

S3nd K3ys
I was going to put this in Funny Picts, but it's really not funny.

Washington Times wrote:
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- A mother lovingly dresses her 12-year-old son in the homemade costume of a suicide bomber, complete with small kaffiyeh, a belt of electrical tape and fake explosives made of plywood.

"I encourage him, and he should do this," said the woman, the mother of six. "God gave him to me to defend our land. Palestinian women must have more and more children till we liberate our land. This is a holy duty for all Palestinian people."

Her son, Abu Ali, joyfully marched in a mask on the day commemorating the Nakba, or "catastrophe," as Palestinians call the day of Israel's founding in 1948.

"I hope to be a martyr," he said. "I hope when I get to 14 or 15 to explode myself."
The suicide bomber thrives on a culture of fatalism, nurtured in a landscape of poverty and hopelessness, and popularized by a Palestinian government whose policies have demonized Israel.

Millions of Palestinians are encouraged to stay in squalid refugee camps, a rebuke to the Jewish state's existence. Textbooks don't even show Israel on the map.
Shocked Shocked Shocked
That is pretty shocking. If you hadn't posted the article it would be quite funny mind.
That is disgusting and, sadly, thanks to the stupid decisions we've made in the past few years, going to be more common site in the Muslim world.
That is definitely very disturbing. Not the stuff "family values" are made of. I really don't quite know what to say.
However, if you hadn't posted the article, I still probably wouldn't have found it all that funny... just a little immature perhaps, though I would move it to "Funny Pictures" forum.
People forced to the ultimate extremes of religious fanatacism will beleive dogmatic propaganda like the stuff telling this mother to raise her son as a suicide bomber. This is they way that they have decided to try and fight capitalism. It's pretty sad to see.

On a grammatical note, that IS "family values", it's just a skewed and distorted set of family values. That family has value in strict adherence to their moral code, which asks them to commit suicide and murder for their beliefs.

Morally, they are true to their culture's code, ethically, they are unhealthy.
If Jihadists are so proud to be martyred why do they wear black masks?
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