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Backtracking? ...Of Course Not!

The White House says it expects conditions in Iraq will permit a reduction in the number of American forces in the country next year.

A spokesman told journalists progress was being made with the training of Iraqi security forces and that would allow the US to reduce its presence.

The Bush administration is now actively encouraging the hope that some American troops will pull out of Iraq next year.

Well, well, well... Rolling Eyes
This was the plan all along, why do people think of it as such a suprise?
Not long ago it was "unwavering commitment to the mission and a clear strategy for victory" and "more sacrifice, more time and more resolve".
"unwavering commitment to the mission and a clear strategy for victory"

Why yes, you are correct. This just means the goal Bush had is coming to fruition. Funny thing is, liberals have the delusion that they pushed Bush to this, but it was in his plan all along. This will bite the liberals in the ass because the public will be happy about a withdrawl and the liberals will still falsely believe they pushed Bush to do it.

Bush never said troops would be in Iraq forever, why is a withdrawl plan so suprising, especially when you've been senselessly asking for it?
S3nd K3ys
More evidence of the left trying to re-write history. Wink
The reality of the situation is that politically Bush needs to start get troops out of there before next year's mid term elections. We can't and should not just pull out, but Bush needs to demonstrate progress.
S3nd K3ys
damj wrote:
, but Bush needs to demonstrate progress.

Bush HAS demonstrated progress. LOTS of progress. You just don't see it if all you watch is MSM and the big news papers.

Biased reports ignore good progress in Iraq
Wednesday, November 30, 2005

THE NETWORK television newscasts and big-city papers that set the tone for most "reporting" from Iraq have done Americans a disservice by concentrating solely on the "bad news" in that country.

Worse, at least some of the skewed reporting appears to be the result of deliberate bias.


Conservative columnist David Brooks wonders why the continuing victories and valor of American troops go unreported: "Despite all the amazing things people are achieving in Iraq, we don't tell their stories back here."

Of course, roadside bombings in Iraq must be reported. But Americans need to know that much of the country is safe, that the populace increasingly condemns the terrorists, that the economy is growing, and that constitutional democracy has proved popular in two elections, with a third scheduled for Dec. 15.

That these positive developments aren't widely known is an indictment of an "elite" media more interested in its anti-war story lines than in balance or accuracy.

Not only that, but that crap that Murtha pulled was plastered all over the world, but when Lieberman came back with a progress report from Iraq, it was almost COMPLETELY ignored.

Broadcast Nets, Which Led With Murtha, Ignore Lieberman
Posted by Brent Baker on November 29, 2005 - 20:49.

Twelve days ago when Democratic Congressman John Murtha, who had long been critical of the Bush administration’s running of the war, advocated withdrawing troops from Iraq, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts all emphasized his importance and influence as they led with his press conference. CBS showcased Murtha’s attack on Vice President Dick Cheney’s lack of military service and ABC ran a 90-second excerpt of Murtha. But on Tuesday night, after the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed (“Our Troops Must Stay”) from the 2000 Democratic vice presidential candidate, Senator Joe Lieberman, in which he cited “real progress” in Iraq and argued against withdrawing troops, ABC and CBS didn’t utter a syllable about his assessment. The NBC Nightly News, at least, squeezed in a soundbite from Lieberman, though David Gregory also highlighted a puny protest as he relayed how “opposition to the war followed the President today to a Denver fundraiser, as more than a hundred angry critics met Mr. Bush's motorcade.” In his op-ed, Lieberman had bemoaned: “What a colossal mistake it would be for America's bipartisan political leadership to choose this moment in history to lo

It's pathetic. It's also pathetic that so many people follow blindly behind the MSM and anti-war extremests and completely disregard the REAL TRUTH.

Rolling Eyes
S3nd K3ys wrote:
It's pathetic. It's also pathetic that so many people follow blindly behind the MSM and anti-war extremests and completely disregard the REAL TRUTH.

Rolling Eyes

But that's the classic liberal modus operandi ... the ends justify the means and let the truth be damned. The democrats are more about trying to get/maintain power than about ideals any more.
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