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Firefox 1.5

Firefox 1.5 is now out!!!
Download it, its a bit faster then the last,
and it have some new features!

ITS A MUST!!! Its fantastic, wonderful etc... Very Happy
I just downloaded and tried it out. Usually, speed differences between browsers are not really noticeable, but this Firefox version seems really faster that the one I had before (1.0.6).

Other advantages yet to be discovered...
Yahh.. i just caught that too... looks really good.!
another beauty from the mozilla corp!
way to go!
wow thats cool, it is actually slightly faster... strange... and daniel you are not to come in here and say opera is better. i dont care.
i had to make a new profile so i can check my gmail but it looks and is way better that 1.0.7 they have also redone the website and the addons part looks nice Very Happy and yes it is faster
Its looking good and my speed increase is increadible about 2/3 times faster then me previeus 1.0.7 version
Mozilla has disapointed me, Let me explain

Ok i was Excited, I had just download the brand new and much anticipated FF1.5, everything was runnin smooth, sleek design, fast navigation - well what more could you ask for (Well atleast in a browser). Then it Happened, about 20 Mins in my PC just froze.

No No No ..
This couldnt be Firefox

I just thought that it must have been somethin else so i trebooted up my computer and started FF again. After about 5 mins of surfing my computer froze again. Now i was getting suspiscious? I reeboted my computer again and started Firefox once more and believe it or not after about 5 or so mins my pc foroze 1 more time. Mad

Now furious I started my computer and wiped the dust of olde IE (lol) Yes Internet Explorer. 5 mins in i was expecting my computer to freeze and I actually waited.. Nothin so I just stuck with IE, infact im writing this in Internet Explorer Embarassed
My speed is also faster. One of the best thing i found was that alot of the extensions i use are already avaliable for Firefox 1.5
is firefox 1.5 still in beta stage?
Duplicate topic.

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