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Any Pilots Around here???

Are You A Pilot?
Yes, Professionally.
 50%  [ 1 ]
Yes, a student.
 50%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 2

Hey guys!!!...

Are there any pilots around here? Just thought I would get a count:)

You just wait, You Pilots, When I get my website up 'n' running I'll have a great place for you to come burn some time!!! There's going to be a great place for student pilots and professional pilots alike. There's going to be a message board, a classifieds section for buying/selling aircraft, a members only section, and a whole wealth of information for the student pilot. It will be mainly ultralight based, but we will welcome anyone that flys or wants to fly! So... I'll keep you posted and i'll see you around....

Be well...

Hi there !
I am a pilot to, its my hobby and I love it.
I take every possibility to come up in air.
The whether have been bad the latest two weeks so no flight
for me. Today it was CAVOK but I didnt have the time.
Thats life!
I am also an ultralight pilot, keep me posted about your web page.

Regards from Ikarus
I just recently got my second pilots licence (I have a glider pilots licence and a private pilots licence). Unfortunately I have no $ so I don't get to fly very often. It's my passion in life, and I want to make it a career. So far I've been lucky enough to have all my flying training paid for by Air Cadets, but unless I can get into the military I have no way of getting the training to become a commercial pilot. Let me know when your site is up, and I'll be sure to check it out!
I'm working my way towards my private. I haven't flown in a while mostly because it's just easier not to. But I love flying, and I got get back to it soon.
I love flying but I am not a pilot but I would love to work for an airline one day or even run my airport and get airlines to it. I love to fly for Business with a cup of joe and laptop sitting in the terminal reading the news waiting to catch a flight to NYC..

I don't think I have time to become a pilot and I don't think flying a cessna will give me the 737 experience.
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