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System Crash = Proccessor Destruction

Yes, i had a system crash...
deleted everything. Gone
Had to reinstall windows and format every drive RAW, or Windows would refuse to install correctly.
Anyways, now, my processor is slow as, and always busy, even when im typing, it comes up with a busy signal. It takes 4 times as long to load the simplist of programs. And the busy signal (noise) is very odd, its like a heart rate monitor, like a 'thud ump, thud ump' noise!
Any suggestions?
'Busy signal'? Like a telephone?
noise? is your processor fan working correctly, if your system is relatively recent, the fan could have failed causing the processor to throttle down to keep from overheating itself (thus making performance worse).

a software bug (system crash) can't really damage the processor. Unless of course the crash was caused by hardware in the first place.

Your computer specs would be helpful. Rolling Eyes
Try to look at the Bios setup first by pressing F2 or delete. Try to look for anything unusual in the BIOS setup. Is something missing? Or is the processor speed as stated in the bios the normal CPU speed? Sometimes the BIOS can detect if a drive is missing or unreadble. Try to run SMART for failing harddrives. And even check out the temperature of your MoBo and CPU in the BIOS. If your windows installation is a success, then try these things. See if any of your fans are moving. Is there any noise coming out of the fan, the processor itself, or the harddrive? Check out every cables if they are connected well. Then, run a benchmark utility to analyze the speed and runtime of all your PC components. As stated in a post above, stating your specs can help.
Open your PC while it's in OFF position.
But do not remoe any wires or cables yet.
Start the PC by pressing the Power button on the CPU.
Check the CPU fans.
See if they are not touching any cables in side the CPU.
Check all the cable connection to drives.
Listen carefully now.
If you still hear any noise check where it's comming from.
If NO noise.
Shut Down the PC.
Close the CPU.

If still you are having problems.
Then it must be some kind of virus thats doing it.
The virus can be a boot sector virus or it can be in the flash ROM or BIOS.
In that case Back up your data.
Reformat HD.
Replace the flash, Bios.
Install windows or your OS again.
Now check and see if you are getting the same noise.
If YES you can be having a dying HD.
Or you need to get professional help.

I am repairing PC's. So you can reply me if you like. I like to give free advice/help in this forum.
Hm.. did you ever try to clean it? sometimes a "dust" could interupt the electricity, and about the CPU Fan, you could try it, sometimes it's better if you got an check up by someone trained.

Once more, if you still want to fix it yourself, check all the hardware, sometimes it's not in a well place or might be in bad condition, try to replace it ^^
moejoe wrote:
like a 'thud ump, thud ump' noise!
Any suggestions?

ump, ump, ump? Rolling Eyes
Really strange Razz
I wouldn't suggest working in an open case environment when the PC is on, especially if you are new.

First off, if the PC is from a manufacturer, call the support line.

If not, check to make sure your BIOS settings are at SPD or default, especially the CPU MULTIPLIER, THE CPU FREQUENCY, (and the HyperTranpost Frequency if you have an AMD 64 processor). All the value should be default. If they are not, boot into Windows and check online what your CPU total MHz rating should be and what the FSB is at.

If for instance your MHz rating is should be 2000MHz or 2.0GHz and the FSB should be 200MHz, then in BIOS make sure to put the CPU frequency (or FSB) at 200, and the CPU Multipier at 10x (200MHz x 10 = 2000MHz).
Eliminate possible software problems by booting up from a CD (such as knoppix) and see if it still runs very slow
I found the problem guys,
My hard-drive,
I have this 138 mb partion, and it cannot read files very well, so it freezes and comes up with Error: Cycil Redundency Test Fail. Or sometimes it just restarts.
Anyway i found out that the test only applies ussaly with CD's or Zip, rar files. but i get this with some mp3 files as well.
Anyways, this partion was Quick Formated.
Would that be any reason why its so crappy.
moejoe wrote:
I found the problem guys,

I have this 138 mb partion, and it cannot read files very well, so it freezes and comes up with Error: Cycil Redundency Test Fail. Or sometimes it just restart.

why do you have such a small partition:?: I can't really see a purpose to it, even for swap files...
Thats my larger partion.
I only have 200 GB.
moejoe wrote:
Thats my larger partion.
I only have 200 GB.

138mb is bigger than 100 GB????
Ok, perhaps he meant 138GB people!
No, quick-formatting should not be a problem: use scandisk to check the physical integrity of the drive.
In most cases, it takes much more time to load a program from hard drive than to execute it. Are you sure that the noise is not coming from the hard drive?

I once had my CPU fan jammed. Finally my L! cache failed. I turned it off in BIOS and it works again, though slower now.
Im pretty sure its my Partioned hard-drive, its only that partion thats really screwed. I can't run scan disk, it freezes, comes up with a blue screen saying that Windows has shut down to prevent damage.

This happens occationally now, and when im playing a game off that partion, it is slow as hell. and creates that noise i was talking about. This was'nt happening before my system crashed.

Formatting the drive seems impossible now, it just creates that noise and stays on 60%!!

I was thinking of formating the whole disk quick format first, then normal format second, then installing Xp, then Partioning it, then trying it Razz.
What do u think i should do?
It might happened to be the result of bad sectors. Would be better if you check for the bad sectors before reformating.
In my experience...

If the hard drive is making a funny sound, that's a really bad sign!

Don't even waste your time, the drive is going to fail soon.

Check for manufacture warranty, get a replacement, or just buy a new one.

here's how it works out in the shop

2 hours re-format and re-install (if you are very efficient), including install of SP2. $150. Didn't work so now we have to do it all over again, now it's $300.

Could buy a new 300 Gig for that much.
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