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Help Apache problems

I really need to get this solved. Exclamation

i have maked a form to my site. (its in danish, but you do neider need to read it) just write/click there where there is a star

well i know it need the javascript file to work

but, its on, and it says,
Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /hp/dk/--WEBBOT-SELF--.


Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80
Crying or Very sad
i have seached google. i have found places where there stand i need to add a scource file. i did check, and yes, there is a place where i can add stuff. but what, and where shall the files lay?

so where can i get the scource. and how to install it right.
any one as can fix this please ?

ofcurse, if you say alot of that is bull shit, then you propetly right. so please help. Thank you
Tried accessing url but it says "sorry,this site does not exits or you might have typed wrong"
its because i have changed some ways in the site.

the new rute is.

but please. dont just send a form to see whats happens. its set up with a gateway to another responce server. so it work, until i dont got any more of them... yea they are limited, and it sucks. special when thoes swedish idiots not start with reading the join us and then send 3 forms.

please, is there anyone as know how to fix such a problem, please write.

i dont think the pages will be moved again.
<SCRIPT type=text/javascript src="">
<FORM method=POST onsubmit="return validate(this)" name="join formular" action="--WEBBOT-SELF--">
<!--webbot bot="SaveResults" S-Email-Format="TEXT/PRE" S-Email-Address.....
This looks like some combination of frontpage forms and Javascript???

I would suggest using one or the other, since the supports this type of form it would probably be easier just to use Frontpage.
First of all I am using FF so I dont know wat happens in IE.
<%@ Language=JavaScript %>
Your page starts like this, before even the doctype. And this line is visible in my FF page. Whats this line for? Whatever its for, its not valid HTML. What about removing it?
<FORM method=POST onsubmit="return validate(this)" name="join formular" action="--WEBBOT-SELF--">

In your form action you pass "--WEBBOT-SELF--". Here there must be a link to page. So you get a page not exists error
you got something there shadaba, but it dont allow me to do it... i dont know why. i would like to make it work, because the other goes over freewebs. and i got 17 forms left. the java script is so they dont miss some of them as is need to write in.

please help i need the same form, and it just neded to work in the wirht way. i dont got the time to sudy this now, and my screen is broken at home, so i can only update from the school
It is behaving correctly. In the sense accessing --WEBBOT-SELF-- is printing the error message. probably it is a frontpage extension. I am not sure. What you actually have to do is instead of the line

<FORM method=POST onsubmit="return validate(this)" name="join formular" action="--WEBBOT-SELF--">


<FORM method=POST onsubmit="return validate(this)" name="join formular" action="validate.php">

and create a file validate.php in the same directory, and write your validation code there. If you want post to come back to same page, you have to write

<FORM method=POST onsubmit="return validate(this)" name="join formular" action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']?>">
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