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I want to know what you people think of my layout, it's the first layout I have ever created in my entire life. I'm still going to improve it though because I rushed through it in the last hours because I didn't take a break. here it is
Hey, thats a pretty good first website.
Infact there are only a few things that I can suggest you improve, like your navigation section is thicker then the affiliates section and that your color scheme (Blue + Dark Grey) are right for Graphics but the text is too bright.

Apart from that and a bit of Tidying to your HTML your site is in good condition

Keep up tha good work

but i agree a couple of modifications can make it much much better...

best of luck.....
I'll try to fix that Very Happy thanks.

Edit: I fixed it, I'm still planning on redoing those images though.
I like it!!!

Nice colours, they work well for me. Text colour also fine, but maybe you could darken it a shade or two to please everyone.

I got error 404 page not found on all your links though?
Are the other pages there yet?
If you haven't finished them yet it's a good idea to stick in a blank page with "Under Construction" written on it to avoid confusion.

Really good effort for your fist attempt, I'm impressed.
Thanks Very Happy and yes, I haven't created the other pages yet except the forum.
very nice page. and cool design.
mabe use the same design in the forum to.? Wink
I can't get the same design for the forum, maybe a similar one in the future.

I NEED HELP! Sometimes when I go on my website it looks all crooked like the html is retarded(maybe me). Anyways, please take a look at my site and tell me if you get it crooked it, if you do then just reload and it should be fine.

I'm not looking for a solution, I just want to know if it's happening to everyone or just me.
Your footer image footer.jpg is blured.... Fix it...
I was gonna make a new one anyways, but did the whole page come out straight?
nice. a couple suggestions -

1. u might want to work on making the format fill up all browser space even on high resolutions.

2. u should make the forum use the same design.

looks good!
I dun like meaningless moving text Razz. Unless you actually want to use that marquee for some obvious reason just take it out and replace it for something which randomizes or so, it tends to distract.

As Alie already said, the quality of your footer image aint well, something went wrong with saving the image there I suppose Razz.

The little search box... It annoys me that it doesn't center the content of the box. The textbox and button are slightly aligned to the right side.

Your navigation bar flashes on hovering? Seeing as to how the actual file which is loaded flashes like that as well I guess you did it on purpose. Personally I'm not in favour of quickly flashing things like that. Myself, if I would have wanted animated hover images I would have given it a somewhat slower pace. Still, I prefer static better though. But well yeh, that's just my opinion Razz.

As already said before, the 2 different categories of your sidebar aren't of the same width, but that shouldn't take too long to adjust.

Pretty nice job for a first layout though, just some minor things which perhaps could have been done otherwise Smile.
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